Office of Assembly Affairs



Welcome to the Office of Assembly Affairs. This Office is managed by the Office of the Chair. Legislators are encouraged to ask any question or make any comment to these two institutions in this thread.

New Legislators

If you are looking to become a legislator, and take part in shaping our region’s laws, please read our own Legislators’ Guide to the Assembly!


About a Leave of Absence

Legislators should only apply for a Leave of Absence (LoA) in this topic. If unable to do so, or if the reasons for requesting leave are of a sensitive and private nature, Legislators may privately request an LoA from the Chair.

Barring extenuating circumstances as determined by the Chair, Legislator Status will be revoked from any Legislator who has not been granted an LoA and who misses more than half the Assembly votes that have occured in a calendar month, provided at least two votes occurred. Such revocations will take place within the first week of the following calendar month.

Application Form

**Start Date:** **End Date:** **Reason(s):**


  • A Leave of Absence permits exemption from Assembly voting activity requirements for a calendar month.

  • Legislators should only request a Leave of Absence if they believe they may miss more than half the Assembly votes during a calendar month.

  • Except under exceptional circumstances, a Leave of Absence should not cover more than one calendar month.

  • Should legislators require an extension of their Leave of Absence, they should request an extension in this thread.

  • Legislators are not expected to be completely absent during Leave of Absence and may participate in discussion and voting.

  • A Leave of Absence does not cover the requirement to maintain a nation in TSP. Nations should be set on vacation mode during absences.



The following points are intended as general guidelines, and the Chair may exercise leniency. However, all Legislators should attempt to abide by them so as to ensure an orderly operation of the Assembly.


  • First offence — Warning by the Chair.

  • Subsequent offence — Further penalties including, but not limited to, suspension of Legislator privileges.

  • Frequent suspensions may be grounds for ineligibility if found appropriate in a fair trial by the High Court.


  • Gravedigging — Gravedigging is the act of posting in a thread which has seen a significant period of inactivity—typically a month or more. If a Legislator wishes to restart the discussion, they should create a new thread and post a link in the Opening Post (O.P.) to the previous discussion.

  • Bumping — Bumping is to post in a thread to bring attention back to the discussion. It differs from gravedigging by the amount of time. Generally speaking, bumping a thread which is two to three weeks old is acceptable.

  • Disorderly Conduct — Legislators are to behave respectfully at all times. Degrading, rude, or otherwise inappropriate comments which occur in either within the Assembly’s sub-forum or the Legislators’ Lounge on Discord is not acceptable and will be acted upon by the Chair.

  • Voting — Legislators should cast their vote using the poll found in the voting topic. If unable to do so, Legislators should reply in the topic with ‘Aye,’ ‘Nay,’ or ‘Abstain.’ Do not vote by both poll and post. Legislators should not comment in the voting topic; they should do so in the linked debate topic.




What’s in the Office?

Important Links

Other Useful Links

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Leave of absence request: 9/12-20
Reason: Personal travel

Will likely still be available to vote but have less availability than normal, any non-urgent posts or Ministry paperwork will happen after


I was accepted for the Assembly but I havent got the role/mask on discord so can you pls look into that.

-Imperia (Awesome Imperium)

Heres my old forum username for reference in case you need it: Imperium

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Sorry for being kinda late on this! But that’s a LegComm issue, nothing that the Chair can do about it.

That being said, please make sure to apply again through this form so that we can check things out properly ^^

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Where do we vote? Is it here, on NationStates, or on discord?

Here. We haven’t had a vote on the new forums yet so how that will be set up remains to be seen.

Preemptively informing the Chair of the Assembly and all Legislators that I will be requesting a LoA 17th October-27th October, reasoning being vocation for administrating imports and exports of cargo ships on the Black Sea, situated on the Bosphorus.
I don’t know how much time I’ll be having, during the 10-day vocation needed for further specialization, for my Legislator duties.

Doing this here so it doesn’t come off as “out of nowhere” like last time when I requested a LoA for rehabilitation with no access to internet.

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Leave of absence request: 31 October 2022 to 16 November 2022
Reason: Personal Issues

Received and noted.

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Leave of Absence Request:
Start Date: 17. October End Date: 30. October Reason(s): Vocation.
Note: Decreased activity if available; Availability to internet unknown.


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Hey! Could I request my legislator nation to be changed from Lile Ulie Islands to Ulie Lile Islands? I apologize, it’s definitely a bit confusing!

Noted and changed.

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I would like my legislator nation to be changed from Nouvel Empire to Chiss Confederacy. Thanks!

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Noted and changed.

Could my Legislator nation please be changed from Doge Land to South Doge Land? Thanks!

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Sorry about this however I’m actually going to change this back:

Ulie Lile Islands → Lile Ulie Islands

(legislator nation)

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!


Could my Legislator nation please be changed from Doge Land to South Doge Land? Thanks!


Sorry about this however I’m actually going to change this back:
Ulie Lile Islands → Lile Ulie Islands
(legislator nation)

Also done.