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Welcome to the Assembly Concourse, your one-stop place for all links, guides, media platforms, and other content related to the Assembly. This document is managed and maintained by the Office of the Chair. If you have any ideas or thoughts about this document that you would like to share. Please don’t hesitate to get into contact with Assembly Leadership, either through a DM here on the forums or on Discord, you can also raise a query within the Office of Assembly Affairs.

Information surrounding Leave of Absences (LoAs) from the Assembly, and the Assembly’s general guidelines to be followed by all members, can be found in the links below.

About the Assembly

The Assembly of the South Pacific (T.S.P.) is the primary legislative authority of the Coalition. The principal function of the Assembly is to pass bills (a proposal for a new law or a change to an existing one). However, beyond legislating, the Assembly also serves as a place where:

  • elections for the Cabinet and the Chair of the Assembly, as well as the first round of the Delegate elections are held;
  • the confirmation of High Court Justices take place; and,
  • other similar appointments are presented and voted on (such as those to the Legislator Committee and the Council on Regional Security).

Chair of the Assembly

The Chair of the Assembly is the government position responsible for administering the Assembly. They are the Assembly’s presiding officer, and ensure that order and decorum is well-maintained. The position of the Chair performs various other administrative, maintenance and secretarial functions. The powers and responsibilities for the Chair of the Assembly is detailed within the Legislative Procedure Act.

Further information can be found on both the Chair’s guide, and the Chair’s Wiki page.

Deputy Chair of the Assembly

The Deputy Chair of the Assembly is the second-highest ranking official within the Assembly. They are responsible for executing the functions that will assist in the day-to-day running of the Assembly, they are also responsible for helping the Chair of the Assembly with their tasks as chair. In certain circumstances, the Deputy Chair of the Assembly may issue tasks and execute the functions of the Chair of the Assembly if the Chair is absent or away.

Further information can be found on the Deputy Chair’s Wiki page.

Clerk of the Assembly

The Clerk of the Assembly is one of the leadership positions within the Assembly, they are responsible for writing new content and ensuring that existing content is kept up-to-date on both the forums and gameside Gazette, alongside writing and amending content on the countless Assembly guides present on the forums. The powers and responsibilities of the Clerk are defined at the start of a new presidium by the newly elected Chair.

Further information can be found on the Clerk’s Wiki page.

Assembly Operations


  • Voting Floor — Where Assembly votes are held, and members are given the chance to vote on legislation.
  • Private Hall — Private area for confidential Assembly discussions, only accessible by Assembly members.


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