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The Press Gallery serves as a medium exclusively for Legislators to get their message across in the Assembly and for the people of the South Pacific to stay updated with this institution’s latest actions.

Legislators wishing to post their statement or press release must use the template provided below. They should also disable their signature from their post. Please be mindful of the fact that Legislators are to be courteous and respectful in their behaviour and actions. Any vulgar and discriminatory language will not be permitted.

Please refrain from commenting or posting unrelated matters, as only statements and press releases are allowed in this thread. Comments may also be posted in the Office of Assembly Affairs thread and other appropriate mediums.

The Office of the Chair, which includes the Chair, Deputy Chair(s), and Assembly Advisors, reserves the right to edit or delete the posts herein in the cases of the post not following the template or violating the rules aforementioned and laws of the South Pacific. The owner of the post which has been edited or deleted by the Office of the Chair will be notified of such change and be provided with the reasoning behind such action.

What is the difference between Statements and Press Releases?

The two terms are often used interchangeably, however, there are differences in their purpose and effect. A press release is used to announce new information, updates or events, whereas a statement is a comment or speech made by oneself used in reaction to an event.

Template for Statements and Press Releases

[size=85][color=#FF9900]**PRESS RELEASE / STATEMENT (choose only one)**[/color][/size]



[size=75]by [i]NAME[/i] DATE MONTH YEAR[/size]

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[size=65][color=#109aed]@ Press Gallery[/color][/size]

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