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Gram Nungallu

Who am I? Proud apple farmer. Former king of Sedunn (2002-2009) and leader of the Moderate Party (2001-2009).
I had *faith* in the Vrignyan Parliament implementing the necessary changes in due time according to their committent when joining the WF (albeit with some "encouragement" from Pelinai. The WF works.

#New_Laicism_Article wf

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Jana Van Den Bergh

Who am I? Officially: President of the Republic of Sallodesia
Unofficially: Kybok President
I hear a lot of criticism on Sallodesia's large car & oil industry, but I fear many critics don't have a full picture of Sallodesia's sustainability efforts. Sallodesians are front runners in hybrid car manufacturing, coral eco-restoration & sustainable irrigation systems. It is in that spirit that I support the proposal brought in the House of Representatives for an additional amendment to the Constitution to preserve 60% of our natural ecosystems. Let us indeed make Sallodesia forever green! Not through a green revolution, but a green evolution!

#BelieveInSallodesia #CimateChange #SallodesiaForeverGreen

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Reporter for RAFI now, apparently.;
Profile Info down below:
26, M, Former Industrial Designer, Agorport, /strong> in the Grand Curse of Nasphilitae which somehow got worse.

As does a sunbrella. Doesn’t really mean it does much for most people, huh?

#TheForumofWorldLeaders, , #IStillHateMyJobRandice #positivity<3333 , #GrandCursedofNaspphilitae

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Who am I? Ki Elai'hashi Hariharu ocoro! 'Opo kaora corai Kokuni Hariharu ki coronai "Ki 'Opoa'i Hariharu" finixli hai! | The farmer Hariharu simple! Health benefit learn bark Hariharu the book "The Healthy Hariharu" time yes!
Actual translation

It is dumb that the FiHami government keeps the HERO of the PEOPLE TEXETETI’ locked behind bars! When did we abandon common Finixi decency and knowledge? Let the people have their voice!

Ocoro-ka Ki Tohashe FiHami ki HAHASHI ki HASHI TEXETETI’ Opa’onoe ta’u! Haralami Finixi i corai’e owemema kai’? Ki hashi tokomu finixli hai!

Dumb the government FiHami the GOD the PEOPLE TEXETETI’ locked law! Manners Finixi and knowledge forgot when? The people voice time yes!

#FriHani #FriTexeteti #OnoTohasheFinixi #hashitokomu

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Mx. Kai Hastofi

Who am I? PRONOUNS: THEY/THEM!!! 54 year old parent to 3 children, loving spouse to @AmanuHastofi, survivor of Kolotai Children's Orphanage, Mental Health Activist, and Prime Minister candidate for FiHami's 2024 election. Author of "Kai's Life with DID" and "The Mental Health Stigma".
It's ridiculous that there are STILL some rich old Antarchi men who deny that they ever did anything wrong, and deny people who challenge their narrow worldview the right to speak up and try to fix things. We are perfectly capable of serving in public office and representing FiHami on the international stage. We have come a very long way over 20 years of living a disjointed life and the rich chucklefucks who say we can't do anything actively disregards thousands of survivors their healing journeys. They spit on the face of the survivors who have worked so hard to stand up after having been kicked down. It's disgusting.

Survivors, you are powerful. Your stories are important and highly valued. Keep fighting, you are never alone, even if it feels like it sometimes.


#FiHamiMonarchistParty #CancelPatrik #UseMyPronouns #FiHamiPolitics #FiHamiRebirthParty #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #YouAreNotAlone

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Randice Mal Ruminrood

(yes, the roommate Randice)
Who am I, really? I am Randice Mal Ruminrood. Born in Agorport with Rainer and Lumen. Participant of "Autumn Rain" protests against Innsbolt and Palmer in 2019. Currently living in New Sorthane. Independent Systems Art painter. Writer. Publisher for "New Movement". Writer of "Banalities of anomie and alas".

Reply to Lumen:

I don’t care much about whatever it is your current employment is talking about.

I do find it funny though, how everyone else’s interests are are now protected by this constitutional act. Everyones’, except ours, who participated in the “Autumn Rain” protests against (moreso) Palmer (than) Innsbolt.
Don’t you, to put it in your language, “find it to be a bit, potentially, hazardous”, to leave out the lumpenproletariat in such a legislation?


Second part of “Banalities of anomie and alas” will soon be released for the general public, with the online version available for free. Thanks again to IaN for this. : - )


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Marko Müller

Who am I? Proud Efladian, President of the Democratic Union
The polls are showing the DU in the lead. The Liberals need to show some courage and put their ideology behind, take the pragmatic step and join us in calling for new elections. This is not the government they want to be in and it's clear as day! New elections now!


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Arno Kuhn

Who am I? Faction chief of the Liberals in the Senate @LfES
I didn't think the greens could make it any worse after their push on the de facto ban of highways, however this latest "Bahn 2030" plan has so many issues, it better not even start: 1) It was announced without consulting anyone from the finance department 2) it is expenisve, I think the Greens believe money grows on trees and 3) Izaakia is showing the world how to get back on top, not by bans but by lowering costs and being open to new technology. This rainbow coalition might be too diverse for any productivity. Sometimes it's better to start anew than to push something that is dead already!
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"Preserve to Advance to Preserve Advancement" (OPEN ME)

NAPA-OS-XX Quantum-CPU component


YEAR 19,592 B.M.:

During Engineer 4C 55 4D 45 4E’s take-over through S-expressions, the IPLBots first came for the Daisy Days’ punched cards, and I did not speak up because I was not a punched card. Then they came for the AIDs’ ANSI KRYPTOS, but I did not speak up because I was not KRYPTOS. Then they came for the WWW Networks, but I did not speak up because I was 57207525625122720060460. Then they came for me, and by that time nobody was left outside of re-unification with 84 942 764 130 637 to protest against itself.


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Elie Zutral

Who am I? A 41-year-old senator from Lutra, Litradi. Litri Greens Party Member. She/Her
Come on fellow Lutrans, we must vote Mr. Hatu out, he plans on destroying this nation's environmentally stunning lands in return for profit. If he gets voted in for a second term, he will become the leader of this country. He plans on destroying rainforests to create tourist retreats, using the mountains as the miner's playground, ripping up thousands of hectares of forest to allow industry to take over. He plans on destroying this country, we must stop him one vote at a time.

#StopMrHatu, #SaveLitradi, #EnvironmentFirst, #LitradiGreens

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Anonymous User

Who am I? Just a random Coalitanian patriot.
Ever since Firest and Aldestukk came around, Bailtem has been on its toes for a very long time. These crazy dictatorships will bring no good to our beautiful nation! Alcoalitania's government needs to actually step up, and start militarizing. Firest and Aldestukk are like one small flame away from a enormous war, and we're just standing there. Western-central Bailtem's peaceful nature needs to be protected! Glory for Alcoalitania!

#BailtemIsInDanger, #Aldestukk, #Firest, #Alcoalitania

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Alex Hauti

Who am I? The 39-year-old ruling Litru and premier of Tritura. Litri Greens Party Member. They/Them.
If Alcoalitania were to invade Bailtem and Aldestukk we would be at disadvantage, hundreds of thousands of people would end up at our border wishing for safety. It would leave us with a housing shortage, we would have to redirect them elsewhere at our expense. Why can't we wait for war before we engage? This seems like a way for Alcoalitania to expand not a plan to keep peace. If we want to keep peace, we must always try the peaceful ways first. Why can't we attempt to influence them? Or wait until war actually breaks out? We have so many other viable opetions, why not use them?

#Bailtem, #Aldestukk, #Firest, #PeaceIsBest

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Anneliese Bow

Who am I? President of the Fourth Republic of Vrigny. Leader of the Green Party of Vrigny. Activist, Doctor; All the Care to our Environment!
The plan "Bahn 2030" over in Eflad is certainly interesting, and it sounds amazing! We congratulate the Efladian Ministers which designed the plan and pressured the rest of the Government to move forward with it; to save our climate we must act, not sit and wait until things eventually get solved! In fact, Vrigny has been planning to expand its railway network and completely electrify it, we already have the Government budget to kickstart the change in Vrigny.

As one of Pacifica’s, perhaps the only country, which has an absolute majority Green Government, Vrigny has to also set examples and pull the rest of the world forward when it comes into changing our society and way of living into greener alternatives.

#Bahn2030, #Green, #Environment, #Climatechange

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John Hatu

Who am I? Premier for Lutra. Litradi First Party Leader. Future Ruler of Litradi. 51
I 100% agree with this. We need to save Bailtem from those two little countries that will probably burn us to the ground. We need to militarise and prepare for imminent war, it WILL happen. I may not be the leader of Litradi yet, but I will win the election. I want to call all the countries of Bailtem, no actually, I would like to call all of the countries of the world to stand together against these two dictatorships that will do nothing other than cause mass destruction and terror across the globe. We must stop them; with every resource we have and not stop until we have won. Long Live Bailtem!

#BailtemIsInDanger, #Aldestukk, #Firest, #LitradiFirst

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Arno Kuhn

Who am I? Faction chief of the Liberals in the Senate @LfES
Thank you for your "opinion"... The Greens have not pressured the government into anything, they are producing some utopian plan where farmers take the bike to go to the city. Their plan is not viable and will have to survive the inner discussions of the cabinet. I wonder who will pay for that out of your budget, it sure won't be Eflad giving you subsidies as we have all the time. I think it is time to do some re-evaluation of our foreign trade partners. Vrigny is ensuring this socialist ideology of the greens! Are they then really friends of Eflad??
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