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This is a continuation of the old thread on the MyBB forums. Here’s a TSPedia article about Stream.


Poley Tishan

Who am I? Party leader of the Purple Party
PM boasts that our GDP has increased thanks to Carbon Valley. But what about pollution? In total, carbon emissions have increased by 7% and continues to do so. Close it down now!

#Elect16, #PurpleParty, #ZeroEmissions

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Steffan Torsson Bennett

Who am I? Prime Minister of the Valkyrian Republic, Leader of the Socialist Party
I am proud to announce that the Gender and Sexual Identity Rights Act 2022 is now law. As a nation, we are now one step closer to realising the dream of peace, freedom, and democracy for all people, and we will continue down this path.

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✔ Official:The Peony

Who am I? 你好!I am The Peony of Huawan, nice to meet you~
Happy Spring Festival~~ <3

#perfectseason, #pink

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USERNAME: TaynNyaa~420

Who am I? Officially an Official from Viliakmon. Office for 'Stream Social Media (c)' Official, High Official position.
It's autumn, not spring, baka...


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USERNAME: TaynNyaa~420

FunnyXD Image Macro I found

Also, my friend “CAIN” made this and it’s become a hit in Viliakmon:


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✔ Official:The Peony

Who am I? 你好!I am The Peony of Huawan, nice to meet you~
Our boys in red didn’t win the title, but they did win our hearts. Thank you and stay strong!

#Reddragons, #MFWC2022

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Marian Hoerger

Who am I? Opinion writer at the Ricubai Bulletin and the Odyssean
It's quite telling how many nations are quickly promising to intervene in Doge Land. How many of these nations criticized Izaakian intervention in Nicholas in Great Britain — and yet are how happy to intervene alongside, even if not in direct cooperation with, Izaakia?

#ryccia #doge-land

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Xu Mengyao

Who am I? 古华人民共和国 💪


#world-forum #doge-land

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Ju Xifu

Who am I? LMAO XD


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Who am I? 2+2=4-1=3

They did surgery on the Junta

#politicalmemes, #ryccia-dogeland,

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USERNAME: TaynNyaa~420

Who am I? Your future, to demonstrate how a military dictatorship should be lead and behave in order to function.
That took too long. I promise all my followers that upon inheritance all defensive actions would be complete much quicker.
I saw T.C.P. question democracy too, I question its' competence as well!


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Who am I? Owner of best Kebab Chain in Durrex, Viliakmon "Hot Kebab 24/7"
(subtitled in Austral) "Competition? Kebab? Do they know what they are doing??? This will have dire consequences! Foolish Montacians! Kebab competition international next to pork??? WE WILL WIN!"


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Montwælda President, Princess, Dr Stella Solstice Blanc PhD, Mei Mei

Who am I? First POTUS, Tittle Tattle Posho of the Year, Princess of Huawan, Mei Mei to the Peony
Time to earn your Chops! See if anyone can beat my Hai Men Style Steak with aged highland beef.

#ChopsAway #PolarBBQ #ALotAtSteak #Riskit4aBrisket

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Ju Xifu

Who am I? LMAO XD

Those morons in Terelia would prefer having their civilians killed than a single dent to their tracks,


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Maks Ernallu

Who am I? Umm, menni, tranngir
Sum unnsa karalal Leveivvun. Kreve Vimmru addyim Junnta-rutted.
Translate?My brother died in Leveivv. Hope that Vimmru nukes the Junta garbage.


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Adiel De Bruyn

Who am I? Professional Kybok breeder, proud grandchild of a Kosbaran farmer & Sallodesian political commentator
Bants aside, my deepest condolences to the Izaakian people with their loss. Truly horrific what the Ryccies did to Blanc's cabinet. May the Ryccian junta be shelled into oblivion.

#RyccianWarCrimes #VileRyccies #PresidentBlanc #JusticeForBlanc

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Ju Xifu

Who am I? LMAO XD

Edit: holy shit so many likes

#freeBrodmark #freelamontagne #bloodyblanc #blancdemocracy

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Bennett Brigade

Who am I? He's our captain, and we will defend him while he defends us
Captain Valkyria will protect Cordilia and lead us down that path.

#CaptainValkyria #SteveBennett

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Albrecht Scholtz

Who am I? Major General of the Weissersteiner Reichsheer, Weisserstein Military Advisor to Fatiniyya

Proud of the faithful and brave Royal Sultanate Armed Forces :muscle:

#fatiniyya, #weisserstein

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