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Pacifica is the modern-tech canon roleplay (RP) of the South Pacific. This topic provides an overview of the contents of Pacifica on this forum, and provides general information and important links. This topic also serves as a general discussion thread for all things Pacifica or RP in general. Feel free to post your questions below.


Pacifica is a roleplay world set on a planet very similar to the real-life Earth, just with different continents and nations. The canon, including rules and in-character (IC) history have been shaped by the community since late in 2013. Getting started might seem a little daunting, but hopefully this introduction to the Pacifica category on these forums and reading the guide will help you on your journey. For those of us who come from the old forums, it should be noted that threads are called topics here.

Guides and rules

Navigating the Pacifica category

Once you click on the Pacifica category on the main page you will see two drop-down lists at the top and the most important Pacifica topics pinned below them. The topics with the most recent activity are listed below them. In the drop-down list to the right you will find tags used in the Pacifica category. Selecting one of them shows all related topics e.g. diplomatic RPs or the World Forum, similar to the sub-forums on the former forums. All tags are listed here below.


The following are the tags associated with RP in the Pacifica canon. All new topics that you create must be appropriately tagged. Refer to the below list for general RP and canon-specific tags.


  • ic - used when the content is considered in-character. Replies should be the characters or nations responding.
  • ooc - used when the content is considered out-of-character. OOC-tagged topics are usually for organising or discussing things without progressing a story through characters or nations. Replies should not be from a character or nation, but you, the player behind them.
  • meta - for topics that deal with meta aspects of RP, such as this introduction.


  • pacifica-media - used to mark topics that contain IC media, such as national news.
  • pacifica-maps - used for topics that contain maps, such as the map of the South Pacific or your own national maps.
  • pacifica-diplomacy - used to mark topics with diplomatic IC roleplay.
  • pacifica-facts - if you don’t want to use the Wiki, you can post fact topics about your nation, organisation or anything you like on these forums.
  • cpsc - IRP version of space agencies like e.g. NASA and ESA
  • iufa - IRP version of the international football organisation FIFA, used for the football world cups
  • pacivision - IRP version of e.g. the song competition Eurovision
  • southern-gate-festival - IRP version of e.g. the Academy Awards (Oscars)


  • wf-debate - used to mark resolution or other on-going debates in the Assembly
  • wf-passed - used to mark resolutions, that have successfully passed the Assembly
  • wf-rejected - used to mark resolutions, that have been rejected by the Assembly
  • wfic - marks topics of the International Court
  • leaders-debate - marks the annual leaders’ debate in the Assembly
  • WF-election - marks the Speaker elections
  • CLE - used to mark discussions in the Committee of Climate and Environment
  • ECO - used to mark discussions in the Committee of Economy
  • HEA - used to mark discussions in the Committee of Health
  • INL - used to mark discussions in the Committee of International Law
  • SCE - used to mark discussions in the Committee of Science and Education

Important links

News and media


Facts and maps

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This channel is not for posting your country’s information. Please use the fact threads or the wiki for this.