Cross-Pacific Space Cooperation

The Cross Pacific Space Cooperation (CPSC) is an intergovernmental organisation that coordinates and promotes space research and technology. The purpose is to achieve together what the member states would not be able to do on their own. The CPSC was founded after the Great War when Ryccia and Sedunn decided to continue their joint rocket development program, but in a purely civilian form. In 1957 the other democracies on the continents around the South Pacific Ocean were invited to join.

The headquarters are located in Goends, Sedunn. The main rocket launch site is located in tbd, due to its proximity to the equator, and a back-up launch site is located in tbd. Some of the major research institutes are also located in the founding member nations.

TSPedia article: CPSC (Pacifica) - TSP Encyclopedia

OOC: If you have a democratic nation, feel free to join. You can join at any year you want, from 1957 until now. Just post the name of the nation and when it joined. Once the organisation of the CPSC has been fully figured out, other major research institutes and other centres will be distributed among members.

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List of members

Ryccia, 1957
Sedunn, 1957
Stoinia, 1957
Weisserstein, 1959
(Winston Island, now part of Valkyria, 1957)
Myria, 1963
Snolland, 1967
Eflad, 1968
Rhayna, 1969
Sallodesia, 1971
Emerald-Denver, 1972
Andrendia, 1973
Valkyria (Qvait), 1985 (Valkyria inherited Qvait’s membership)
Anserisa, 1988
Huawan, 1989
Besern, 1989
Kosbareland, 1990
Kliegme, 1990
Esfalsa, 1993
New Dacia, 1997
Gianatla, 1998
Holy Free, 1999
Mauquibie, 2002
Berusturg, 2004
Ikoania, 2005
Doge Land, 2009
Techganet, 2018
Izaakia, 2020
Transsuneria, 2022
New America, 2022

List of former members


Logo meaning

Dark blue represents space. The two converging lines represent joint efforts and streaks of smoke from rockets. The last line represents the atmoshpere.

Weisserstein, 1959

Kliegme, 1990

Both added!

May I join? I have a space program, and experimental defensive satellites

Is your nation democratic?

In RP and information about my nation, yes

In NationStates, still yes, although it’s a dictatorship

Good. Does the nation join now, or did it join earlier?

I’d say join now. The current president is in his second year (of a six-year term), and it trying to improve public relations.

You might want to look at this: NationStates | Dispatch | Parties

None of the details in it are final, I’ve found that everything evolves even as I write it.

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Thank you!