International Intervention - End of the Old Order [VN]

The topic is for OOC discussions related to planned Viliakmon-related RP. The original topic (now edited) contains the (updated) following information:

  • Obligatory Information
  • Restrictions For Participation In The Intervention
  • Further Factional Information
  • Timeline of planned events IRP

Two IC Threads will be created, “End of the Old Order II/III” (events from the 11th Dec to 10th January) and “End of the Old Order III/III” (events from 10th Jan to 9th February).
Discord sub-thread will be created in 1 of the Pacifica threads, probably right upon posting this.

Obligatory Information:

Bortle class I in Viliakmon (Pacifica) - TSP Encyclopedia

Timeline of Events

Merimang Group

Black Flag Army

Decree 7, Point 7 and 14

Participation rules:

  • Participation is limited to reading the above^ “Obligatory Information”
  • Participation is done in “Groups”, pre-determined by Decree 7, Point 14.
  • Intervening “Groups” have faction leaders (embassies).
  • Actions of intervention “Groups” depend on consensus within them.
  • Negotiations between intervention “Groups” are held by a consensus-chosen faction but the outcome is determined by the Groups themselves, not the hosting faction.
  • IC/OOC Rules: Depending on which faction you end up supporting (and how), you will gain more IC information. OOC information is available to everyone but you are not expected to use it.
  • Whichever intervention “Group” completes Decree’s Point 7 with whichever of the THREE available factions determines Viliakmon’s foreign policy post-war, even if the faction is not the one in control of Viliakmon.
  • It’s expected that intervention “Groups” support different factions, given that none of them end up controlling Viliakmon post-war either way.
  • The intervention “Groups” are:
    – Sedunn [WF as an institution, Tarnian League & its members]
    – UPRAN [LoC as an institution & its members, Emerald-Denver, Kliegme]
    – Pelinai [U.S.I., GI-Land, Ryccia]
    – Koros [Tekarai, potentially, RIM, potentially].

Further Factional Information:

  1. V.A.F.
    Leader: Darian Zihexh
    Strength: 350,000 soldiers, 2,051,000 conscripts.
    Ideology: Military Dictatorship
    Access to: V.A.F. Equipment, until “Other”.
    Includes characters: Darian Zihexh, Ed Xhesi, Igar Maryani, Xanthoff Spata, Evan Valinev, Jahpvhet Idryoi.
  1. Merimang Group.
    Leader: Emil Tamir
    Strength: 80,000 soldiers, 250,000 conscripts.
    Ideology: Parliamentary Democracy outlined in “The Outlaw Declaration”
    Access to: FIBR, bio-chemical engineering research, the CobWeb Fraternal/Maternal Orders, Influential Clans.
    Includes characters: Emil Tamir, Lenko Tamir-Pantaliev, Mikhail Tamir-Lishnikoff, Don Lox Lishnikoff, Tayna Xhuglini, Iakov’s spouse, Leksandra Pantaliev, Vehşi Clan.
  1. Black Flag Army.
    Leader: Traren Skandergrof
    Strength: 70,000 soldiers, 3,210,000 conscripts.
    Ideology: Anarchistic self-governance.
    Access to: Partial access to V.A.F. equipment and bio-chemical engineering research.
    Includes characters: Traren Skandergrof, Armantinsky Clan, (potentially Iakov Xhuglini).

Timeline of planned events IRP (IRP time used):

  • 5th-10th Dec: Skandergrof’s First Offensive, Ruling Evan Valinev as “innocent”, Interception of West Cordilian Sea V.A.F. nuclear waste control by the Merimang Group, Zihexh’s Coup of the Regency due to the Ruling, Zihexh’s purge of corrupt officials.

  • 11th Dec: International Intervention.

  • 13th-23rd Dec: End of Skandergrof’s First Offensive, V.A.F.-Merimang Naval Battle (Part 1)

  • 23rd-28th Dec: V.A.F.-BFA confrontation (Part 1), V.A.F.-Merimang Naval Battle (Part 2).

  • 28th-4th Jan: V.A.F.-BFA confrontation (Part 2), First International Strike.

  • 4th-9th Jan: Second International Strike.

  • 10th Jan: Capitulation of (?, ?, ?) Factions.

  • 11th-22nd Jan: Negotiations between Intervention Groups.

  • 23rd-5th Feb: Negotiations of International Intervention with Post-War government.

  • 9th Feb: “Special Treaty of Alliance and Friendship” between Post-War government and specific Intervention Group.

Recent IC Developments:

Temporary Ceasefire following V.A.F. coup

The Gafsred Negotiations


Choose A Faction (As A Group)
  • V.A.F.
  • Merimang Group
  • BFA

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Given the overwhelming support for the Merimang Group, I will allow other (remaining, non-voting) interested players to RP as V.A.F. or the BFA (provided that they are competent in military RP).
If no one volunteers, expect the BFA to be buffed in terms of tactics they deploy.
V.A.F. capabilities have increased due to the Zihexh coup, reformation and purge. However, they are still very vulnerable. Consult the Merimang Group to give you their information regarding V.A.F.

Important notes:

I.C. V.A.F. Will type out messages like this.
I.C. Merimang Group Will Type Out Messages Like This.

All negotiations, disputes or other diplomatic (does not include the intervention) IC activity should be posted as a reply on this thread:

All “publicly known” information, updates and results of battles will be posted on this thread:
With a briefing, as always posted on:

The Map of the current situation and known unit deployment will be posted on the IC thread, titled “End of The Old Order: Bortle Class I”
On that thread, you are supposed to RP how you plan to intervene, in as much detail as you wish.
You should generally consult the faction you are supporting (in this case, everyone should consult the Merimang) prior to doing anything impactful. This is done through Discord.