Resolution on Adopting Defending Military Principles

Resolution on Adopting Defending Military Principles

Whereas the Coalition of the South Pacific is founded upon dedication to democratic principles, including the right of a community to exist peacefully and free from unprovoked attack;

Whereas our values have a natural affinity with the principles of defending, those being protecting innocent regions from raider attack, liberating those regions under occupation, and assisting those regions seeking to rebuild under a democratic framework;

Whereas we believe no innocent region should be subjugated against its will, have its residents purged, or be completely destroyed or kept as a trophy of its destruction;

Whereas we believe the general principles of defending do not contradict offensive military operations against hateful regions or against forces of subjugation and destruction,

Resolved that the Coalition of the South Pacific:

(1) Commits itself to upholding and advocating the defender principles of protecting innocent regions, promoting legitimate, native democratic institutions across the world, and fighting against forces of destruction and oppression.

(2) Declares that these principles are a fundamental aspect of our community and culture, and will strive to reflect these principles in our Charter, constitutional laws, and military guidelines, but that the Coalition will as always let our traditions and culture develop naturally in adopting these principles.

(3) Considers this resolution a constitutional law, to show our dedication to upholding these principles by considering them a fundamental aspect of our governance.