Law and Treaty Index


MATT Duck Law Index

An index of all laws currently in force in the Coalition of the South Pacific


Constitutional laws are laws that form the foundation of our community, are fundamental to governance, or otherwise are considered of great importance by the Assembly. The Charter of the Coalition of the South Pacific is our supreme constitutional law, which defines the purpose of our government and its framework. Constitutional laws take precedence over all other laws and require a three-fifths supermajority vote (60%) in the Assembly for passage, as well as a game-side vote if the Chair of the Assembly determines that they directly affect the game-side community or its home governance.

List of Constitutional Laws


General laws are laws that are subordinate to constitutional laws and require a simple majority vote (50%+1) in the Assembly for passage.

List of General Laws


Resolutions passed by the Assembly are related to matters of law and bear the force of law. General resolutions require a simple majority vote for passage. Resolutions related to matters of constitutional law require a three-fifths supermajority vote.

List of Resolutions


Mavenu Diplomatic Archive

An archive of all treaties currently in force in the Coalition of the South Pacific


Treaties are binding agreements with other regions and organizations. Treaties are diplomatic documents rather than ordinary laws and are separately maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

List of Treaties

Library of Repealed Legislation

An archive of all laws and treaties no longer in force in the Coalition of the South Pacific


The Assembly can repeal laws and treaties through the relevant voting procedure (see the above MATT-Duck Law Index for more information). The laws passed by the former Local Council are archived in their own section below.


List of Repealed Laws

List of Repealed Treaties

Title Actors Debate thread Voting thread Repeal thread Repeal vote
Aurora Alliance TSPTNP Debate thread Voting thread Notification of repeal



Laws passed by the former Local Council governed game-side administration before its abolition. While they were local regulations and were separately maintained by the Local Council, they are included here as a courtesy for those who may be interested in their legislative history.

List of Local Council Laws

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