Resident Spotlight: The Age of Utopia

Prepare for trouble, and make it double!!! Tonight’s Special Feature: a Resident Spotlight double header! Check out the other here and find the last one here.

Joining me today off the heels of their promotion to Soldier in the South Pacific Special Forces is @Of_the_Ages! Utopia, it’s awesome to have you here!

Thank you!

I kinda never expected to have a Resident Spotlight, I assumed you would choose some of the people who have been here longer.

Funny, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s start off with old faithful: What brought you to the South Pacific, and/or NationStates?

I joined NationStates because a few of my friends were playing and got me to join. When I first made my nation I immediately left whatever feeder I was founded in to join their region. I have no idea whether or not I was founded in TSP or another feeder, that info is lost to history.
As for finding TSP, after the third medium region I ruled gradually fell into inactivity (Just like the last two) I wanted to look for something different. Before I had joined TSP I had never truly set foot in a region as big as any of the feeders, and I joined TSP to see what it was like. Why TSP over any of the other feeders? IDK, just chance I guess.

Was it a pretty drastic culture shock when you first came in?

Yeah, before TSP I was used to a much smaller number of people who I had gotten to know decently well, all the activity of TSP was a bit overwhelming and all by seemingly random people. The dispatches and welcome TG I found mildly unhelpful as well, they were all geared towards people new to NationStates while I had been on NS for a few years already at that point. When I joined the forums (the old forums) I remember one of the first posts I was reading was a comparison of some of the nations in the Pacifica RP, who was the most economically powerful, who was the most militarily powerful, and so on, and it kinda made TSP feel like all the power was centered in some of the people who had been here a while (although that was really before I started participating in the A1-0 RP, and actually engaging with the region outside of looking at Pacifica). Compared to the previous regions I had been in where I basically was the ruler TSP was a whole other world where I was some new person, which was also sort of the reason I stuck to medium regions until joining.

Hmm, interesting. I know we’ve (@pronoun and I) been worried about the quality of our integration materials, and how effective it is or isn’t, so that’s unintentionally good feedback. Thank you!

What do you like the most about our massive region?

Either the SPSF or A1-0.

The SPSF and defenderdom in general were really welcoming, and the community that has grown in A1-0 is really wonderful to RP and worldbuild with.

Has the Liberty Gala been a good time so far, as the keystone defendersphere event of the year?

It’s been wonderful, although I haven’t participated as much as I would like to, sadly my schedule has conflicted a bit with it.

Hopefully it can clear up enough this week for you to partake in more of the festivities. (Shameless plug here.)

A while back, we talked about running for office, and while declarations have opened today, I’d like to cut to the chase and congratulate you on winning election, boss. If you were in charge for a day, what would you do?

I would start drafting people into the SPSF.

And if I had the power to (I don’t think it’s within the powers of the PM though) I would swap around a whole bunch of channels in the TSP discord server.

What swaps would you like to make? It’s totally possible for you to propose them as a citizen, for what it’s worth.

Oh no, I’d only be swapping them to annoy people.


Favorite book, song, game, or movie?

I don’t really have a favorite book, I once I start reading I read too many books to choose from. I don’t really like selecting favorite songs, I’ll find a song I like, put it on repeat for a few hours, add it to a playlist, and move on to another song. Favorite game either goes to Skyrim or NS.

What’s your usual playstyle in Skyrim?

A mix between stealth archer and sword/axe & shield.
Stealth archer to take out the weak enemies and enough of the tougher enemies’ health that I can take it on in melee.

Not a bad style. I think I tried a pure melee build last time, but did not get far.

What’s the significance behind your nation’s name?

Not much, I thought it would make a cool nation name.

Has it taken on any new significance for you since you founded it?

Well it’s basically my go-to username in most cases. I’ve grown accustomed to the word ‘Utopia’ being associated with me online, as it’s the most common way people shorten it.

Fair enough. Now, for the most important question: Cake, pie, or ice cream, and why?

Out of ice cream, cake, and pie, cake is the morally superior option.

Cake is morally superior, ice cream is for those who are too weak to take a side between cake and pie, and while pie does taste better than cake, cake is the best and morally superior option.


Well, Utopia, it’s been a pleasure to have you with me here, and I wish you all the best in your attempt to morally justify cake as the superior option.

Thank you for having me Henn for the Resident Spotlight!

Stay tuned for the next Resident Spotlight. . .