Resident Spotlight: Trivalve

And what a wait that was!!! You can check out the previous Resident Spotlights here and here, for Banexet and The Age of Utopia, respectively.

Today, I’m joined by none other than literally me! @Sir_Zanny! Also known as Trivalve, he is TSP’s foremost Ryan Gosling impersonator and a Legislator in the Assembly, as well as an advisor to some folks within the Cabinet’s and Delegate’s Office. Good to be with you, finally!

It’s good to be with you too Henn! Thanks for inviting me.

Apologies for the delay! I’m hoping I can make it worth the wait for ya!

Oh no worries, I am definitely sure you can.

Appreciate the vote of confidence!

As always, let’s start off with old faithful. What brought you to the South Pacific, and/or NationStates, if this is your start?

Well my start on NationStates and the South Pacific has always been a bit different from the usual responses. Back in 2021 during the lock downs, I was bored one day and started exploring a site called I went through nearly all 1000+ sites and eventually found this. No idea why it was considered pointless lol. I stuck with TSP as I had found the community very welcoming.

The folks that call NS ‘pointless’ are nerds!!!

What do you like the most about TSP nowadays, compared to when you first arrived?

Though I do miss 2021 TSP, the community is still very vibrant and active. Having these new generations of nations arrive always brings in fresh new perspectives and fun new conversations, even if a good chunk of them confuse the hell out of me. The thing I like the most however is how easy it is to get involved and bring forward new changes.

What are they confusing you with???

Let’s just say a few RMB conversations can get a tad bit bizarre, lol.

As a blissfully ignorant Discord user, fair enough.

Time for a little throwback. It’s October 27th and both myself and Utopia have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. You’ve just won election as Prime Minister. What are ya doing Day 1, before our resurrections and ensuring court cases?

Well of course I would be getting my team together to plan out how to hide the bodies… cough sorry I mean plan out the term. I would also be reaching out to the gameside to get them up to speed on any plans I have that would revolve around them since most would not have seen these plans on the forums. Once this is done, getting started on the plans.

You’ve got one day to do stuff!!! What are ya doing?

Based off my plans, I would spend the day trying inform people of what they can do in the region and get as many people as I can into legislatorships and citizenships. I suppose I would also advertise the SPSF or Slab would have my head. I can’t do much in the FA department in one day so that would have to be shunted unfortunately. I would also hold a quick games event or a VC.

Be wary of Slab, he’s a dangerous fella these days. . .

Shifting gears a bit, what’s your favorite book, song, movie, game, whichever?

Going down the games route, I would have to say it’s between The Last of Us or Red Dead Redemption 2. Both were really good games and while I will admit that RDR2 was the better game, I personally think TLOU takes the favourite spot.

TLOU Part 1, or Part 2?

Part 1. Though I did really enjoy Part 2 as well, even if the majority of people had very different opinions.

Admittedly, I’ve only played part of Part 1. Looking forward to finish it one day though!

So, why Sir Zanny, or Trivalve? What’s the significance behind those names for you?

So Trivalve is the name of a creature in Subnautica: Below Zero. I liked the name so I decided to use it and actually base my nation around the Subnautica universe. I originally made Sir Zanny as a joke nation as it’s based on a Youtuber however I ended up using it a lot more than I thought I would lol.

Anything you’ve got going on that you’d like to share?

In-game, not a lot. Just helping around the region as an advisor and also running my own region which is going well. IRL not much as well lol. I am currently on Holidays and am about to start my final year of University so we will see how things go.

Best of luck to you with uni. It’s certainly a time for our lives.

Speaking of, it’s time for the final, and most important, question: cake, pie, or ice cream?

Thank you! Now what to answer, I can feel Griffindor staring me down from the other side of the room. I will be going with cake as I do enjoy a good cheesecake.

Thanks for joining me today, Trivalve! Good luck with satiating Griff with your answer, he’s a maniac on the throne!

Thanks for having me, good luck with the rest of your term as PM!

Stay tuned for the next Resident Spotlight. . .