Resident Spotlight: Drew Durrnil

Where was all the yelling?? Well, it’s no worries, we’re back for another Resident Spotlight (or two)! You can read the last one here.

Perhaps we should rename Resident Spotlight, because it’s turning into a Winner’s Spotlight instead. Glad to be here with @banexet, newly minted Officer of the South Pacific Special Forces and famed streamer card collector! Thanks for being here, Drew!

Thanks to you Henn for hosting this Resident Spotlight! I never thought I’d get one of these, but here we are!

Hell, I’d hope that people don’t think Resident Spotlights will never come to them! Thankfully, we’ve got a lot of people that deserve the limelight here.

Let’s start off with old faithful, and I’m particularly interested in yours as someone who joined NS during this mythical Drewpocalypse: What brought you to the South Pacific?

I was originally a resident of Europe, joining because of this dispatch (which was the #1 dispatch when I joined NS): NationStates | Dispatch | Europe's Never Boring (a NationStates Europe parody of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire)
I was an RMB regular in my time there, but then I started to look for other, more active regions to join as the RMB activity started to slow down. I initially joined XKI and considered TNP, but after I spent a few days on the TSP RMB I decided to join TSP for good.

I’d never seen that dispatch before, that’s super creative. Glad we could have you, even without a superb song parody!


Were you big into cards before joining TSP?

No, I only joined cards after S3 came out in November 2022 (I joined TSP in April 2021).

Gotcha, hope we can see Season 4 here soon.

What’s been your favorite thing(s) about the South Pacific since being here?

My favorite thing about TSP is probably the SPSF, but I’ve also liked the baker’s rumble and the polls that TSP has.

The baker’s rumble?
Something that the LC did earlier this year.

The election for the next PM began earlier today, but for the sake of time, I want to be the first to congratulate you on your overwhelming victory against all of your opponents. What would you do if you were in charge for a day?

make slab leader for life
If I were PM for a day, I’d probably expand community outreach (especially RMB outreach) in defending and establish (or at least attempt to establish) a good cards culture in TSP.

Good plans, and I can definitely agree that those are two areas where we might be currently lacking. While you haven’t publicly made your stance on running for election known yet (to my knowledge), I do hope that regardless of who wins, they will take you onto the team to help shore up our weak spots.

Favorite book, song, game, or movie?

My favorite book would probably be Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, it’s beautifully written and a classic. I don’t really have a favorite song or move, and my favorite game would probably be Minecraft as I spent tons of hours playing the game in its earlier days and it gives me tons of nostalgia.
As an LA area native, I am also an LA sports fan (like @NewGoldman)! My favorite sports team across all sports would probably be the Dodgers, although I’m a baseball fan in general.

Minecraft is awesome (did you see the results of the mob poll??), and baseball is too, although I just follow the minor league since my MLB team is unfortunately the Rockies.


Yeah. :cry:

Aside from your main nation of Drew Durrnil, what’s some of the significance behind your more notable card puppet names?

Durrnil and Durrnil cards: Basic puppet names.
Concrete slab is jesus: Basically made it for the funnies.
MLB players and MLB teams: Copied from the card farmer The Tampa Bay Rays , I did the NL West and the Rays (because of Slab/The Tampa Bay Rays) and then I stopped as that was the most I could handle.
Aoci puller: I was in a large leg drought and made these puppets for good luck.
Pacific Shores: Possible future IC nation.

Oh, you’re a roleplayer?

No, but this will be my IC nation in case I ever get into roleplaying.

Gotcha gotcha. I know the RP sharks are already smelling the blood in the water. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, the most important question: Cake, pie, or ice cream, and why?

Ice cream, the other options are kinda mid though cake is slightly better than pie.

I think I can convince the Delegate to not banject you then. Favorite flavor?

Rocky Road, second place is Mint Chocolate Chip.

Acceptable, acceptable.

Anything else you’ve got going on and would like to share?

Oh yeah, why I’m named Drew Durrnil:
I was struggling on a nation name and I wanted to trick people into thinking that I was the real Drew.

Haha, honestly, it fooled me for at least a while.

Well, real or not, you’re real to me and to us, and that’s the best part. Drew, thanks so much for joining me!

Thanks to you too! This was a great experience.

Stay tuned for the next Resident Spotlight. . .