Resident Spotlight: Concrete Slab

Greetings! We’re back, so soon again, with another Resident Spotlight! Things should return to normal after this week, feel free to yell at me if it doesn’t. You can read the last one here.

When you can get one victory, follow it up with another. Today, I’m here with one of the South Pacific’s most victorious souls, twice convicted @ConcreteSlab! Former Minister of Defense, Local Councilor, renowned military recruiter and much more. Slab, thanks for being here!

Of course! Happy to be here! Excited for what’s in store.
I had been waiting for my turn in one of these. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad we can make it happen! Let’s see what’s cooking on the menu today.


Unconventionally, I wanted to start off with one of our last questions: Why ‘Concrete Slab’? What made you choose that nation name?

Well I actually do remember creating my nation five and a half years ago.
I was a freshman in high school eating lunch with my friends and one of them had been trying to get me to create an NS account for some time.
I finally relented and after I had answered all the questions I realized I needed a name.
I truly do not know what came over me, I don’t know if I had been learning about the topic in school, but “Concrete Slab” came to my head immediately.
And I didn’t look back!

Do you think you’ve sort of taken a concrete slab’s status as a foundation to heart while you’ve been in NationStates?

Absolutely! It’s in my pretitle after all. Anytime I try and get involved with something, I like to try and make myself an integral part. Whether that’s WA development, military recruitment, or RMB roleplay, I want to make sure I’m leaving a tangible and positive impact.
It’s definitely important to have some fun along the way, of course! :smile:
Otherwise what’s the point?

True enough. So, were you founded in the South Pacific and just stuck with it since, or did you found in a sister Pacific and decide that the land of Lampshades and Llamas was the one for you?

The person who introduced me to the game, Reikin, was a TSPer. I don’t remember where I was founded. :frowning_with_open_mouth:
But I liked the people and stuck around!
Well, besides the brief stint in the region of Rev.
After I joined NS became a trend at my school.
Everyone made an account and joined that region founded by my old friend Zaxen and I became the WA delegate!
If you look at my WA endos stat at the very beginning you can see the period where I have five endorsements.
But, after that died out, I returned to TSP and that’s where I have stayed!

I like to think that they’d see what you’ve accomplished and at least be a little happy for you, even if it’s funky to take pride in a browser game. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you like the most about the South Pacific?

Awwww me too. I wonder how they are doing.
And that one’s obvious, the people! The South Pacific is my home, but it’s so easy to simply press the “move” button. However, I have never wanted to. The RMBwas the place to be five years ago and that is because of the people that were there. Now, I love being a part of the South Pacific more representing us on an international scale, and that’s also because of the people. TSP is home to some of the smartest, kindest, and most skilled NS players I have ever met, and I still feel like I have a lot to learn from them. It is my duty to continue on for those players I have left behind in the past, for those players that rely on me in the present, and for those players that have not even heard of the game yet.

I hope those players yet to come can appreciate the efforts you’ve made in making this place amazing.


Elections are very soon (did anybody expect it this quick???), but let’s have a little fun with breaking the rules. You’ve just won election as the PM, what would you do?

Oh geez, I’m the head honcho! Let’s see. I would first like to touch base with all of our primary defender allies. Give them a little “ay yo what up gang I’m CS I’m the new boss of teeessp, what’s the happening.” Except much more official, of course. I would get all my Cabinet Ministers together and have them give me their first steps for implementing some of their plans of attack. After all, they got to have stuff they want to do if I’m gonna be picking them for Cabinet positions. Then, I’d probably have a party on the RMB and maybe VC in Lampshade Bar. There’s Day One!

I’m rewriting all of our treaties to say “the Coalition of Teeessp” right after this.

I’m sure the Assembly will approve!

Favorite song, book, movie, game, or more?

I don’t have a favorite song, most of it is what I vibe with in the moment. I love anime and video game osts, though. Also am a big Swiftie! My favorite book is probably Tuesdays With Morrie, my copy has a note from my father. My favorite video game is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Breath of the Wild, and the Splatoon series are all close behind. My favorite animal is the red panda and my favorite element is Potassium!
My favorite anime is Attack on Titan.

Not only a weeb, but a basic one at that. SMHsmh.

It was my very first anime and nothing has topped it.
I’ve grown up with it.

Hey, fair enough. I wonder who else is a big anime watcher.

Lots of people!

Cake, pie, or ice cream?

None, I’ve disliked sweets since the day I was born!


I know I’m sorry :sob:

Well, it’s worth it to have a neutral party, sometimes!

Slab, thank you for joining me today. It’s good to sit down with you, and I look forward to what you’re cooking up next, whether it’s military shenanigans or WA tomfoolery!

I had so much fun! Thanks again boss.

Not a problem, boss!

Kachow! (Editor’s Note: Now look at this.)

Stay tuned for the next Resident Spotlight (or two, if you ask around). . .