Regional Officers Act

Regional Officers Act

An act providing for the granting of Regional Officer powers to government officials

1. Regional Officer Power Definitions

(1) Under the terms of the act, the following powers are defined as:
a. “Appearance” is the authority to alter the World Factbook Entry and pin Dispatches.
b. “Border Control” is the authority to eject and ban nations from the region.
c. “Communications” is the authority to send region-wide telegrams, moderate the Regional Message Board, and alter regional recruitment system powers.
d. “Embassies” is the authority to open and close in-game embassies, and control which embassies may cross-post on the Regional Message Board.
e. “Executive” is the authority to appoint and remove Regional Officers.
f. “Polls” is the authority to create regional polls.
g. “World Assembly” is the authority to approve of World Assembly proposals and to cast the region’s World Assembly votes.

2. Regional Officers

(1) The in-game Delegate will be granted all Regional Officer powers.

(2) The Prime Minister will be granted all non-Border Control powers.

(3) The Prime Minister may decide which appointed ministers, up to three, will be granted Appearance, Communications, and Polls powers. The Prime Minister may further determine which appointed minister will be granted Embassies power.

(4) The Council on Regional Security will be allotted a minimum of three Regional Officer positions and granted Border Control and Communications powers.

(5) Regional message board (RMB) moderation will be allotted up to five Regional Officer positions and granted Communications powers. The RMB moderation team will decide which moderators among them will be granted powers.
a. RMB moderation may request the Council on Regional Security grant border control powers to any of its Regional Officers. The Council on Regional Security will have the authority to grant or deny such requests and will do so in a timely manner. The result of a decision to grant or reject a request to grant border control powers to a RMB moderation Regional Officer will be published by the Council on Regional Security.

(6) Members of the Council on Regional Security who concurrently serve as another Regional Officer named in this act shall be granted the powers of both offices.

(7) Where applicable, all unused Regional Officer positions shall be allotted to the Council on Regional Security.

(8) During elections, the Election Commissioner will be granted Communications and Polls powers.

3. Executive Discretion

(1) The Prime Minister or Delegate may grant Communications, Appearance, and Polls powers to regional members as they see fit.

(2) The Council on Regional Security may grant Border Control powers to regional members as they see fit.

4. Limitations

(1) Border Control power does not grant any legal authority to eject or ban nations from the region when not authorized by security or criminal laws.

(2) The Communications power must not be used excessively in a way that effectively spams the region.

(3) Exercise of Regional Officer powers must follow all applicable laws and rules. Behavior unbecoming of a representative of the South Pacific may result in the suspension of Regional Officer powers as determined by the Prime Minister or Delegate.

Great Council of 2022 | Omnibus Bill Adopted

The Article 2 of the Regional Officers Act was amended by the Great Council of 2022 following its adjournment sine die and adoption of a final omnibus bill on the 29th of March, 2023, as follows:

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A2304.02 | Omnibus Reconciliation of PM Appointed Cabinet Provisions Passed

This omnibus bill proposed the following amendments to the Regional Officers Act. It was passed and adopted by the Assembly on 28th April 2023.

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