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The United Provinces have officially signed the TPNW, and hope this to be “a little push for any nations that are still thinking about signing it or not”. As such, the UPRAN swear to never develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess, stockpile, transfer or receive nuclear weapons as long as they are part of the treaty.


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BREAKING: Parnasos Declared “Free-Fire Zone” by Federal Navy; Over 100,000 Trapped in North Pohnarras

In a rapidly deteriorating situation on Pohnarras Island, where over 100,000 individuals are still trapped behind the frontlines, a volatile situation continues to develop. Unverified reports suggest violence against evacuating civilians, raising the stakes in an already dire scenario. The Federal Army’s withdrawal of the Kevpríg Provincial Guard and the deployment of Emeraldian Royal Marine Corps underscore the severity of the conflict. The Federal Navy’s declaration of a “Free-Fire Zone” in Parnasos is an unprecedented move that permits intensified military operations but sparks concerns for civilian safety. The firsthand accounts from residents provide a harrowing glimpse into the chaos faced by those trying to escape, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian assistance amid the escalating crisis.

Civilians 291 Killed 1,413 Injured
FPA Agents 21 Killed 145 Injured
Island Police Officers 93 Killed 133 Injured
Kevpríg Provincial Guard 121 Killed 78 Injured
Federal Navy 39 Killed 71 Injured
Federal Army 44 Killed 17 Injured
Total Casualties 609 Killed 1,857 Injured

Accurate as of 12 February 2024

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Sources indicate that the ruling grand coalition is fiercely debating the topic of holding a vote on signing on to the TPNW. While it’s thought any such vote would fail, the Labour Prime Minister, Anastasia Milsinby, may be under pressure to appease sections of the political left by allowing a vote on the matter, including factions of her own party. Meanwhile, it’s believed the more pro-nuclear political right is threatening to call a vote of no confidence on the government if such a concession is granted.



Domestic: Deadlock in The National Parliament regarding approach to monetary reform. MP's are divided between the government Offices approach to devaluing the currency (which risks breaking anti-dumping measures of other countries) and a planned counter-proposal from the opposition Committees which includes pegging the Nasphiliti Pacifican Pound Sterling to the Pacifican Dollar, an act which is apparently unfeasable on grounds of legitimacy, due to lack of Nasphiliti membership in the WF.

Speaking of which,


The famed internationalisation efforts from the Judiciary claim that the nearly complete process is halted by “formal ambivalence” of Resolution 7 and incompatibility and possible conflict of laws from Resolution 8.

In response, the HM Cabinet for Foreign Affairs had re-assured the general domestic public that these matters aren’t a substantive issue, explanation for which is linked.

:exclamation: Regarding ongoing events on WMD and WAW, though not explicitly pointing to them, the Head of the HM Cabinet (supported by the Grand Duke and Head of State) had issued a series of legally binding statements on the matters.
In short: the statements enforce all international law and customs domestically for entities related to Nasphilitae; offer cooperation to international bodies which express the will to observe the proper procedural conduct of such prosecutions if they arise; a priori condemn and sanction physical, private, and state entities which have been determined by the international community as breaking international law; and has temporarily lifted jus soli immigration privileges, as well as raised its border security.


BREAKING: Krauanagaz and Mitallduk Announce the Signing of ‘Münnen Protocols’

In a joint statement released minutes ago, the offices of the Mitallarkava and Krauanaet announced the signing of a historic agreement between the two disparate nations. Officials and regional analysts say that this agreement will bring a level of stability to the region not seen since the nineties. The agreement contains eight painstakingly negotiated articles that outline robust measures and steps for each nation to take and some measures they have committed to take, which Krauanagazan Secretary of State Darius Korin says will work to alleviate the strained tensions between the countries.

What’s in the agreement?

Münnen Protocols

Article I - Repatriation and Reconciliation

Article II - Sustainable Fisheries

Article III - Cooperative Nuclear Engagement

Article IV - Border Management and Confidence-Building

Article V - Third-Party Collaboration for Dispute Resolution

Article VI - Joint Maritime Security

Article VII - Ecosystem Preservation and Environmental Cooperation

Article VIII - Counter-terrorism Partnership


Registration for the Kenauan elections has closed. King Keanu is expected to announce the results of the vetting process within 48 hours. Typically candidates are only removed if they have serious previous convictions, or if their 20 required signatures cannot be fully verified. Major political parties often submit 50 signatures to ensure the minimum number can be verified.


Following the Declaration of a Free Fire Zone, Admiral Halsey was given the go ahead to allow The ERNS Victorious, alongside the 18-Inch Gun armed ERNS Colradia II and the ERNS Lucas to begin bombarding Red K Positions. Along with this, Planes of the 23rd “Starhawk” Squadron have begun conducting Strategic Airstrikes. 4th Fleet Vessels have been given the go ahead to fly War Ensigns(TL;DR Giant Emeraldian Flags).

King Joshua VII has announced that a state visit between himself and the Krauanaet Of Krauanagaz will occur sometime in the following days and is to be held in Krauanagaz, despite objections from the Emeraldian Government about concerns of safety.


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BREAKING: Zuhlgan State Media Reports 3 Killed and 4 Injured in Red K Shooting Outside Zhukva Temple in Drivo. Enargigarzi

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The Jakubian ambassador to Krauanagaz has congratulated the joint agreement on the Jakubian embassy’s website along with a congratulatory letter to the nation’s leadership.

Official Message

Dear Mr. Zharan,

Ambassador Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka and the Jakubian embassy congratulates the Krauanagaz government for its successful and groundbreaking deal with its neighbor, Mitallarkava. Stability and peace is great fully support by Jakub and the nations of the international community. On their behalf, we thank you and your officials.

With great honor, Kazimierz Konstantynopolitańczykowianeczka, Ambassador of Jakub to Krauanagaz

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Dramatic scenes have unfolded in Ryccia’s Parliament today, as many MPs of the Socialist and Green parties, joined by a few Labour and Unø Lænd MPs, 87 out of 1000 MPs in total, attempted to paralyze the legislative session by shouting “vote now” repeatedly, believed to be referring to the TPNW, during a speech by the leader of the Conservative Party, notably also the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the ruling grand coalition. The Speaker was forced to suspend the day’s activities due to the disruption, but later promised to “look into ways to punish the MPs responsible for today’s unfortunate events”.


The Federal Electoral Commission has certified the full preliminary results of the Tepertopian Assembly election. A summary of the biggest party’s performances:

Party FPv% Seats (/100)
The Moderates 20.7 (-3.4) 23 (-4)
Welfare Party 20.6 (-1.4) 23 (+2)
Merchants’ Guild 13.1 (-1.5) 16 (±0)
Canon 11.1 (+0.8) 15 (+2)
The Future is Ours! 9.5 (-2.3) 8 (-3)
Independents 5.4 (+3.2) 6 (+3)
Others 19.7 (+4.7) 9 (±0)

As Montwælda visits the country retreat of General Storm in an attempt to convince her to reconsider her resignation as head of the armed forces, the polls show that the majority of Keylian Izaakians, and Montacians oppose the presidents de-denuclearisation plan, meanwhile in Brodlancia the overwhelming majority are in support of the policy.


For the first time in Kliegmean History after Industrialisation, Kliegme has successfully powered the nation for two weeks straight without the usage of power generated from coal power plants. The gap has been filled by LNG and Nuclear Power, according to reports.


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Developing: Red K Attack on Border Crossing Kills Zuglhan and Krauanagaz Border Guards, Multiple Injured; Zuhlgani Gov. Demands Krauanagaz Take “Decisive Action”

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In a major coup for Montwælda Rombold, the former Empress Astrid has publicly backed denuclearisation, saying “If a nation needs to use nuclear weapons then it has already lost.”
She is believed to be visiting General Storm to convince her to remain in post as Head of The Armed Forces after an earlier attempt by the president failed.



Internationalisation, or the codification of international law & customs into domestic court practice, has been complete. This likely preceded application for an observer status to the World Forum, for reasons given on NAACN by Robert Stenhouse. Namely; “the application of international law was paramount; Otherwise (it wouldn’t be enforced)”…Because one could call for lex soli rights and abuse conflict of jurisdiction. Shocking.

Sera Clayton of the IaN institute had to conduct a study to find the leading cause of death and low life expectancy (68) In case it already wasn’t evident by two abnormally popular environmentalist parties, it’s pollution… I hope the study wasn’t paid for.

The Plenary Committee is pushing for a “Simulacra Package” bill as to solve the ongoing liquidity crisis. You can access it here if for some reason you wish to. Now, the older (among other comparatives) of the two Cohens (Clara) noticed a familiar pattern which the bill follows on the NAACN, good job Clara.

However, neither the draft nor the Cohens gave too much attention in aspects important to actors outside the country, which are:

:grey_exclamation: Agorports stock exchange will re-open on the 20th, meaning: Foreign entities may portfolio invest (up to 20% of total value offered), with SGN’s assurance that if dividends are not returned-on-investment by the 20th August, the Country itself will pay for the floating charge. Foreign entities may lease equipment from whichever foreclosed company invoices whatever inventory stockpile. Finally, full trade liberalisation, namely FDI’s, are expected to be re-introduced when the (self-termed btw) “Confident Volatility Policy” ends (August 20.) :exclamation:


The Scope

Exclusive: Classified Documents Reveal Mitallduk Connection to KFNS Batakalan Attack

Classified information exclusively obtained by The Scope from the Krauanagazan Defense Department has been leaked, shedding light on the origin of the drone responsible for the deadly attack on the KFNS Batakalan on January 8. The leaked documents point to a Mitallduk-built 2G Rogue Eagle combat drone (2GRE drone) as the instrument of destruction that claimed the lives of 28 Federation sailors and three Emeraldian soldiers.

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The Izaakian Space Agency and Cosmos launches the first manned mission to the I-STARS 1, the Izaakian Space Technology and Research Station, also know as the Space Manta. The station is expected to be continuously occupied for the rest of its expected lifetime. During the first manned mission, the oxygen farm module will be connected to the Space Manta creating the first space garden. The space garden provides both oxygen and is expected to improve morale on the station.


President Rombold addressed the crowds in Parliament Square today after clashes broke out between some of the hundreds of thousands of Pro, and Anti-denuclearisation protestors. In his speech from a balcony of the parliamentary building he set out the rational and emotional cases for denuclearisation, and promised that Izaakia will not be left defenceless and vulnerable to nuclear attack. After the speech the crowds started to die down, however some protestors still remain. Political journalists are calling it the speech a masterpiece of oratory not seen since the Great War, and that the speech might save his premiership.


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All Border Crossings Along DMZ Set to Open March 10

In a groundbreaking development aimed at fostering peace and cooperation, the Münnen Protocols have paved the way for the simultaneous opening of all 17 border checkpoints along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between Mitallduk and Krauanagaz. This historic decision, set to take effect on March 10, marks a significant departure from the decades-old practice of a single crossing point established after the 1976 ceasefire. The Münnen Protocols, negotiated with the intent of easing tensions and normalizing relations between the two nations, has been a subject of anticipation and speculation. The decision to open all border checkpoints is seen as a tangible step towards enhancing regional stability and facilitating greater people-to-people interactions.

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