Office of the Cabinet

The initial pool of mentors was finalized five days ago. I was holding out hope that a few more of our long-term members would get back to me, but alas, they have not. The initial Mentor informational thread was finalized that same day and has been waiting for Cabinet input since then. Since no Cabinet was given in these last few days, I can only assume it is perfect and ready for public release, which has been done here.

We have our initial pool of 12 mentors lined up and ready to go. I would encourage the public, particularly the mentors, to provide comments on the mentor thread, which can be found here.

The initial work was done solely behind the scenes because I needed to backchannel with some long-term and experienced members of the region to see if there was even interest in the project.

Now that I have established that there is interest, built the initial pool of mentors, and created the initial thread (found here), I will be able to get much more public involvement (and mentor feedback), including the recruitment of new mentors and application of new mentees that might want to join the program (but were on the forums prior to official launch).

Well, I am not looking to get roasted alive for having a bad product up front! :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, secrecy was certainly not the intent, but I find directly asking people one-on-one to be more effective than asking everyone generically. :slight_smile:

I hope my answers answered your questions, and I look forward to your participation in the mentor thread!

I would suggest that we should put the regional welcome dispatch up again. Ideally the highest if there is no important announcement dispatch (e.g. elections or events). We can redirect players to the main NS guide inside that guide if needed. The SWAN dispatch can stay unpinned or lays below everything else as our main promotion happens via the ping dispatches.

I’ve replaced the Amerion guide with the Intro to TSP guide.

Hello everyone,

On behalf of the Cabinet, I’m pleased to announce that the League has join us in the Aegis Accords as our sixth member. I look forward to the increased cooperation with our newest member, and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish!

The NS forum post is here, and the NS dispatch is here.

Yours Truly,
ProfessorHenn / Sporaltryus

Hey everyone. I’ll keep this short and sweet: now that I’m settling in as MoFA, if anybody is interested in serving as an FA advisor, shoot me a message. Experience is not a requirement; we value interest, discretion, commitment, and diverse perspectives.

Greetings to the South Pacific,

Effective immediately, @ConcreteSlab is stepping down as Minister of Defense and OWL Director. RL commitments have taken him away from NS in recent times, and we both found this to be an appropriate handling of his positions. He continues to serve as an Officer in the SPSF, as well as an RMB Moderator. I’d like to be the first to thank him for his dedicated service to the Coalition, and wish him all the best in the future.

At this time, I do not intend to appoint any replacements for these two positions. The General Corps and I will handle the workload.

Yours Truly,
ProfessorHenn / Sporaltryus


Any news on this? I’ve got nothing against a ‘slow and steady’ approach (or if it’s just been a busy time, etc.) but I am kind of curious if there are any plans to open the process up to public comment/input/contribution at any point, or if the intention is to just have the publication of any revised dispatches serve as the public announcement.

I’m expecting to hear something from that soon, apologies for the delay in not getting you an answer sooner.

I’ve also appointed @Sandaoguo to the Foreign Advisory Council. Amerion and I are looking forward to his insight.

My apologies for the delay in responding to this. I’ve been busier IRL than anticipated, which has held back work on a variety of fronts.

I’ve started checking in with Kris in the #executive-planning area of the Discord. We’ll also outline the plan for roll-out then, but ideally we’ll leave the draft Dispatch(es) up for a period for others to review them before putting them into effect

I’ve returned after a month or so of being inactive. I’d like to hear an update from a member of the Cabinet on what actions this body has taken to improve the region in terms of policy.

Hi maluhia, welcome back.

The government has started work on rethinking our Dispatches and Telegrams setup, found here, as well as how our Discourse Wizards are organized, found here. We’ve also completed a pride festival with our allies in Europeia called Seaspride, which you can take a look at on our forums here, restarted Resident Spotlights (looking to be in the next? :wink:) here, and will largely continue on with this until the election completes, and the next PM can decide what, if any, projects should be kept. If you have any questions about a particular project, I am all ears.

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Greetings to the Coalition.

I’m pleased to report that the new Cabinet has taken office. The Minister of Defense has already taken to hanging various idol posters and setting up figures on their desk, so I think we’re in good hands. On behalf of a grateful Cabinet, and I’m sure alliance, many thanks to Amerion for their service and dedication to the Coaliton.

We’ve laid out our agenda and plans pretty well in the campaign and in the appointment process. HumanSanity and I have already begun work in the FA realm, as we open dialogues with our allies and reach out to regions that we’ve identified during the confirmation. Em has rekindled the flame in OWL votes, as well as in PfS, and the fire has taken nicely. Pronoun is working on continuing the updates for our dispatches, especially our welcome dispatch, as well as the welcome telegram now that the Delegate’s election has concluded.

Griffindor, having secured victory by a huge margin against our old nemesis RON, is assuming the Delegate’s seat for the first time. The Cabinet is fully supportive of the agenda they’ve laid out, and we’ve already had some productive dialogue concerning regional security and integration that I look forward to seeing come to fruition. They’ll be sitting on the Domestic Affairs Council in an advisory capacity, as we continue to work those angles.

In addition to reviving use of the Domestic Affairs Council, we’ve assembled several teams to assist and advise the Cabinet on our work as appropriate. Maverick has brought on Qwert, Gianni, RobbyTheSeal, and Doge Land, and Legend has brought on Evinea, Canadian Dominion, and North to serve as domestic advisors, and HumanSanity has brought back Purple Hyacinth and Concrete Slab to serve as foreign advisors. Assembled teams notwithstanding, I encourage anybody who has an idea or a plan for an event or thoughts on what we should do to share them, either privately with one of the Ministers or in the Assembly. My inbox is always open.

As always, we are at your service.

Yours Truly,
@ProfessorHenn / Sporaltryus
Prime Minister of the South Pacific


To keep everyone posted — I’ll be on vacation with limited/infrequent internet access from 2023-08-12T07:00:00Z to 2023-08-19T07:00:00Z (LoA request here).

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Have fun!

A quick set of updates regarding “how FA work is going”:

  • I have delivered the Prime Minister’s opening address as an update to our embassy regions.
  • We are in the process of having conversations with several Aegis regions about next steps moving forward with varied results. Most of these conversations have been undeniably positive.
  • We are also in the process of talking to several regions about best practices from their integration set ups that we can incorporate/utilize to support our own growth.
  • We established an embassy with the Empire of Great Britain after conversations with their senior leadership.
  • We are in the process of establishing more active/regular communication with other regions as well, with hopes of establishing lower-level embassy/consulate arrangements in the future. The PM and I will do more work on this next week to keep the train moving.
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I’m appointing @EmC to the Foreign Affairs Council, following a discussion with the Minister earlier today.

I will have reduced activity Friday evening through Monday evening (US time). I’ll still have some access, but less than usual

Hello all,

The Prime Minister is seeking applications for the Legislator Committee.

The main criteria applicants should fulfill:

  • 18+ years old
  • demonstrated dedication to the Coalition
  • in unquestionable OOC and IC standing
  • at least some regional security and/or foreign affairs experience
  • attention to detail

Please reach out to any member of the Legislator Committee if you’re interested (Discord in parentheses):


Earlier this week, the Chief Justice submitted to my office in Government Island the High Court’s report on the August 2023 Judicial Selection Process. Having read it in its entirety, and given it due consideration in my deliberations with the Cabinet, a decision has been reached.

I will not be appointing an Associate Justice to the High Court at this time. My many thanks to the applicants for their submissions and their interest in our judicial system, however, at this time, I do not feel there is a need to appoint another member to what is already a relatively large court. It is my express hope that the applicants will continue to maintain their interest and engage with the Assembly and the Courts as time goes on.

Yours Truly,
@ProfessorHenn / Sporaltryus
Prime Minister of the South Pacific


Some dispatch updates with respect to the citizenship/legislatorship changes are out. I touched these up a bit, but big shout-out to @USoVietnam for putting these drafts together! Feedback is welcome, as always.