Opening of an embassy with Empire of Great Britain

The government is proud to announce that we are opening an embassy with Empire of Great Britain. This follows several positive developments from the region, most prominently their decision to declare a defender alignment, followed by their participation in efforts to liberate Yessssss, their penning a treaty with our allies in The Union of Democratic States, and requesting a consulate with us. Following the start of the current term, Foreign Secretary @Josi (The Hinterplace) reached out to me and we had a productive conversation highlighting our shared commitments to the rule of law in our internal governance, to defender military and strategic objectives, and talked about how those commitments could set the tone for strong future relations. After some discussion among the Prime Minister, myself, and Foreign Affairs Advisors, the Prime Minister approached Prime Minister Cameron to open an embassy, the process of which was started today.

We look forward to strong relations with the Empire and hope to do a capstone celebratory event shortly.

Minister of Foreign Affairs


The Empire of Great Britain is extremely happy with this development and we look forward to developing our relationship with The South Pacific!!