ProfessorHenn for Prime Minister 3

Close the door, I’ll stay forever (here in paradise). . .

I’m ProfessorHenn, long time South Pacifican, incumbent Prime Minister, former Minister of Culture, Regional Affairs, Army, and General of the South Pacific Special Forces.

I am confident in asserting that our region is doing excellent. The RMB is active as ever and continuing to cause problems for our RMB Moderators (shout out to the two newest ones!), the Assembly has had vigorous debate over a variety of topics, big and small, and the SPSF has been a big part in big liberations and small operations alike. The Cabinet Moose has been on a roll with event planning and RMB outreach and advocacy, we’ve came to a good understanding in Aegis regarding intel sharing, and our integration systems are either in a good place now, or very much about to be.

So, if we’re in a good spot now, where do we go from here?


A lot of our active legislators and citizens are members at various ranks in the SPSF. I’ve interviewed a lot of them, via Resident Spotlights, had discussions with SPSF leadership regarding the organization and theming of our military, and otherwise talk to a lot of folks from one of the best aspects of the South Pacific. They’ve helped to convince me of a fairly high, yet achievable objective: having one of the largest and most competent militaries in NationStates.

We have excellent leadership in the Officer Corps, as well as amazing Soldiers and Trainees that form the bulk of the Special Forces, so let’s leverage that to maximum effect and help grow both their leadership capabilities, their capacity for ideas and administration, as well as the Special Forces itself, so that the prestige and power of “[SPSF]” can continue to grow.

In general, these are some of the ideas I’d like to explore with a defense minister:

  • Renaming the ranks to be more in line with the ocean/nautical/seagoing theme we have. This was attempted before, with a shift to the Admiralty in place of the General Corps, but I’m hoping the passage of time and additional workshopping from the ground-up will help with the passage of a bill.
  • Emphasize the continued development of South Pacifican and Special Forces culture domestically, as we continue to operate more and more unilateral and bilateral operations. This in particular will tie into. . .
  • Aggressively promoting the SPSF (via telegram, RMB posting, and the integration system) as one of the most active institutions in the South Pacific, and one of the easiest to get involved with. To an extent, it’s a super useful gateway into the rest of our government and region, as well as a good way to meet and greet with folks outside of the region as well.
  • Seek out graphics designers so we’re not overburdening the existing General/Officer Corps for designing ribbons, graphics, and more. This is more a broader idea, not just for the SPSF in particular, but it’s worth mentioning here should we manage to shift ranks and want to design new graphics to represent them.

I’ll be the first to recognize that I haven’t been in the military (in NS) for many many moons, and these are broadly dependent on more than just myself, but I offer them as ideas to help spearhead when working with military leadership.


Pronoun has done a great job as Minister of Integration (3.89 is nothing to scoff at!), and I’m especially thankful to them for leading the charge on the Pathways to Engagement throughout the term. My plans for Integration for the next term are simple enough: continue the work and the momentum.

Building and maintaining an integration program or system requires a long-term approach, and doubly so for seeing the effects of it. We have our team working the scene, aside from seeking out another member to get them trained up and able to share some more of the burden, there’s not much more to add here.

On-Site Events

The Cabinet Moose has been doing a fantastic job, even if he doesn’t think so, and I’m hoping to continue working with him to execute more of his planned events that couldn’t be accomplished this term.

Foreign Affairs

The intel-sharing agreement was recently agreed to by all Aegis partners, and the Partnership for Sovereignty has also taken on a bigger role with the OWL Director leading the charge there. The aim is to continue the push there, with additional outreach to regions amiable to the PfS’s values and goals to explore bilateral opportunities for cooperation. In a similar vein, I’d like to keep up our outreach and communications with non-Aegis/PfS regions, as best exemplified by the opening of an embassy with the Empire of Great Britain.

What else?

This is my last time running for election for any position for at least the next three cycles, this one included.

I don’t think we’re in a particularly troublesome time, and big, bold ideas about shaking everything up is required for this election cycle, hence the relative simplicity of my campaign.

My previous policy of not naming particular citizens for minister positions will continue, although there are some who are more likely to be ministers in a particular role than others.

My conflict of interest disclosure: Prime Minister of the South Pacific, member of Selene.

A Brief Note Concerning Health and Safety

MoH&S has been receiving increasingly severe reports of a disease spreading among the nations of our fair region, and I have begun earnest discussions with the Delegate over the possibility of declaring a state of emergency for health affairs. I am hoping that we will be able to continue elections as planned, and with all necessary safety measures in place.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to your questions.


What are your planned policies for the roleplay community? Do you have any ideas as whether you will be promoting any roleplay-related events, whether that be internal within TSP or even with other regions?

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Beyond continuing to have key roleplayers in the Domestic Affairs Council (DAC) and bringing the existing plan that the Minister of Roleplay was working on to fruition, I don’t have any additional specifics to bring forward at this time.

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With regards to promoting the roleplay community in general, it’s also worth noting that I recently brought forward a draft dispatch dedicated specifically to roleplay. It’s been part of our plans for integration since the start of the term (and before), and I assume it’s certainly included when Henn refers to continuing the momentum.

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I have a few questions for you, Henn:

  1. Do you regret anything you did during that whole “fight” with the TNP? If so, what would you do differently?

  2. What do you think people think about your attitudes during that delicate moment, which ended up culminating in the breaking of the Aurora alliance?

  3. If you were elected again, what would you do differently (if anything) from your previous term?

  4. Do you intend to change your Ministers this time (no need to name names)?

Thanks in advance.

If you carry over a minister from a previous term under an identical portfolio, do you think that requires an Assembly reconfirmation?

(This is, I think, one of those precedent setting questions that initial PMs will need to answer)

I’ll direct you to read over my last campaign, this thread, this thread, this statement, and this statement.

I don’t think that’s relevant, either as part of the campaign or in general. What I do think is relevant is that our allies continue to work with us and we continue to have productive discussions on areas of mutual interest.

Read the campaign, boss.

Yes, I intend to change some, not all. Which leads me to:

No, I don’t think so. The Assembly has confirmed the minister in their role previously and unless they resign or are relieved by the PM, then they continue to serve in that role. Does not apply if the Prime Minister wants to move for a re-confirmation, for whatever reason, but I do not intend to pursue that for any minister being retained.

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We do not currently have the legal authority to participate in some of the offensive operations that our fellow defenders have engaged in against raiders and their affiliates. Do you support amending regional law to allow the SPSF to participate in such operations? Additionally, while our hands are tied militarily, that does not mean that our hands are tied on the political front too. With that in mind, and kind of extending the first question, do you support the offensive operations that our allies have undertaken, including in Solidarity?

The way I see it, the Assembly needs to approve any and all offensive operations undertaken by the SPSF, but I’m fine with it being more case-by-case, as opposed to a blanket declaration of war. I don’t support giving the military what would amount to a blank check to partake in offensive operations. I don’t believe that South Pacifican culture lends itself to pre-emptive strikes anyways, but I can recognize that there might be value it in, from time to time.

I’m ambivalent about the operation undertaken in Solidarity. I recognize the reasons and political motivations for those who did participate were particularly strong for them, but I don’t think that the reasons given for Solidarity are strong enough to have warranted our own participation against Solidarity. I do think we’re very far from sharing any reasonable common ground with the Communist Bloc, or its major allies, as long as they continue their current foreign policy, though, and our government will continue to discuss potential responses to raider aggression with our allies, friends, and partners, as appropriate.

Hey, decided to pop in here. Looks like I chose the right time to take a peak at the region—election season :smile:

Just one question: could you give me an idea of what the SPSF would look like with these renamed ranks? Would you follow the previous proposal?

I really like that idea. I think centralization projects like those should be prioritized, especially naval-like names in a ocean-themed region.

Under your executive leadership, it seems like the region is doing pretty well. I’m excited to cast my vote for you once the ballot box period arrives!

I mean, I could go in with some ideas, but it would really depend on the bite of the folks who are going in and wearing those titles with pride on the battlefield. I’m personally a bigger fan of ocean-theming, for the SPSF, since we have Tsunami and Tidal Force, as well as the Coral Guard. Plus, there are already two militaries with naval theming.

Thank you for your support! Hope to see you around some more here soon!

So, do you believe there is a case to make for offensive action against LWU, TCB, TBH, and/or BoM?

What offensive operations exactly? Three of the regions you listed have active governors and non-executive delegates, and the other has the delegate with the second-highest number endorsements in the game.

I don’t know what’s sparked your interest in offensive operations in the past few days (envy/FOMO over the Solidarity operation?) but I think that your question is a weird way of trying to cover the bases of the larger raiding forces and get as blank a check as possible without reference to what any specific operations would actually entail.

I will say that in my military roles, we regularly and directly engage against the regions you listed already! And in those roles, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Henn to be nothing but active, engaged, and supportive.

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Sure, but I don’t think it’s going to be strong enough, outside of being attacked directly and responding in kind with a declaration of war.

What do you mean by “offensive operations”?

I agree that this is the right legal interpretation, but I am curious if that means you plan for formally dismiss those ministers that you do not plan to reappoint? At least in the United States, it has been traditional that all Cabinet officials offer their resignation upon the inauguration of the President, even if the same President is reelected and intends to retain the official in office. That avoids the awkwardness of a re-elected President having to fire Cabinet officials that they don’t intend to keep in office; they can simply accept those officials’ resignations and refuse the resignation of officials they intend to retain.

My understanding is that you only stay a minister if the new Prime Minister wants you to be. I don’t think it should be an issue.


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