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This thread is for use by South Pacificans to ask questions to Cabinet officials. Here, you can keep your government officials honest and transparent and hold them accountable.

Weekly Cabinet Update (10/16-10/22)

The first week of the Cabinet was already busy with all the new ministers settling into their positions. On top of that, our military has been hard at work seiging a region in order to try to stop raiders from keeping their hold on a region.

SPSF Activity

Prior to the our sieging of the raider-held region, we had a few smaller operations, including 2 smaller liberations and 1 detag. The SPSF members present for these were @NotAustria, @Pronoun, and @flowerpetal.

Then our major operation of attempting to liberate the raider-held region began. We have been sieging from October 18-26. SPSF leadership was hard at work recruiting people!

Here is the list of TSPers who have participated in our sieges:

Click here to see everyone!

HumanSanity: on sleeper
Jay: on sleeper
Purple Hyacinth: 9 updates
Eshialand: 8 updates
Qawe: 7 updates
Effok: 5 updates
Lirozonia: 5 updates
Not Austria: 4 updates
Conexia: 4 updates
Bow-tied Engitopia: 3 updates
Canadian Dominion: 3 updates
Pronoun: 3 updates
Scandi: 3 updates
Webs: 3 updates
Chickenswillwin: 2 updates
Saul Goodman: 2 updates
Naito-desu: 1 update
Venatrix: 1 update
Warrior: 1 update

Thanks to everyone who has showed up!

Other Ministries/OWL

Minister of Culture @ProfessorHenn has removed some inactive staffers from the Ministry of Culture and picked up planning on an interregional event. There is also a staffer-led project to be announced soon!

Minister of Engagement @im_a_waffle1 has simplified MoE structure by merging the Outreach and Promotion Departments and established goals for different sectors of the Ministry.

OWL Director @Jag has smoothly transitioned into the position, continuing OWL’s work of opening votes and publishing recommendation.

Other Things

We’ve done a few administrative things, including updating forum threads and gameside dispatches with the names of our new Cabinet members. We’ve also been working on clearing the backlog of applications to ministries.

The Cabinet recently made an announcement regarding applications being open for Associate Justice: Applications for Associate Justice.

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Great job with settling in everyone!

Just a quick clarification question. Was there further simplification of the MoE roles that took place since taking office, or are we referencing the simplification that took place in the days before the election?

I also look forward to any applicants that result from the Associate Justice application form!

Can’t wait to see what the cabinet does this term!

You’re right, the simplification of roles I was thinking of took place before the election. I think I mixed it up in my head with some of the other things Waffle wanted to, whoops >_>

Sorry about that, I’ll edit my post to reflect this.

Weekly Cabinet Update (10/23-10/29)

SPSF Activity

Once again, the SPSF has had quite some activity this past week. From major update of 10/23 to minor update of 10/29, the following SPSF members have participated in military activities this week:

Purple Hyacinth: 9 updates
Lirozonia: 5 updates
Bow-tied Engitopia: 1 update
Effok: 1 update
Not Austria: 1 update
HumanSanity: sieging on sleeper
Jay: sieging on sleeper

They have participated in a total of:

281 detags (wow!)
5 liberations
3 defenses
1 siege

Other Updates

The Ministry of Culture has been discussing running some small weekly events and has continued working on an interregional event.

The Office of WA Legislation continues to be hard at work putting up votes and releasing recommendations.

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Did the Cabinet — in particular the Ministry of Culture — make any plans for Z-day?

No, the Ministry of Culture did not make plans for Z-Day.

Was there any particular reason why this wasn’t considered a regional activity/event worth planning for?

Obligatory: not Cabinet, but it’s an entirely on-site event with no implications for the forum or foreign affairs. If we exist under a system where the LC exists, then it’s the LC’s responsibility.

If you’re like “things can’t be rigidly separated into on site vs off site like that”, well, I agree, but the Cabinet is probably working with the system they have.

It used to be that the Ministry of Regional Affairs ran coordination on Z-Day. Idk when that changed.

I can understand that perspective, but I am curious — if that is the position being taken by the Ministry of Culture — whether that decision is based on a perceived de facto or de jure separation. In other words, is it the Local Council’s responsibility by convention, because it’s an in-game event? Or does the Ministry of Culture feel restricted by the legal prohibition against Cabinet directives solely related to local in-game issues?

Regardless of the answers to those questions, I would also ask if the Ministry of Culture has any interest in changing that separation. For instance, N-Day has not only foreign policy implications, but also extensive off-site coordination on Discord. Is there any interest in adding an off-site component to events like Z-Day as well? And would the Ministry of Culture consider that off-site component to fall under its jurisdiction or responsibility?

It was considered, but ultimately the plans fell through and I could not dedicate the time and energy needed to manage it myself. I had asked the Local Council last week if they had any plans for Z-Day, and they informed me that they also did not. No one within the Ministry, or the government, offered to lead our Z-Day response, to my knowledge, and I didn’t press the issue otherwise.

Weekly Cabinet Update (10/30-11/5)

SPSF Activity

On Friday, the SPSF teamed up with the LDF to taste test some purée detag some regions!! Together with the LDF, we detagged 30 regions with @Pronoun’s hot new PuréeBot tech. You can find the full report here (complete with a hilarious story): NationStates • View topic - Embassy of the South Pacific | New Forum!.

Outside of that, we also were quite active in Libcord! These SPSF members participated in updates:
Purple Hyacinth: 6 updates
Pronoun: 2 updates

In total, SPSF members participated in:
Detags: 132
Liberations: 3
Defenses: 2
Supports: 1

This week, the SPSF General Corps also announced a new policy prohibiting membership in other regions, though existing members are grandfathered in: SPSF: News and Updates - #6 by HumanSanity

Culture Activity

On Thursday night, the Ministry of Culture hosted a game on the Google Doodle Halloween game. It was lots of fun, and we had a Voice Chat alongside it! The Ministry of Culture has also continued to plan for an interregional event.

Cabinet announcements

We announced Cabinet Order 21 this week, ordering the removal of RO powers from Curlyhoward due to his abuse of RO powers: Cabinet orders - #23 by flowerpetal

Following the resignation of Jag as OWL Director, we have also announced that we are looking for applications for a new OWL Director: Applications for OWL Director

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Could we have an update on what the Ministry of Engagement has done thus far in the term?

The card program is getting work done and ideas are getting thrown around. There is concrete work getting done on updating the wiki. We have gotten work done on updating dispatches. So far the ministry has been running smoothly.

Can the Minister clarify what concrete work in particular has been completed in updating and maintaining the wiki?

Thank you. Has any work been done to engage newcomers and ensure people can easily find avenues for involvement in the region?

By wiki, I mean only the non-RP pages. There has been some updating on some of those pages, bringing them up-to-date.

No. The program that was in use last term is currently not working, and while it was working, it was not really returning very good numbers to justify the labor needed to keep it in use. I have been trying to come up with new ideas for an outreach initiative however I have had lots of RL things over the past couple of weeks so I haven’t really had time to figure one out.

Do you have any more specifics on what work has been ‘getting done’ and how that work fits into your broader policy aims?