[2401.AP] Activities of the Delegate

Greetings, and happy Delegate Day to you all.

Could the Delegate provide the Assembly with a concise summary of how the term has gone, whether campaign promises were met or discarded, how programs have been operating, status of endorsements, and any events that have been planned or executed for the RMB or the region as a whole?

Honorable Prime Minister,

Very fitting that you chose Delegate’s Day to beseech me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thank you for the opportunity to give an update to the Assembly directly on the actions of their Delegate. I am confident that the esteemed members of the Assembly will be satisfied with the progress made over the last five months (dear lord, it’s been five months already!).

Without further ado:


I reported to the Assembly during the campaign in July that I possessed (at the time of posting) 583 endorsements. Today (at the time of posting) I have 611. This corresponds to a nearly 5% increase in endorsements from when I announced my candidacy.

We also had a record-fast transition to the Delegacy in just a few days. This is due in large part to my ability to endotart and the overall downward trend endorsements were having due to the F/S update. Speaking of F/S, it appears that the regional decline (in both nations and endo counts) has ended, which has allowed for endo counts to remain stable and even grow slightly (this is also confirmed by my regional influence once again showing signs of growth).

Lastly, as both the Delegate and a member of the Coral Guard, I have taken it upon myself to monitor the endorsement cap(s) for the region. I perform monthly endorsement checks on the members of the Coral Guard. I issued recommendations for some members of the Coral Guard to grow their endorsements, while also recommending some members allow their endorsements to decay to get them below the Coral Guard endorsement cap.


On the moderation front, I have been active in keeping the WFE up to date, promptly carrying out orders by the Cabinet and CRS to update the RO list (often within minutes of the ping), and moderating the RMB when the RMB Mod team may be away or seemingly in need of additional eyes.

Regional Interactions

I have greatly increased my presence on the RMB over the last several months, to the point where I think I am developing a cult following… I have also ensured cake’s place as the dessert of choice for many of the residents of the region. Further, I have ensured that there is almost always a poll running, and have been quick to yield it to a member of the Cabinet should they need to use it. I have sent regular Fortnightly Telegrams to the residents of the region, informing them of what the rest of the region is doing. Most importantly, true to my word, my inbox (whether TG, DM, PM, RMB, etc.) is open to all members of the region, and I have assisted, talked with, or integrated dozens upon dozens of nations into the regional framework.

World Assembly

On voting in the World Assembly, I am often one of the first, if not the first nation and Delegate to vote when a proposal goes to vote. I vote promptly in line with the Prime Minister and/or OWL’s recommendation.

I have taken it upon myself to also begin taking steps to work on redeveloping our regional WA Culture (proposal drafting, recommendation writing, debate, etc.) so that we might flex our muscles as one of the largest regions in the game. I intended to use the Christmas Holiday to do much of the work, but my desire to take a break following a hellish Fall semester won out. I still intend to redevelop our presence there, but it will be slow going, and maybe more in line with our friends in PfS.

Cermonial Bits

I had the honor of representing the South Pacific a few months ago as its Head of State at the State Opening of Parliament and State Dinner for our friends in the Empire of Great Britain. I brought their State Opening of Parliament ceremony to the South Pacific by giving the State of the Coalition address (in consultation with the Prime Minister) in September and December 2023. Assuming I run for and secure reelection later this month, I look forward to continuing this tradition with future Prime Ministers. With time, I look forward to developing further ceremonial aspects that can be implemented.

This concludes my prepared remarks on my activities thus far in my term as Delegate of the South Pacific. I will now take any questions if there are any. Thank you.

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