State of the Assembly — January 2024



Hello all, I’d like to give a quick statement congratulating @Banexet on their election as Prime Minister and to @Griffindor with their re-election as our Delegate. I am more than confident that our newly elected PM will do a fantastic job in serving the region over the next few months, alongside this, I feel the same can be said of our Delegate. I’d also like to pay thanks to @ProfessorHenn for the long shift they’ve put in as our region’s PM. In my opinion they have left a longstanding legacy and I am sure it will be reflected upon for years to come.

Yours faithfully,
BlockBuster2K43, Chair of the Assembly





According to the Legislator Act, legislators fail the voting requirement if they were absent for more than one-third of the votes in the previous calendar month, legislators are also required to maintain citizenship in the South Pacific in order to keep their role. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always re-apply.

Since 4 votes finished this month, legislators needed to both vote in at least 3 votes and maintain citizenship to keep their status.


The list of legislators whom the Chair revokes/revoked the legislator statuses of is detailed in the table below:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
Amerion Amerion Failed voting requirement
Cloud Juvity III Failure to maintain citizenship & comply with voting requirement
EagerHazahmkong Hazahmkong Failed voting requirement
Flaming Ikaranara Failure to maintain citizenship & Failed voting requirement
floptopf.kennedy Lebatrip Failure to maintain citizenship & Failed voting requirement
flowerpetal Purple Hyacinth Failed voting requirement
Galaxiel Galactya Failed voting requirement
Kimaeus Kimaeus Failed voting requirement
Maverick Maverick Failure to maintain citizenship & comply with voting requirement
Sandaoguo Sandaoguo Failed voting requirement
TheRepofLuvima Luvima Failure to maintain citizenship
tsunamy Tsunamy Failed voting requirement

The following legislators are warned:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason Warning
Adi2121 East Endia Failed voting requirement New
KpFavrisko Favrisko Failed voting requirement New
lordnwahs Differences-In-Differences Failed voting requirement New
maluhia Port Edwards Failed voting requirement New
nijan0 The Crescenia Failed voting requirement New
ripperzeta Zeta Del Norte Failed voting requirement New
Sodacan123 Republic Empire of Japan Failed voting requirement New
TundraXD New Crios Failed voting requirement New