[2334.CN] Cabinet Appointments

Greetings to the Assembly.

Thank you for your confidence once more in me. As always, I remain at your service, and I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish.

With a new term, comes new priorities, and the appointment of a new Cabinet to help fulfill the campaign pledges I was elected to implement. I’m pleased to present the following names, several of which include Cabinet first-timers, for the Assembly’s approval:

  • @Legend as Minister of On-Site Events. He will take the lead on bridging the gap between the RMB and the rest of the Coalition, organizing and coordinating on-site events such as Swanvision and TSP World Cup, as well as providing outreach and communication.
  • @Maverick as Minister of Roleplay. Their primary responsibilities are to help reintegrate roleplay in with the rest of the community, serving as TSPRP’s primary point of contact with the government on the former’s affairs and where we can help, and organizing RP events with our canons and with other regions. They’ll also help continue to develop our RP across the canons.
  • @Shibuya-Kanon as Minister of Defense. They’ll be taking the lead on organizing more SPSF-led operations to help boost our training for newer members, as well as reviving the Tidal Force for more active use. They will serve as the designated minister on the General Corps for voting purposes.
  • @HumanSanity as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Their experience in this role is invaluable, as we will strive to build or rebuild our relations with smaller regions and non-Aegis regions, in addition to maintaining our position within the alliance.
  • @Pronoun as Minister of Integration. They have been invaluable in my efforts to work on our integration suite already, and I hope to keep that same energy moving forward.

I understand that some legislators might have concerns regarding the appointment of HumanSanity, but they bring a wealth of experience, perspective, and chutzpah that will greatly aid us in navigating the challenges that our core alliances face in the aftermath of the recent incident within Aegis, as well as implementing the foreign policy shifts I outlined in my campaign, namely dealing with culture and outreach, as well as working with our partners on integration. We’ve spoken at length about that policy, and have identified regions to reach out to per the same, which I look forward to implementing. Appointments to FAC will be announced after a successful approval vote.

I have not appointed a Minister to oversee Forum Activities, instead, I will be handling that directly for the time being, along with Discord activities. I’ve invited the nominees to expand on their particular agendas, at their discretion, and we are all standing by for any questions. I will move these nominations to be voted on individually, per the wishes of the Assembly from the previous discussion regarding Cabinet appointments.


Good luck Shibuya!
I believe you will serve well

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I have no such concerns and look forward to HS leading the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once more. Couldn’t have made a better pick there.

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I have to agree with this.

From the distant lands of 765 Production in Tokyo and having stopped by along the way to Yuigaoka, it’s Kotoha Tanaka/Kanon Shibuya*!? That’s right, we’re I’m here today for an appointment of the Minister of Defence, pending approval from the Assembly, of course!

My plans as Minister of Defence, expanded from above are:

More independent SPSF operations! Doing operations with others have been fun, but sometimes it’s nice to have our own stage to perform! While there’ll be normal operations, such as regular detags, I also aim to use this for those that are new and help train them! Having been at this for a while, I’m confident that I’m able to teach them the ways to clean up regions and chasing raiders! We need new idols to be able to give off a performance that’ll rock the charts, after all!

I plan to have this at minimum, once a week, pending schedules that works for everyone (including the newcomers). Off updating training will also be provided if the new peeps can’t make it, of course! I have plenty of regions to be used for detag practice, and plan to set up triggers to practice chasing so they can be the next shining stars on the world stage in our fight to free regions from oppression!

Tidal Force: That’s right, I have plans to bring this back! I aim to give those that can’t make update times something to do off update! If there’s a region that needs clean up, they will ride the waves to get there! I’d also be willing to collab with others such as the UDSAF to join forces on this as well! Again, for those new or not used to attending updates in general (especially outside libs), you’ll be guided through the process of detagging so don’t worry!

Also, as an added bonus, more fun reports!! I feel like they are fun to do and having a written report post-update (especially from our own ops) would be good to have occasionally! I’ll also want to bring back the monthly reports that Slab previously done on our forums as well! It’s nice to see changes by the month after all!

Of course, I’ll be working with the General Corps as well and am looking forward in hoping to put these plans to action (and in general, really)!

If approved, I will do my best to serve you all! Any questions, feel free to ask away!

*Disclaimer: I’m not actually the fictional characters in question, but I use their names as my aliases!


Hello there TSP!
I’m Maverick. For those who don’t know me, I’ve been a dormant member of TSP for roughly 5 years since I spawned in the region with my first nation Stoinia on NS. The roleplaying aspect has always drawn me to NS. Hence why late 2019 I joined the sci-fi canon on the forums Sector A1-0 which was advertised in a dispatch. Ever since I’ve become a prominent member of the RP community on the forums. Expanding on the A1-0 canon (with roughly a quarter of its thread having at least my collaboration) as well as enjoying politicking in our modern-tech canon of Pacifica over the years. Although I’ve also had limited gameside experience on NS as well. But alas, we’re here to discuss my appointment as Minister of Roleplay!

Minister of Roleplay
As Minister of Roleplay, I see myself acting as the first bridge between the RP community and TSP gov. We’re both part of the same region and we should collaborate together to make our region one of the most unique and welcoming on NS. While also offering a lot of venues for a variety of activities. In essence, I want to bring RP back into the spotlight of TSP.

It’s no secret by now that the RP community has grown a bit separate over the past years. There have been tensions with the gameside aspects of our region. However, I believe this mostly stem from misinterpretations and a difference of opinion on certain issues. Yet we’re still part of the same community and follow the same community guidelines. It’s time we bury the hatchet and start anew with a fresh look at things.

RP integration in TSP culture
The first step of the wider integration & awareness of the TSPRP community is to advertise it more on NS. Through which means, I am yet uncertain of. In Henn’s platform, a renewed focus is laid on the onboarding process. The RP section has been lacking on that front in the past years in my opinion. This is the perfect time to revamp the RP onboarding! As Minister, I’ll be working to improve that front as well.

RP events are also an aspect I wish to explore more. Be it within the region or cross-region, I’ve got some plans cooking that could invite wider TSP or extra-region participation. No doubt extra-region activities should be discussed with the larger Cabinet so as to not affect our Foreign Affairs plans. I envision these events to be mostly hosted on the forums for which I’ll review with the rest of the Cabinet. The RP onboarding is one thing, but showcasing RP events and what the RP community has to offer is another aspect we need to further develop in TSP.

This is my strategy as candidate-Minister of Roleplay to make RP an important aspect of TSP once again. Through a vibrant collaborative culture, we’ll make TSP the most active NS region yet!


First of all I’d like to congratulate ProfessorHenn on their re-election, and thank them for nominating me for Minister of On-Site Activities! Now, I’d like to explain how I plan to run MOSA, should I be confirmed for the role.

More On-Site Events:
As we all know, TSP’s population has been steadily dropping since the frontiers update. Now, more than ever, TSP needs something to bring people to our region, and convince them to stay. I plan to work with TSP citizens from all platforms to help bring fun new events to our beloved region, including bringing people together so they can work collaboratively. Of course, I’d also be working to help organize and promote already-existing events. I intend to give people enough space to be able to control the events (as it’s still theirs, after all), but I want to make it easier and more fun to work on them.

Bringing the On-Site and Off-Site together:
I know in the past, and maybe even now, the On-Site and Off-Site have felt a little separated. I plan to bring the parts of TSP closer together by advocating for more people to explore the off-site, and on the flipside, getting people from the off-site to post on the rmb more frequently. As many people have said, we’re all one community. This will only serve to strengthen the region as a whole.

Advocating for Increased Government Participation:
Personally, I feel as though the government has started to get a little stale. There aren’t enough fresh and new perspectives being thrown into the mix, and I think it would only serve to benefit TSP if we could increase player participation in the government. A great start to this would be getting more residents into the assembly so they can see what our government is all about. Not all of them would stick around, but we’d be able to make a lasting improvement to the way our government works, and how involved people are in the region.

Why I’m Qualified For The Role:
As many of you will know, I’ve never been a minister before, so you may be wondering what makes me particularly suited to this role. Firstly, I’m just as committed to our region as anyone else, but I’m also actively participating in all three sites that our region occupies. I also have experience running and participating in events. Most importantly though, is that I talk with people on the rmb. I wouldn’t just be pushing my agenda, I’d be working with the community to ensure I give them something they want, rather than what I think they want.

I’d like to thank all of you for reading my statement, and I’ll be here if you have any questions.


Very excited to see Maverick leading the Cabinet’s roleplay affairs arm. Wonderful pick.

I might ask a few questions soon, whenever I get the time in my day.


I’d also like to appoint @EmC as my Director of the Office of World Assembly Legislation. I’m looking forward to working with her on working with both OWL and PfS on writing recommendations and generating some more buzz with WA affairs.

This is brought to the Assembly for their confirmation due to my understanding of the following laws:

  1. The World Assembly Act, Article 1, Section 1, Clause A states,
    "The appointed Director, should one be in office, is to be considered an appointed member of the Cabinet.
  2. The Charter, Article V, Section 2, Clause A states,
    “Appointed members of the Cabinet must receive confirmation from the Assembly prior to entering office.”

This is not exactly what I would be a fan of keeping moving forward, and I ask the Assembly to reconsider the legislation at a later date regarding the position of OWL Director and the World Assembly Act entirely.

First off, congratulations to you @ProfessorHenn on your re-election as PM, and all other members of your newly formed Cabinet. I really only had one question, are the newly created positions of Minister of On-Site Activities, Minister of Roleplay, Minister of Integration, and the not yet filled Minister of Forum Activities. Replacing the position of Minister of Regional Affairs? Or are these positions simply serving under the Ministry of Regional Affairs?


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The shorthand idea that is probably better to respond with is that they are replacing MoRA.

A little bit more of an explanation is that there isn’t really such a thing as “Ministries” anymore, in my mind. The institutions are flexible and can broadly coalesce around ideas or thoughts on how to do things, vice a monolithic entity enshrined in law. I appointed a Minister of Regional Affairs because “Regional Affairs” was the best term for the portfolio I made HumanSanity responsible for. Appointing another doesn’t make sense to me now to execute the plans I’ve outlined in my campaign.


Thankyou for clearing this up. I once again congratulate you and your new Cabinet.


Legend, congratulations on your nomination. I recently perused through your agenda post and I wanted to ask the following:

I like how you’ve taken the passion project road. It’s a good road to take :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of people have tried this (including myself). Most, including myself, have failed. What will make your attempt different. And wait, what even is your attempt? How will you get on-site users to explore our forum or Discord, while navigating barriers like possible restriction (some gameside players might not be allowed to use Discord through rules set by their guardians)?

Of course I like and support the general concept here, but once again you find yourself saying things that many have attempted before and have failed at doing such thing. I have hope for your mind and its fresh ideas in this field but how are you going to get on-site users involved in our regional politics? Does this go along with our voter registration topic we’ve been discussing in these very hallowed halls for the past few weeks (finding a more centralized system for more to join along)?

We also run into a problem where people might sign up for Legislatorship but then proceed to either forget or not care about it and will be booted off by the Chair’s office in an upcoming State of the Assembly report. How do we avoid that? Is finding committed players who want to be active in our regional political structure just a rare find?

In truth, I think you are an extremely good pick for a bureau of this kind. You’re an active, committed, and bright player who I entrust to help lead our region. I’d appreciate any sort of answer on the questions, but I understand if that’s not able to happen. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Sorry for any extra pings, I was trying to respond to you on my phone, and lets just say it didn’t go well…

To be honest, I think it will be harder to get people from the off-site to be more active on the rmb, but hopefully the increased rate of events can be a starting ground to bring more people over.
Now, as to your actual question , yes, there will be people who won’t be allowed to join the discord, but if they’re allowed to be on NationStates I don’t foresee the forums being a problem.
As to how we’ll actually get people to join, on my side it’s going to have to be primarily through advertising it’s many features (including the Assembly), and working with the other Ministers of the new “Regional Affairs” crew to potentially set some things up like meet-and-greets, etc.

To be honest, I’ve only been loosely following the Voter-Registration draft since by the time I became interested it was already pretty long. I can go more in depth on my feelings for it if you want, but for now I’ll stick to discussing my strategy.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s going to come down to advertising and events. NationStates is at it’s core a political roleplaying game, so theoretically it shouldn’t be too hard to get people to join, but I also understand it’s at a level that many people wouldn’t find fun. First of all, I’d explain what Register Voters, Legislators, or whatever it ends up being do, how to join, and what the benefits are. I’d also like to set up a Model-UN type of event so interested residents can get a feel for how the current system works, and get some experience writing bills.

I’d imagine the Model-UN idea could help a lot with that, but assuming we don’t have too many people forgetting/leaving, I should be able to check in with them to see what happened

And also, before I forget, I’d like to get the dispatches updated so that everything is up to date, and properly representative (for example, the section of our dispatch that contains information of the roleplays is sorely lacking)

I hope I answered your questions, if you need me to clarify anything just let me know :slight_smile:

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Where we’re at

I will be honest, I think the state of interregional politics generally and our place in it specifically is a little precarious right now. Regardless of your thoughts on events, during the dissolution of the Aurora Alliance, we burned through significant diplomatic capital. Beyond that, the events between TRR and Europeia both created and exacerbated divisions within defending, now manifested through the Aegis Accords. As a result, this term has to be focused on rebuilding our credibility, strengthening and diversifying our relationships, and having the honest conversations to preserve the future of Aegis.

Prioritizing community value

The Prime Minister ran on a platform of prioritizing community value in our relationships. We need to turn to our allies and partners for more than just support on external initiatives, we need to look at them as collaborators in our effort to strengthen our recruiting and integration efforts as well as to invest in our internal regional community.

Beyond this, we also need to diversify our existing relationships, which tilt a little too far towards GP power players. Quirky, fun, role play and casual regions make up the vast majority of NS players, and those relationships matter too. Not to mention, they matter for future GP fights, where having diverse sets of friendships to draw upon for support will fortify our positions.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, I will:

  1. Reach out to allies and partners of our’s with distinctive integration and engagement efforts to learn about the methods they use and help inform our own practices.
  2. Reactivate dormant relationships we have with regions that offer cultural value to the South Pacific.
  3. Seek out new relationships with regions that aren’t currently “in the GP scene” as a way of varying our diplomatic portfolio.

The Prime Minister and I have already identified a list of regions we plan to reach out to for each of these items.

Addressing the storm

The previous term saw two major geopolitical events (one directly and one indirectly involving us) deeply rock the foundations of trust defending. After this, we as a region and the faction as a whole need to take stock of what is happening and work to rebuild the relationships that have been very badly shaken.

We need to have direct and honest conversations about what happened in these events and how we need to move forward. We can’t be overly adventurous this term and we need to have conversations that get to the fundamentals of what we can expect from each other in the future.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs I will initiate direct bilateral dialogues with our allies who have been most involved in the events of the past several months to identify the breakdowns of communication and trust that occurred and what we can do to correct them in the future. This work is essential to building stronger relations with our defender allies.


You. Just. Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head.

I can recall the South Pacific, in years past, having a network of smaller casual/RP-focused regions that we routinely interacted with, mostly with festivals and other culture outreach. This was a major driver of activity within the region too.

It’s going to take time to establish, nurture, and build these friendships back up, but I think it’s worth the time and effort it will take for the long-run benefit to the region to be realized.


I’m glad to see you’re a supporter of this idea. Perhaps a likely-soon-to-be-elected Delegate-as-head-of-state could help out with these plans :wink:

Hey all,

I see I’m late to the party. Thanks for the patience; it’s a busy week for me, but I’m honored to be nominated as Minister of Integration and I’m glad to share a preview into some goals and aspirations for the term.

I’ll keep this post brief, but I’m more than happy to entertain questions. I mean, I did draft up hundreds of words of, uh, mostly just rambling and thanking the Academy and whatnot, but I think it’s clearer if I just share what some of my goals would be, like a normal person.

  • Focus on the forest, not the trees. We have many ways of reaching out to new players, such as dispatches, telegrams, mentorship, recruitment, and more. It’s easy to zero in on one way in particular or to attempt all of them, but it’s also important to think about how they interact.
  • Streamline pathways to engagement. Opening the region page, reading the WFE, opening the welcome dispatch, opening the forums, creating an account, completing the intro wizard, opening the forum message inbox, and completing the getting involved wizard… is a long process for a new player to follow.
  • Expand our avenues of outreach. This has been set in motion already, and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to continue striving towards utilizing all the tools at our disposal to share our community’s story with new players.
  • Integrate integration with culture. Integration is about our community as much as it is about new players. Things like cultural events or even legislative debates or elections aren’t just part of our regional heritage; they’re also opportunities to show newcomers some of what we have to offer.
  • Solicit community input. I’d like to say I’m around enough to understand our community, but I won’t pretend to understand it nearly as well as we collectively do. Community feedback is invaluable when it comes to integration.
  • Embrace iteration. Things won’t be perfect the first time around, and that’s okay! For me, sharing works-in-progress, soliciting feedback early, or even seeing how things pan out in practice win out over working quietly behind closed doors towards a ‘finished’ product.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

I know this isn’t required, but figured it’s worth sharing in the interests of transparency.

I do not hold and have never held any positions in other regions. Here in the South Pacific, my main nation is Esfalsa. I’m a General in the SPSF, an Associate Justice of the High Court, and a legislator in the Assembly. I’m also a map editor for the modern-tech Pacifica roleplay canon.

In the interests of full disclosure, I joined the United League of Nations as Cordia around October 2018, with the intent of becoming more involved with the region as a community for GA resolution authorship; ultimately, I did not involve myself in either of those pursuits.


I’m really liking the agenda you put together, Maverick. I have no objections however I do have a clarifying question.

You mentioned somewhere about the current onboarding and integration efforts (moving the roleplay server into our main one). What is your stance on that plan?

I should clarify that adding RP channels/the category in the Discord server is not an IC government action.

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