[2350.CN] Cabinet Appointments and Shuffle

Greetings to the Coalition.

Once again, thank you for your confidence in me to serve the Coalition of the South Pacific as its head. I am, as always, at your service.

The new term brings with it new priorities, and my campaign outlined where I believe we should focus our energies in this term. Except where noted, all previous Ministers’ terms will end on October 31st, the last day of the term. I’m pleased to present the following names to serve as my Cabinet ministers, and we await the Assembly’s approval:

  • @Legend will continue in the Cabinet, but as the Minister of Culture, reviving the title to reflect the additional responsibilities that he is being charged with. In addition to continuing on-site events, he will also organize forum and Discord events, leading the charge on planning a major festival for the South Pacific to enjoy.
  • @ConcreteSlab as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, taking point on our outreach to regions that we haven’t had as much contact with. A long time advisor to myself and previous MoFAs, his experience with the SPSF and uncanny charisma will be a huge benefit to building and strengthening newer ties.
  • @Banexet will take over as Minister of Defense, focusing on the revival of the Tidal Force and seeking to greatly expand the SPSF during the term, as well as working on a rank remodeling scheme to be presented to the Assembly soon. He will serve as the designated minister on the General Corps for voting purposes.
  • @USoVietnam will assume all duties and responsibilities of the Minister of Integration, continuing on with executing their agenda.
  • @Of_the_Ages will take over as Minister of Roleplay, assuming the same responsibilities and portfolio as his predecessor.
  • @EmC will continue as Director of the Office of World Assembly Legislation, with no additional changes to her portfolio at this time.

A list of the previous portfolios can be found in the previous Cabinet Appointments topic. I’ve anlso invited the appointees to post their more detailed agendas. Appointments to the Domestic and Foreign Affairs Councils will come following the successful approval of the relevant ministers, but I also do not anticipate making huge changes to the current compositions of both. With the time table for this approval, I’ll be seeking an expedited discussion and will petition the Chair to take this to a vote on Monday, with a possible petition on Sunday if there are no objections from enough of the Assembly. My understanding of the law is that all currently serving Ministers will cease to operate upon the start of the new term, and I’d like to keep that lame duck period as short as reasonably possible.

We are standing by for any questions.


Hey TSP!
I’m Drew Durrnil, and I’ll start off this post by recognizing the work that the two MoDs before me, @ConcreteSlab and @Shibuya-Kanon have done. They’ve been great leaders and have put in excellent work in ensuring that the SPSF stays one of the top defender militaries in the game.

Now, for what I plan to achieve as Minister of Defense:

1. Revive the Tidal Force
An off-update force is a vital asset to any military organization, whether it be raider or defender. This is especially true for a feeder region like TSP, where the vast majority of the regional community is onsite. This is why my first priority as Minister of Defense is to revive the Tidal Force into a thriving off-update defender force, which I will accomplish with the Tidal Force coordinator who I will appoint on the first day of my term. Tidal Force missions will be posted on the RMB and in an exclusive tidal force Discord channel after every update for regions that need detagging or support.

2. Aggressively recruit new players
As a feeder region, TSP has one of the largest playerbases to recruit from in the game. This gives us the potential for one of the, if not the, largest military forces in NS. To harness this potential, I will proactively recruit players from both onsite and offsite mediums through things such as telegrams, Discord DMs, and the RMB (which is where Kotoha and I came from). To help achieve this, I will work with Minister of Integration Viet to more effectively advertise the SPSF to new members.

3. Create a welcome message for new trainees
During my own experience as a trainee, I’ve found that the introduction to the SPSF can be rather jarring. To help alleviate this, the General Corps and I will write a welcome message that will be DM’d to new trainees once their SPSF application is accepted. This will hopefully instill in them some moralism and a motivation to keep defending.

4. More fun reports!
Update reports are a defining part of military gameplay, and are one of my favorite aspects of defending. During my term, I will write plenty of update reports, keeping up the momentum that Kotoha created (even though I’m not nearly as good a writer as them).

5. SPSF rebrand
The current SPSF ranks that we have are boring, which is why a rebrand of the SPSF has been considered for a while now. During my term, I will look into several rebrand options for the SPSF (possibly including a name change) and hopefully get a rebrand passed in the Assembly before my term ends on January 31.

I will also be continuing the practice of monthly SPSF reports and will work with the General Corps in creating a year-end report to be released when the time comes.

You are all welcome to ask me any questions you may have about my campaign and goals for the upcoming term.


It’s been an honor serving on the Cabinet this term. And it’s great to see Viet getting some love — I think they’re a great choice to be our next Minister of Integration and look forward to their work in that area.


Hey there TSP, here we go again!

Where we left off
When I first announced my plans as the Minister of On-Site Events, I had big plans for the region, but I also knew that if I wanted to accomplish them I’d have to be realistic. In the end, I wound up focusing on planning future events, as well as starting the RMB Debate Days and preparing for the launch of the TSP Art Gallery. I’m here to say that I will continue to work on getting those two events where they need to be, as well as continuing to bring new events to all aspects of the region. While these goals may sound big, I’ll also be expanding the size of my Advisory Committee to meet the challenge.

Teamwork makes the dream work
As our most glorious delegate Griffindor has alluded to before (in one of his amazing regional telegrams :cake:), MoOSE had been working with the Delegate’s Advisory Committee on a big project, and as the Minister of Culture I’ll work just as hard to make sure it’s as great as we know it can be!
I also want to start getting user feedback to better represent what the community wants in our events. The general culture side might be a bit trickier, but there’s nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it!

A more interconnected region
This is something I talked about in my announcement as MoOSE, but many of you will notice that this never happened. It wasn’t a case of forgetfulness of laziness, but rather plans not working out in the end. I had fully prepared to have an event to achieve this very thing, but in the drafting phase it became clear that the event itself was flawed in a way that wouldn’t actually work. I didn’t exactly give up on it, but I never found the right opportunity to reevaluate it. To begin working towards this goal, I want to have more cross-platform events where different stages of it takes place on the different parts of TSP. This can be seen with the RMB Debate Days, where the topic submission takes place on the forums.

You talk a lot about events, but what about other things?
To me, events can be a lot of things, ranging from competitions and displays to gatherings and discussions. However, I acknowledge that there’s a lot of cultural aspects that go beyond just events, and once I finalize my team I want to start looking into the possibilities with them. I doubt it would be something like redesigning the regional flag (it’s perfect how it is :smile:), but there are definitely other cultural elements at play here.

Now, I understand that some of that may be a bit vague, so do not hesitate to ask me some questions!


Hello citizens of TSP!

This is me United States of Vietnam again. @Pronoun has been doing some amazing work with integration in his terms, especially on the strategy, and my term will be a continuation of that. Here is the specific agenda for my term as Minister of Integration:

1. Work with individual ministries on recruitment needs
The Ministry of Integration has always been a “service” ministry where we provide recruitment and integration support such as getting involved wizards, introduction dispatches, welcome telegrams… to other bodies in the government. In this term, I aim to work with individual ministers to know what specific recruitment demands their own ministries have so MoI can properly optimize its recruitment and integration plan to meet their needs.

2. Simplify and update the dispatches
Ever since the citizenship reform passed, MoI has been doing a revamp of the beginner dispatches to
both update information and improve readability. This will continue in my term with the dispatches focused on government mechanics. MoI will also make graphics on dispatches such as government structure diagrams to better explain complex concepts. I will also make an easier and more up-to-date dispatch maintenance guide for the staff to have an easier time.

3. Look into simplifying the welcome telegram
I will start a discussion on updating the welcome telegram with a focus on reducing the length and content covered. In my opinion, the welcome telegram must be easy to digest since absolute newcomers read it. We should only cover essential materials in a terse way and use dispatch links for additional info in our welcome telegram.

4. Establish permanent staff while still keeping the work open in public
Due to the specific nature of MoI’s work, I will recruit some permanent staff to look over the dispatches, getting involved wizard, and similar areas. The planning and execution of our operations will still happen in #executive-planning as much as possible so any citizen can join in if they want.

5. Reorganize scripts and software that MoI relies on
Currently, not all of our scripts and software are properly documented and hosted on our GitHub organization. I will work script authors to put any script and software that MoI depends on into our GitHub organization with documentation for at least basic operations. This is mostly to prevent a r3n pull-the-plug event from happening in our region.

6. Finish the Pathways to Engagement initiative
MoI will finalize the Pathways to Engagement initiative under Pronoun. The plan looks solid so I won’t change much but I will do some reviews first. The planned dispatches will be finished and integrated into our dispatch system.

7. Hopefully convince someone to be next integration minister
MoI is unfortunately the most boring ministry with no standard how-tos on how to run it. I intend to compile some institutional knowledge regarding integration I and other ministers have gathered into a post to give newbies some guidance and tips if they are interested in this line of work. The goal is to build up prospects for integration leadership.


I look forward to this conversation!

I think your tenure as Minister of Integration has the potential to finish all of the work you have been trying to get to over the last several months. Coupled with the authority to implement to make such changes, I think you will have good success, and will leave future Integration in a good position.

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Congratulations to you all! You deserve it!

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Hiya everyone! Sorry for the long delay, both real life and NS have been absolutely crazy. I got some big shoes to fill when it comes to people like HS, Pronoun, and Amerion so I will do my best to make y’all proud and do TSP justice on the world stage. So, let’s go over some stuff I have planned:

1.) Getting closer to our treated allies

In such a tumultuous time, this has never been more important. As Henn said, one of the main reasons I was placed into this position is my ability to connect with people and make people feel comfortable. To this end, we need clear lines of communication, mutual respect, and collaboration. I would love to collaborate with Legend plan fun events and activities between these regions, collaborate with Drew to conduct joint military operations with these regions, and maybe even collaborate with Em to work on joint World Assembly proposal.
Bottom line, we need to trust each other, and it is this goal I will spend most of my time devoting myself toward.

2.) Placing an emphasis on the Aegis Accords
With the recent drama between TRR and Europeia, there are tangible tensions within the defending community, making it more difficult for us to operate at full effectiveness. I plan to do my best to make the Aegis Accords actually relevant again through activities like joint operations.

3.) Reaching out to new allies (and potential new allies!)

There are plenty of regions I am interested in in reaching out to forge better relations with, even without a formal agreement in place. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

Like HS said when he took office last term, there are divides in defending and they still have not fully healed. I will make sure TSP is scandal free and a voice of reason in all discussions to rebuild this trust. Trust can only rebuilt with actions, and that is what you will get from me.

Looking forward to a great term!


I move all appointments be brought to individual votes.

I’ll second it.

:assembly: Office of the Chair

The move to vote has been recognised, and all legislators are invited to vote by poll here.

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Hello TSP!

Apologies for such a late post, my work has only just relented. I’m The Age of Utopia, you probably remember me from my run for PM a week or two ago. I’m here succeeding Maverick, a prominent and respected member of the TSP RP community.

1) Integration
Currently we’re waiting for the merge of the RP discord server into the main one. This is already done and planned by those before me, but until it’s completed the RP discord server still needs to be easy to find and access.

2) Events
Events! One major goal is to get a RP event going. This could be on-site (targeted at recruiting those who haven’t found the RP on our forums yet), on the forums (for bringing fun events to our existing RPers), or even potentially with another region. Of course depending on the events the MoRP will be either working with or consulting other ministries to avoid getting in each other’s way.

3) Point of Communication
One of the jobs of MoRP is to serve as a contact point between the government and TSPRP, something that is essential given how the RP community is largely separated from the region. It’s important to reduce the need of this position by bringing the RP closer to TSP as a whole, but until that happens MoRP is the vital contact point between.