[2308.AP] Political Activity in the Coalition


In light of the recent discussion on the Discord server in #government-discussion, I’d like to raise the topic here in the Assembly concerning political activity within the region. What we can do collectively, what the Cabinet should (or shouldn’t) be doing, how we organize our government to support certain aspects or hinder others. I’m leaving this deliberately broad, so that we can hopefully have a wider discussion.

For specific criticism or questions of Cabinet policy, please use the Office of the Cabinet thread.

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What I’m saying probably has nothing to do with the current context, but in my view, the TSP (if it doesn’t already have one) should have a Constitution and should be accessible to all.

We have the Charter:

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Thanks for that!

Additionally, there’s also a whole index of treaties and laws which can be found both here or here.

I’m inclined to think that it is the job of the cabinet to expedite involvement, rather than force prospective contributors to do it actively. Some people need a lot of help to get involved, which we should be providing. The political scene here always seems extremely indifferent and far away to the average TSPer. We want to make it feel like anyone can make a splash and actively encourage people to make said splashes.

I would say that there needs to be guidance for new legislators. Reading the laws just to understand how the Assembly votes is going to be daunting. We at least need a pinned thread with a guide on the legislator procedure and perhaps how the government works in general to make things easier. (Good news is that we already have the materials from the old forum or the dispatches, just need to update and improve them).

Something not directly related to politics but we also need to advertise our activities here (not just politics but cultural events and similar stuff) to the gamesiders via dispatches or telegrams. There used to be public media to facilitate this role. There is none now so we may have to actively write dispatches to do the job. Advertising all the cultural events is a first step. Advertising Assembly matters is going to be more difficult though since someone has to spend efforts writing engaging reports on them.

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I agree. Things here can seem confusing at first and end up alienating those interested.
By the way, a recruitment drive for new legislators or something like that wouldn’t be bad at all…

I think it would be nice to have a general government recruitment drive for every new cabinet term. Basically a nice dispatch and telegram to advertise the thing.

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You’re right, we need to include more people in the TSP policy!

There should already be a guide for Legislators within the Assembly here. However, when I get the time I will potentially move it into an entirely new thread and then pin it, allowing for new Legislators to gain a better understanding of the Assembly, when first entering the sub-forum.

I feel like the problem with the guide and everything being compiled into the Office of Assembly Affairs is because it’s on the longer side and not accessible to all. The FAQ/guide that LegComm posts when accepting a Legislator is from the old forums. For the guide on these forums, there’s scrolling involved and you have to search for it. If we want new Legislators to be involved in our political scene (debate and discussion), we might want to create a new pinned thread with simply a guide for new Legislators (or about the business of the Assembly in general).

This is what I was suggesting. I will compile it into an individual thread and then pin it within these sub-forums, when I get a spare sec.

This will make things so much more organized and simple, it will be wonderful!

@HumanSanity and @anjo ought to definitely know this, haha.

I have created and pinned an entirely new thread for the Legislator’s Guide to the Assembly, I hope that this makes it clearer and easier for new and current Legislators to get more involved within the Assembly and its activities.

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Anjo has been doing that with the Delegate’s Briefings, and I worry that since that’s already a twice-a-month thing, doing more would end up causing some fatigue on the gameside.

I would argue cultural events (at least major activities) need its own dispatches instead of being stuffed into a briefing. Briefing is more suitable for politics and small stuff. Also, I am not even sure if the purpose of the briefs is to advertise anything, they are just for information purpose in my opinion. Advertisement means describing what is fun about the activity to encourage participation. The current briefings are not that.

I think they can be stuffed into a briefing, like the smaller ones, but I do agree that the larger ones should have their own dispatch. We have culture calendars too where smaller events can be elaborated on.

I would argue to keep smaller ones should be in the briefings (however many of the smaller events to require Discord despite the fact that the briefing is presented via a dispatch or telegram sometimes).

I think they serve a dual-purpose. Anjo always mentions joining the World Assembly and the Great Council, it wouldn’t be a huge jump to add a sentence about joining the forums to partake in the Assembly or the political system at large.