Culture Calendars

Culture Calendar

Here is the home of the Culture Calendar, with a new edition posted every month! The calendar is where you can find what’s going on and about here in the South Pacific, cultural-wise! We’ll have some fun games and chances for one to win some cool prizes in the coming months!

This thread is locked so only the calendar editions can be posted here. If you have any questions regarding the calendar please send me a private message via Discord or the forums here.

February 2023 Edition

Pink and White Cute February 2023 Monthly Calendar.pdf (365.0 KB)

February is a month for love, kindness, and respect!

Sunday, February 19th: Games Weekend with TEP and TNP! Check Discord event calendar for more info!

Wednesday, February 22nd: Pink Day is just a reminder that pink is a superior color

Thursday, February 23rd: Movie Stream! Join ProfessorHenn for a fun movie stream on Discord!

Saturday, February 25th: N-Day8 – what everyone is waiting for. Ms. Potato will win this year :potato:

Monday, February 27th: Whoever can find the ugliest sweater on the internet and shows it to me via DMs gets a Common-Epic card of their choice from my utterly terrible trading card collection

Only for calendars and no other commentary! Direct other comments either to direct messaging or in #executive-planning.

March 2023 Edition

Hi! This is the March 2023 edition of the regional culture calendar. This month there are quite a few religious holidays that I decided add this time around along with a few fun ones :slight_smile:

Events to note:

March 8, International Women’s Day: in #executive-planning on Discord, send a description of a famous women known internationally without giving a name or photo. We’ll have a guessing ceremony! oh and ping me for this one

March 11, Corned Beef and Cabbage Day: don’t ask me why I added this :cut_of_meat: :leafy_green:

March 18, Max Barry Day: official regional holiday celebrating the reason you’re reading this right now: Max Barry :blueberries:

March 20, Earth Day and Start of Spring: yay! make sure to ping me (@Maluhia) on Discord and tell me one reason why you’re happy for spring

For any of these days, there could be winners of these mini events with international artwork as prizes to follow!

My apologies! Purim is actually the 6th-7th instead of the 16th. Didn’t get to head to the Shabbat Purim service sadly due to work obligations so I completely forgot about the holiday’s date!

Chag purim sameach!

April 2023 Edition

apologies for the delay – a little busy this week