Treasure Island Report: Redux

A cacophony of sounds occur all over a small island. Shouting and cannon-fire could be heard, as a battle-cry pierced the sounds of combat: “You may take our treasure, but you will never take… OUR ISLAND!” An order to charge was given and soon after, the sounds stopped. Cheers were now the main sound as they erupted over the island.

A lone researcher sat in a bunker. “Ah. It looks like we finally finished fighting off those pirates. It only took us…” He checked his watch. “Two and a half years?!”

Welcome to the redux of the old Treasure Island Report! TIR was created as a way to catalogue the 3 curated worlds known as Canons- Pacifica, A1-0, and Aurora. It is usually made from submissions from the curators of those worlds, known as Roleplayers.

In a more serious, more OOC note; Hi! I’m Flaming, the current Minister of Roleplay. As part of my ministry duties, I wanted to bring back some form of TIR. I can’t promise that this will be a “return to form” or that it’ll be exactly like the original, but I wanted to bring back some sort of report on the goings-on in the RP community.

Normally, I believe TIR mainly takes submissions from roleplayers- this will, of course, be the main focus of the next entries of the reports, but now I want to mainly bring attention to the massive shifts in the RP community since the last TIR was written.


Pacifica is probably the least changed out of all the canons, but even it has undergone some big changes. Besides all the new roleplayers who have freshly entered the canon, we have seen some very interesting changes. The Great War page has been significantly expanded, and there have also been other community built worldbuilding done, like with the Cordilian Sea.

The biggest thing about Pacifica that is striking is the lack of major international events and crises of late. Most events have been rather self-contained- the most major international military action being anti-piracy in the Gulf of Good Omen. This may be due to backlash regarding the handling of certain rps leading to retcons after the fact. While pacifica doesn’t seem to have a lot going on on the surface at the moment, under it is a wealth of lore and writing spearheaded by the wiki.


A1-0 has seen a renaissance. It used to be a rather small and inactive canon, with few ongoing roleplays and events. Due to a massive influx of active roleplayers willing to make new content, A1-0 is now one of the more active canons, reaching 193 topics as of this post. A1-0 has seen a massive amount of collaboration in writing, and plans have started for some large-scale roleplays, including The Enver War.

Overall, A1-0 is showing its full potential with more activity breeding many stories and events, changing the nature of interstellar politics in the canon forever.


Aurora is slowly inching back into relevancy. While the canon has seen more activity than the past had ever shown, it is still by far the least active of the 3 canons. It still important to note the actions of several roleplayers, most prominently @RobbyTheSeal, for their work in revitalizing the canon and giving it the care that it deserves.

That will be it for the current edition of TIR! Next edition (which should come out April 20th) will focus significantly more on user-generated content that will be voted on in another topic. Thank you for checking in!

Treasure Island Report: signing off.


I’d slightly dispute this, since only Pacifica existed when I created TIR, but I look forward to reading the articles that are published.