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Peonic political & economic expert based in Shai Kong, Stoinia

Naiara Rivera Naiara Rivera
Stoinian political & Commonwealth of Realms expert based in Coruna, Stoinia.

[Image: Takamitsu-Namboku-Icon.png] Takamitsu Namboku
Political & economic expert on Crabry based in Carlchester, Sallodesia.

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Keyli political, World Forum & economic expert from Salisbury, Sallodesia.

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Cordillian & Rainbow Islands political expert based in Larasin, Snolland.

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[Image: Jacques-Verdoorn-Icon.png] Jacques Verdoorn
Military veteran & political expert based in Peoria, Sallodesia.

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Business & culture expert from Bulowayo, Sallodesia.

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News > Politics > Crabry
Sunrise Triad agreements with Phanama
By Takamitsu Namboku, 7th July 2022.

Myrian windmill park north-east of Rashin. Source: Myrian Secretary of Energy.

In a surprise move, representatives from Phanama and the Sunrise Triad have come to cooperation agreements such as trade and research. Previously Stoinia had invested in N&GB and Aberstopia a few months back, but it seems Phanama has become the current hotspot for cooperation on Crabry. The neutral nation is well known for its agriculture and its push for greener aviation. With such a portfolio, Phanama has attracted the attention of the Sunrise Triad for lucrative endeavours.

One of the first announcements was made by the University of Spiritus, the Bulowayo Institute of Technology, Kandul Palitehnik Kolij and Universitatea Politehnică Sinaia. These universities have announced new partnerships programs similar to the partnerships with Cræfoi Polytechnicum. Together these universities will join together in developing new technologies with the goal to achieve zero emissions. While the partnership with Cræfoi Polytechnicum focuses on hydrogen cars in cooperation with the Stoinian car manufacturer Dolocia, the partnership with the University of Spiritus focuses on green aviation.
Within the same sector, the Phanaman aerospace company Voleta has agreed to collaborate with the Sallodesian-Stoinian airplane manufacturer SkyHopper Group on new generations of airliners. This collaboration also extends to further improvements of the new supersonic Condors planes to reduce its emissions.

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The true meat of these agreements lies in the major investments made by the countries. Phanama will invest roughly $330 million in the Sunrise Triad’s renewable energy sector. $60 million in Myria’s expansion of its sea windmill park north-east of Rashin, $120 million in Stoinian geothermal plants and $150 million in Sallodesian solar panel fields & geothermal plants. In return Stoinia will invest $80 million in Phanama’s agriculture with Myria investing $180 million to refurbish old ports to stimulate the fishing sector for its partnerships. Sallodesia on the other hand helped invest $70 million research into greener manufacturing and several Phanaman experts have taken contracts to Sallodesian companies and improve production sites in Bulowayo. All involved governments have agreed to maintain these lucrative relations and see a stronger collaboration in the future.

Furthermore, the Myrian company SeaLink Solutions Inc. has announced it will expand its radar navigation production factories in Phanama with two production factories in addition to creating a regional headquarters for Crabry in Actora. Likewise, Agro Mediterrana Inc & Clements Fruit Company will stimulate the Phanaman economy by supporting partnerships with local producers. Whether or not Phanama could grow to become an important partner to the Sunrise Triad or even one of the major international contenders from Crabry remains to be seen. Most likely this will lead to some friction with the United States of Izaakia as it could see this as an infringement in its sphere of influence, it’s likely that the current Phanaman government would re-iterate its neutral stance. The balance in Crabry remains unchanged.


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News > Opinion
Huawan: a waning partner
By Meilin Zhu, 5th July 2022.

The port city of Hai Men, Huawan. Source: Lin Photography.

It’s no secret that Huawan has been a long partner of Entente members, yet it’s recent Non-Alignment Policy has taken some officials from the defensive pact by surprise. Has the Entente pushed too far and left potential partners behind? There’s little reason to believe so, but it’s yet unclear what the repercussions would be for coming Entente-Huawan relations. Most experts fear that this has the potential to pivot Huawan more favourably towards Izaakia. Within all this commotion even Secretary-General Gen. Corina Noica took a break from her command room in Spiras to discuss the situation. “While the Entente understands Huawan’s frustrations, it isn’t our intention to become an isolated club of states. As of now the Entente is still searching for its identity, ideologically and operationally. Be it overseas or here on the front lines in Spiras & Emerald-Denver. However, Huawan can be sure that once the situation has been stabilized in Bareland, it will have plenty of opportunities to sit a table with the Entente at large.”

While the Entente’s Secretary-General’s words are chosen carefully given her current predicament, I believe that the Entente should prioritize Huawan on its agenda. Aside from historical relevance and cooperation, the Entente is an organization of closer cooperation. Not only on a military level, but also culturally and economically. The last two being especially applicable to all Peonic states with Huawan being a potential economic foothold in middle Cordillia. As Izaakia consolidates its grip over Crabry and now even Frastinia with military bases in Eflad, the Entente shouldn’t fall behind on potential partners and let Izaakia snatch them from under their nose. Izaakia is a most competent geo-strategic player and should they be allowed, their will would become chaos as happened in Nicholas & Great Britain.

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While one can see Huawan’s declaration of Non-Alignment Policy as a firm stance, I believe Huawan could be persuaded from such a stance. How exactly? Through the aforementioned non-military pillars of the Entente. Should the Entente work on restrengthening ties with Huawan, they would have less incentive to look favourably to Izaakia. For Izaakia is tuning in to Huawan as the jade trade expands between them. Entente members should do the same for all Peonic states as even the city of Jintzer in Anzhou is increasingly seen as a pro-Izaakian metropolitan city. Indeed a testament to Izaakia’s place in geopolitics. A good example has been set by the Sunrise Triad with its endeavours with Crabry states through investment programs and especially Livana through CMEC & the Mediterranean Viticulture Group. So assuring were these measures that Livana now has accepted to allow a Sallodesian military base on its soil. While such a large cooperation wouldn’t be necessary in the case of the Peocracy, a clear sign to Huawan and the Peonic states would do wonders to prevent their further pivoting towards Izaakia. Through simple economic deals and cultural partnerships, Huawan would have less incentive to potentially pitch itself against the Entente. That way we would also avert a shift in the local spheres of influence on Cordillia and northern Bailtem. Give the Peony a lucrative deal instead of a misinterpreted tantalization.

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[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Opinion > Columns
The disgrace of Ryccia
By Constantin Tudor Predoiu, 8th July 2022.

The Valoran capital, Mirochi, during the short cease-fire after bombardment in the Ryccian invasion of 2022. Source: ONN.

I stumbled across an old article on Vilue International from 2019 yesterday while doing research on Ryccia. However, when I read the article, I felt my brain bonk against my cranium as it gave me a headache when placed in the current geopolitical situation. The short article was written by Matts Hyllu who is the President of the Friends of Ryccia Society and contemplated how the world owed Ryccia a great deal and how we should respect Ryccia still. No doubt even back in 2019. Mr. Hyllu called out the great sacrifices of Ryccian soldiers who now are buried on the Sicullite Islands. While no one in their right minds would ever insult those brave soldiers who fought for the South Pacific’s freedom, the fact remains that they are now all dead. I should also mention that by no means is this an attack on Mr. Hyllu or his Society, but his article serves as a mere catalyst for this column.

The Ryccian soldiers that now have committed a putsch and still terrorize Valora today, are in my eyes no longer the same Ryccian soldiers that carried the Cordillian campaigns on their shoulders. Especially now that martial law has been declared and the junta shoots everyone as if they were living in hell. Ryccia may have been home to greatness once, but now has turned into the darkest of dystopias. One which it confronted in its past several times. In the Democratic Revolutions and the Great War. Yet now Ryccia has become a disgrace to that legacy.

It’s no secret that modern Ryccia was forged with guns in the Democratic Revolution from 1888 until 1925. When Karnetvor imperialists lit the world ablaze with their aggression, Ryccia again stood as a defender of freedom. The Ryccian military was seen as heroes as all nations would have glorified their armed forces. Even here in Stoinia we have dozens of monuments dedicated to the Allied Powers, but somehow that glory has been perverted in Ryccia. Following the Democratic Revolution, the Ryccian military became fanatic in its meritocracy as well as patriotism. When governments couldn’t be formed or internal political tensions rose, the military stepped in and told the government to form a governing coalition as they spoke to them with guns in hand. Rattling up corruption through military tribunals and circumventing the normal democratic process as elected officials finally formed a government. Yet the Ryccian people cheered as military officials were openly political from across the entire spectrum and this gave them a near apolitical view on politics in the people’s eyes. Thus a dangerous precedent was set that would bring Ryccia into its current predicament. All because the people were too blind to see the faults in the Ryccian military. Its glorification as a judge. A stark contrast with its primary goal.

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The founding principles of separation of powers has been proven as a stabilizing factor over a dozen times. Yet somehow the Ryccian people turned a blind eye to it. All in the name of immediate stability and order. Most of the time these coups didn’t suspend the legislature, but still solidified the military’s role as a judge. Few stopped to ask the following question: Who decides when the judge has gonna too far or made a wrong decision? None in this case. For the judge is armed and won’t have any excuses. Civil rights or not. Suspended legislature or not. The Ryccian populace was like a rabbit with broken legs in a forest. How can you truly guarantee freedom of speech when you always risk being arrested or even shot for speaking out?

This whole history reminds me of a true visionary, the Sallodesian sci-fi writer Frank Robert who wrote one of the first modern sci-fi epics: Drifts[1]. The Ryccian people failed to remember his most important lesson to humanity: always question your leaders! Had the Ryccians done so with their military coups, then perhaps this entire history of subverting democracy could have been averted and the Ryccian military still would be a respectable institution. Had it only continued with its foundational duties to protect the Ryccian people and not perverted the role of the democratically elected officials.
Too ingrained in Ryccian society has this military judge become, like a reeking weed on your porch, that when it reluctantly didn’t intervene in 2010, Ryccia fell in unprecedented political instability. To be expected as the politicians had learned to only work together at gunpoint and lost the art of conscious compromise. Hence why the Ryccian military only radicalized its belief that they should indeed be the judge that steps in case of chaos for only they can save the nation! Yet when they did so this time, alea democratica iacta est!

While the Ryccian glorification of its military is one aspect that’s at fault here, another is the Kingdom of Valora history that helped spark this current putsch. With a precedent of intervening in its own government, it’s unsurprising that Ryccia would involve itself in territories where many Ryccians lived. The military must protect all Ryccians! Wherever the might be! Fate decided that Valora would become the powder keg of Cordillia for decades to come. While the relation between Ryccia and Valora is still heavily debated to this day, it’s unquestionable that the situation has only escalated with armed interventions. One can deduce that Ryccia sees Valora as a client state as its measure cross the borders of international law and in some cases even warcrimes or crimes against humanity. The combination of an all too eager military and volatile situation has brought us here today. All because no one dared to say to the Ryccian military that they were exceeding their mandate.

But what are the solutions that shall grant Ryccia a safe & stable future? If the military pushed to form a government, why couldn’t a King or President do so? Certainly other countries such as Sedunn, Gianatla and Stoinia have proven that such a civilized manner can exist. Even the Peocracy has proven itself despite the Arnchow Rebellion. However, with the frequent military coups in Ryccia this whole idea has been shot & maimed in the minds of the Ryccians like cannibalized street dog. So much so that when they experimented in the early 2000’s with such a system, the system collapsed as ethnic tensions rose again. Perhaps the Democratic Revolution still runs deep in Ryccian culture, but I believe that that first military coup should have come with a receipt. Once forged by the gun, kept by the gun.

So what is to be done with Ryccia after the junta is overthrown? I invite all of you to think of ideas to prevent another catastrophe such as recent events. For once and forevermore. Yet I can’t help but fear that the seeds of military intervention in government affairs are too strong in Ryccia. Or has this putsch awoken a realization in the Ryccians that the current military ideology has gone too far? That the current Ryccian junta is nothing more but an utter perversion of the Ryccian ideals it so proclaims to represent.
The future remains unknown still as the Ryccian junta acts as despicable as a maggot in a rotten corps. I certainly hope Ryccia can once more earn the right to be called the Home of Greatness as I’ve seen on social media. However, it remains to be seen if the Ryccian military generation of today, still has any shred of honour that the one had which fought in the Great War. Or perhaps the honour of Ryccian soldiers resting on the Sicullite Islands is to be washed away by the waves of perversion that floood today the Ryccian shores.

[1] OOC Note: Drifts is meant to be an IRP version of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

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News > Politics
Sallodesia solidifies overseas military bases across South Pacific
By Jacques Verdoorn, 8th July 2022.

The RSS John E. Sallow and its escort docked at Joint Base Kaap, 8th July 2022. Source: Sallodesian Armed Forces.

While the recent expansion of overseas Sallodesian military bases has been recently announced, the Livanan situation is merely a continuation of a policy created by Secretary of Defence Gen. Pretorius. A few years back, Sallodesia agreed to its first military overseas base in Kosbareland. A country with close historical ties to the nation as roughly 8 million Sallodesians claim Kosbaraans heritage. Today marks a special day as the military base near Kaapstad, the Kosbaran capital, has officially been inaugurated with the arrival of the Sallow carrier strike group. One of Sallodesia’s current such group. With the Frost Imperial Federation’s continuous holding of the blockade around Spiras, the aircraft strike group was allowed to continue its inauguration mission after several debates with Entente Command in the Bareland Theatre.

The Sallow Carrier Strike Group is currently set on a long planned mission for joint exercises together with the Kosbaraans military. Secretary of Defence Gen. Pretorius stated “Sallodesia is overjoyed with the fruitful relations with Kosbareland. Once many Kosbarans found a new home in Sallodesia, but they never have forgotten their roots. The Sallow CSG is merely on its first trip back to Sarie Marais.” Citing the Sarie Marais song that’s well known within Kosbaran culture. In a surprise move, the Sallodesian Navy Band joined the RSS John E. Sallow and performed the Sarie Marais quick march as it docked, announcing their arrival. Similar ceremonies will continue to be performed in the two other Sallodesian military bases Vrystaat & Bevryding in Kosbareland as the Sallodesian garrisons are deployed. Both nations have reaffirmed their plans to continue closely together as Sallodesian irrigation companies also are engaging in combating regions in Kosbareland that have been hit by recent local droughts.

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While Sallodesia reaffirms military operations in south-west Cordillia to keep an eye on Hystaiga and potential escalations such as the Kalkaran War, Sallodesia also is set to finish refurbishing its military bases in Andrendia by the end of July. For Sallodesia has operated three military bases there for joint exercises with Andrendia for the past two years. Given Andrendia’s strategic location, Sallodesia has focused on cooperating with them the past decade and now that investment has come to fruition as the Andrendian Ministry of Defence announced that it will grant military access to its bases for Sallodesia. Secretary of Defence Gen. Pretorius also voiced his enthusiasm “Andrendia has been a close partner in northern Bailtem and we’ve worked closely together with them. I’m confident that we will continue to build upon relations to forge a stronger bond in the future. Not only economically, but also militarily for a safer and stable Bailtem.” Andrendian officials echoed the Secretary’s vision of the future. It’s yet unclear if Andrendia would become an Entente member as the organization continues to builf up its operations, but the situation is in some sense similar to that of Stoinia in Spiras & Emerald-Denver.

Some experts still voice their concerns over the intention of military bases in Andrendia. With Ereamia’s recent revolution and the Central Bailtemmic Republic’s continued isolation and alleged civil rights abuses, one might think that Sallodesia is preparing for military interventions. However, given its non-intervention during the revolution and Sallodesian agricultural companies carefully expanding plantations in the CBR, these accusations remain largely void. So far Sallodesia remains true to it shift in foreign policy and there’s little reason to fear any drastic change.

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News > Politics > Crabry
Muanko-Pretorius doctrine achieves new strategic partner in Crabry
By Takamitsu Namboku, 8th July 2022.

Kliegmean Minister of Foreign Affairs Aleksandr Chernov (left) and Sallodesian Foreign Secretary Muanko (right), 8th July 2022. Source: Sallodesian Foreign Secretary.

The Federal Republic of Sallodesia has taken an active role on international politics recently. Seeking partnerships throughout the world with both established and brand new partners across the South Pacific. It recently reinforced relations through economic agreements with historic partner Kosbareland and Andrendia while also reaffirming its relation with the small island nation of Livana. Small, large, close-by or far away Foreign Secretary Njongai Muanko continues to go on a roll of agreements one after the other as he commits to President Smith’s promise to help bring prosperity to Pacifica and humanitarian aid. Today marks the ending of diplomatic talks with Kliegme as both nations’ representatives sat down for a new partnership. A new chapter of Sallodesian cooperation with Crabry states.

Foreign Secretary Muanko was overjoyed during the final joint press conference “I’m ecstatic to announce that Sallodesia has a new friend on Crabry. Together we will work together to give this continent a more stable future with closer ties to Bailtem. Today is the beginning of a new chapter with a new friend. May this be the first step into an everlasting friendship with Kliegme.”
Kliegmean Foreign Minister Chernov also added more words of cooperation “As a New Era dawns over Kliegme and the South Pacific, we are sincerely thankful to the Sallodesian Government on this offer. I sincerely believe that the two nations will maintain a healthy relationship based on cooperation and mutual respect. Kliegme shall stand by Sallodesia in its endeavors to keep peace in the region against the tyrannical Nicholas. Kliegme shall be open to all those who wish to talk to us, and may this alliance be a precedent to many different partnerships in the future.”

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The talks went on productively as both nations could see the mutual benefit in working together. Despite some initial skepticism, Kliegme conservatism could be persuaded into a lucrative deal with Sallodesia. The deal followed recent policy trends as could be seen with the new military base in Livana. The Sallodesian military has offered contracts on multiple on local contractors to help refurbish two upcoming military bases using older infrastructure. In total Sallodesia will have two bases on Kliegmean soil set to be operational by May 2023. A naval base in Bisei to garrison 2.500 Marines, 3.000 Navy and 1.000 Naval Air Force personnel and a second joint base near Asaco to be operated by 2.500 Air Force personnel and an Army garrison of 3.500 troops. It’s no secret that the recent catastrophe in Nicholas & Great Britain has tainted the region. As Izaakian intervention merely denuclearized the conflict instead of keeping the peace. Allowing the tyrant Nicholas to escape once more. The new Sallodesia military bases will aid in future humanitarian aid mission on the continent and try to prevent another Izaakian fiasco. However, the United States of Izaakia is likely to see this as an infringement in their sphere of influence and the potential diplomatic frictions are yet to reveal themselves.

Though just like in the Livanan deal, local businesses will help to maintain these military bases of local needs. Thus continuously stimulating Kliegme’s economy. That’s where Muanko’s agreements complement the military agreement. For Sallodesia will invest $250 million in Kliegmean agriculture and another $150 million to upgrade airports in the capital Mumiea and the city Polkola as Sallodesian airliners announced new flights. Crabry’s lush soil will also export some of its agricultural goods towards the Bailtemmic market as economic ties will only increase. As a show of good faith, both Presidents have agreed to hold state visits in the future to keep evaluating the relations between the two nations.

The Muanko-Pretorius doctrine has shown great potential to secure humanitarian aid across the South Pacific in such a way that actually helps build lasting and cooperative bonds. It’s also clear that Sallodesia is willing to work with nearly everyone, despite some remarks from Huawan officials, Sallodesia truly embodies the fundamental pillars of the Concordia Entente. Military cooperation through economic & cultural dialogue. No matter the gender, race or distance from Salisbury. Sallodesia will answer the phone call.

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[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Business
Secluded mission of Sallodesian companies in CBR
By Carla Zanga, 9th July 2022.

A Sallodesian tobacco plantation in the Tu’he valley. Source: Tobacco Republic Inc…

Sallodesia’s recent actions have shaken up the international community as it sets a new course with an active foreign policy. While this foreign policy is fairly recent with the still young Smith administration, Sallodesian companies have already pursued active investments in foreign countries. One such nation in the isolationist Central Bailtemmic Republic (CBR). Although the nation is accused of human rights abuses, a selection of Sallodesian companies have chosen to try an unconventional method to try and improve the lives of the oppressed populace. Through careful navigation of the CBR’s bureaucracy & many policies to ascertain their control of all of the country’s markets, some companies still pursued plantations in this obscure country. Their goal is to bring an easier life to the happy few that can work together with them. Most companies have succeeded to bring in mainland management to these sites to combat corruption within their own companies and teach the local population of a better working ethic.

A local Sallodesian plantation manager wished to remain anonymous, but was kind enough about Tobacco Republic Inc.'s mission statement about its operations in CBR. “Well… The CBR has an ideal climate and with tobacco declining worldwide with nations banning smoking, it was a no brainer to outsource some of the production to other countries to maintain the market in every way we can. Most countries would be reluctant, but the CBR posed an unique opportunity. The regime might not like civil rights, but we believe that even within that system we can improve the lives of these people here. Even if it is only by a little.”

Tobacco Republic Inc. has 15 tobacco plantations that produce cigars with roughly 500 employees each and has started operations in CBR since 2015. It also announced that it would like to increase its total number of plantations by another 20 in the next two years. Believing the the CBR local climate is most beneficial for their end product. Though there’s no guarantee as of yet that such a plan could proceed the CBR’s bureaucracy, though cigars have become an increased sought after good within the CBR.

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A banana plantation in CBR. Source: Valtrecht Growers.

Similarly, the agricultural company Valtrecht Growers operates multiple plantations. They mainly harvest palm oil & bananas throughout their 25 plantations. Though these industries have largely been under fire because of the ecological & ethical costs, Valtrecht Growers is adamant in its mission to not only provide sustainability for the local Bailtemmic Republic, but also during the harvesting process. Bio-engineers have carefully monitored the situation on these plantation sites to select areas higher up the mountain hills to soften damage to the large tropical ecosystem alongside many other ecological improvements. This company too plans on expanding its operations to a total 38 plantations or roughly 14.300 employees.
Similarly we have the Foundland Corporation that employs roughly 20.000 Bailtemmers in over 25 of its plantations. They also announced plans to expand their operations with 9 new plantations by late 2023 which should account for another 3.250 employees on their vanilla, ginger & rubber plantations. Both companies entered the CBR in 2018.

Inside one of Parry Forest Products Ltd.'s tropical wood sawmill. Source: Parry Forest Products Ltd.

Controversially, a large sawmill company also started to operate in the CBR in 2016. Parry Forest Products Ltd. is a Sallodesian based sawmill company that once new laws came into action in Sallodesia to protect the local flora, it instead opted to move some of their operations to the CBR. Shifting its market share to plywood and tropical wood production of which the company has already established 3 & 5 factories respectively. With new plans to add an additional 4 factories, the company has come under hot feet again. The company however, re-iterates that it takes an enormous amount of factors into account. One of them is the careful monitoring of the CBR ecosystem on a yearly basis to evaluate their operations in accordance to a healthy natural balance. Focusing on higher lands as well as climate change makes it more hazardous for native flora to grow. Harvesting already doomed parts of forests instead of ones that could continue to produce O2 for centuries to come. In addition the company also offers unique work benefits and emphasizes on safety for all of its 4.000 employees.

Collins Groves’ Praseodymium grove near Yunbei, CBR. Source: Collins Groves.

The most controversial company that operates in the CBR is without a doubt Collins Groves. Established in 2016 after winning a lot to mine rare earth elements from the CBR government, the company continues to mine the REE Praseodymium near Yunbei. This massive operations employs roughly 12.000 employess who all benefit from increased safety compared to absent mining standards by the CBR legislation. The company does fuel the large REE mining market of the CBR, but it also aims to use its favourable perception by the CBR government to expand operations with two more groves. Negotiations are ongoing, but company officials are fairly confident that they’ll get the contract and help improve the mining standard in the nation by themselves. While many ecologists have cried out against the rhetoric of the company, it believes its mission will only help the world as it helps develop the CBR in a safe manner while also not granting REE exporting companies monopolies on the South Pacific market.

Some digging in the company’s accounting by third parties also confirmed that Bailtemmic employees under contract by Sallodesian companies receive higher wages compared to local norms by an average of 57,6%. When confronted about this revelation, company spokespersons voiced their wish to increase that number, but are deterred from doing so out of fear of their employees’ harassing by the CBR government. Fearing that an increase might push the CBR to oust them from the nation and halt all corporate operations on a short notice. Companies are thus positioning themselves between both the first world and third world to uplift as many as they can to a higher living standard.
While these companies have been under frequent public backlash, their partners and core customers understand their dreams of a more developed CBR. A lot people have also praised these companies for upholding outstanding ethical behaviour in an every shrouded environment. Knowing they might be barred from the country with barely any warning. Yet, they persevere to put the CBR on a path forward from the inside as it refuses help from the outside.

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News > Politics > Bailtem
Arnchow: Chungyuan Council brawls right after elections
By Meilin Zhu, 13th July 2022.

Dragon League members storm Kerbau Party members addressing Chungyuan Council. Source: The Voice of Chungyuan.

The recent provincial elections in the Chungyuan Province of Arnchow have created a string of brawls between the politicians. While the election itself merely solidified the current political landscape, politicians took a jab at each other nonetheless in the first session of the Chungyuan Council. When the Kerbau Party President, Tandoko Jianjun addressed the Council (Chungyaun’s unicameral legislature), some Dragon League (nationalist-populist) members jumped from their seats merely half a minute from the start of the speech. The sentence that provoked such a ruckus was voiced by Jianjun “Now that the people have come to their senses and left the Solidarity Union [social democrats] and the Dragon League to rot, the Metropolitan-Kerbau government will continue to bring Chungyuan to a bright future.” Immediately after those remarks, Jianjun was faced with heavy shouting from the Dragon League calling him a cash eating buffalo, while others called his remarks a big pile of buffalo feces. Most remarkable was the remark made by Councillor Tanardo Jianao (DL) “I’m not taking any sh*t from this decrepit mongrel! I’ll show you who’s the better party.”

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While such events are common place in the provincial politics of Chungyuan, so well known for such instances that it has gained the nickname the Arena within many internal & international political circles, it is the first time that the Council has a throw down within one minute after a government addressed the Council. In total 18 DL members faced off against 23 CKP members and security guards for roughly 5 minutes. It’s also wildly believed that the SU members would have joined in against Jianjun’s statement had they not been reduced to a 3 seats party and their former party leader, Bunaidi Huojin, resigned after the elections. The new SU party leader, Tanjaya Hualing, did however retort, stating “If this is how the government treats fellow democratically elected Councillors, then perhaps they are indeed full of buffalo sh*t.” She has since gained some following on social media and gained the nickname of the Red Tigress for her ferocious remarks against other Councillors.

Remarkably, the other major ruling party, the Metropolitan Alliance, has remained quiet over the matter. Party leader, Warren Marsh, remarked that “This is just part of Chungyuan politics at this point. Some politicians joke that this is a call for politicians to hit the gym so that they may give the better punch. Now of course the Metropolitan Alliance refrains from such activities as we’d rather focus on legislature like the businessmen that we are. Hopefully Mr. Jianjun will be able to refrain from provoking the opposition to brawl despite their recent losses.” The Metropolitan-Kerbau government will continue to govern the Chungyuan Council with an increase of 18 seats which gives the coalition a two thirds majority for the coming next five years.

However, the Chungyuan Rehabilitation Movement (greens) have also gained a sizable portion from the Solidarity Union, stealing away 22 seats in total. With the growing support for environmentalism in Arnchow, it is only a matter of time before the party becomes vocal again. When asked about the brawl however, party leader Talim Liwei merely affirmed that this incident is a culture she also wishes to tackle. While the Technocratic Coalition hasn’t lost any seats, they are disgruntled by the fact the the Metropolitan-Buffalo alliance has gained an absolute majority and will now no longer need votes from the Technocratic Coalition to pass some legislature which they see as a problem as they helped fine tune most of such legislation. With the Metropolitan-Buffalo Alliance reaffirmed, Chungyuan Province will continue its path of libertarian-liberalism governance with tensions likely to rise with rival city Jintzer.

[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Politics > World Forum
Speaker Segărceanu: a new era for the WF
By Lyra Shaw, 18th July 2022.

[Image: 6107befb260000dc8e524880.jpg]
Ambassador Tudor Segărceanu addressing the World Forum Assembly in his speech accepting the speakership. Source: PHOTO NEWS.

The World Forum has elected Stoinia to the position of a new Speaker of the Assembly and political experts are still shocked how a skeptical observer nation became the face of a revival of the World Forum in merely several weeks after the documentary The Stoinian Sloth aired. In a surprising turn of events, this documentary became a hit across South Pacifica around which nations have gathered behind to support a new & fresh wave of optimism to the World Forum. Their faith was well put as Stoinia came with a resolution proposal regarding joint operations to capture the Reizen Independent Movement terrorist group, merely days after its accession. Sallodesia as well came with a proposal on orbital security, signifying that both nations are optimistic of the capabilities of the World Forum. Perhaps something the institution needed after tensions rose with the Izaakian speakership and boycott of WF measures against Nicholas the Tyrant in Nicholas & Great Britain. As of recently, these tensions within the WF only heightened as the former Esfalsan Speaker announced that his nation would leave the WF.

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Segărceanu has held a warming speech in the Assembly and has promised and to pursue the institution’s ideals. He also emphasized his wish to work with all nations together to build a brighter future. Many from within and outside of the Assembly have praised the new Speaker for his vision and swift actions by bringing a resolution draft as well as bringing his nomination of Tavtid Lekmienn, a veteran of the WF and a former Speaker himself, so early into his mandate. The Sedunno-Stoinian friendship has now appeared in the halls of the Assembly in Grovne with the aims of showing the globe what true cooperation can bring to the table. Not all critics are as optimistic however, but even Stoinians took out to the streets to celebrate this historic event with both wine & beer drunk in the cafe’s, pubs & restaurants of Sinaia’s boulevards. Stoinia is once again looking towards a brighter future in unison. A clear sign that Pacifica’s situation will improve.

[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Politics > Cordillia
Secretary-General Noica to review Peo-Entente relations personally
By Meilin Zhu, 28th July 2022.

Gen. Noica at a press conference on Operation Harmony with a Sallodesian delegation. Source: The Hurdling Kybok.

As the civil war rages on in Denver and RIM forces have been sighted fighting along Nationalist forces, so too grows the Peocracy impatient. Wanting itself to be seen as the highest priority on the CE’s agenda, the Peocracy is heightening tensions with Gianatla as the Royal Premier hits back against the Gianatlan Defence Minister. This signal was clear to Secretary-General Gen. Noica. Although having accepted a visit to the Peocracy, classified war operations in the Bareland Theatre have been prioritized for the past few weeks. Secretary-General Noica has rightfully refused to comment on any military operations, but she has come forward with a decisive statement.
“It’s unfortunate how politicians sometimes chose to bicker over matters when things get hot. As we all known, the Reizen Independence Movement has been confirmed to operate in Spiras. This in turn required the necessary precautions to be taken. I hope the Peocracy can understand our careful position on the matter given the nuclear history of this terrorist organization. We urge the Peocracy to take these facts into consideration before making any harsh remarks. to any of our allies. With that said, the Joint Bareland Command has been brought up to speed and will be able to maintain the situation during my short leave. As well as many contingency plans should I need to be recalled back to the front. That being said, I will grant the Peocracy’s wish and visit them during this turbulent times as I intend to upheld my job as Secretary-General.”

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Huawan has been vocal the last few weeks about its relationship with the Concordia Entente and only worsened relations with Gianatla. Critics point at everyone. Some at Gen. Noica for not being able to handle two jobs at once or the CE at large for not properly delegating the two jobs while others point at Huawan’s statements and contradictory actions. Though Gen. Noica has proven to be a capable military leader and the CE continues to push back the Nationalists, it remains to be seen whether her first act as Secretary-General will be successful. Some critics fear for the coming discussions as they see Huawan has already taken a stance it won’t back down from nor that they fully understand the current predicament of the Concordia Entente as several high ranking Peonic officials have shown little regard to the CE’s overall operations. The future of Peo-Entente relations may perhaps lie in the hands of the fresh Secretary-General as a Keylian shark already is on the move to strengthen its own bonds with the Peocracy.

[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Politics > Bailtem > Sallodesia
Sallodesian Presidential race starts
By Ndebi Dimako, 27th July 2022.

Presidential candidates left to right: Connor Tanner (DLF), Jana Van Den Bergh (KL), Minata Kantao (PoNP), Tyler Burton (MftR!), Dameon Miller (TG).

The Sallodesian presidential campaigns have entered in full swing as the political parties have confirmed a total of five tickets. The first ticket consists of Connor Tanner (Democratic Liberty Front - DLF) & Akem Nzola (Sallodesian Liberal Party - SLP). These two government parties have banded together to create a ticket with a clear goal to further Sallodesia’s growing influence in the world. With their slogan of Sallodesia’s strength for the world, the duo aim to spread Sallodesian ideology to other nations across the South Pacific. They vehemently believe in the Muanko-Pretorius doctrine set forth in this last year by the Smith administration, further accelerated in the polls by the recent geopolitical developments in Crabry & Bareland. In contrast to the current administration, a potential Tanner administration would bring closer ties with the United States of Izaakia as Tanner admitted the World Forum was too slow to apprehend Nicholas the Tyrant and commended the Izaakian efforts. This has brought some criticism to him as he wishes to align Sallodesia more with the former mother nation, despite the aftermath of the intervention in N&GB. In addition, he has voiced his wish to expand the Sallodesian overseas military base network beyond Pacifica and has gained more support based on this promise. Current polls suggest a lead strong for the DLF-SLP alliance.

Unsurprisingly, the least favourite ticket is the alliance of the Technocratic Group & the Solidarity Union lead by candidates Dameon miller (TG) & Rebecca Brooks (SU). In a desperate attempt to regain political relevance after losing their seats in Congress in the 2020 & 2021 elections, the social-democrats are throwing everything to get a Vice-President under a Technocratic President. The fairly recent elections have shown that the SU’s political agenda has died off with the Sallodesian populace who have returned to their capitalist roots. The Miller-Brooks ticket aims to reform Sallodesia through scientific development to further the goals of the entire Sallodesian society. Despite the political irrelevance of their parties, the polls suggest a relatively high 5.34% of the votes thanks to the strong political presence of TG party leader Daemon Miller.

The March for the Republic! party is the only political party to have a solo ticket due to the political cordon against them. This party president’s, Tyler Burton, is aiming his shot at the presidency together with his close ally Hayden Woods at his side. Their campaign aims to Revive Sallodesia! in a vision of a Sallodesia during the times of the Bush War while taking a preemptive & militant stance against socialist & communist nations. To fund such policies, Burton has promised to expand the Sallodesian military’s expenditure by another 3% of the GDP, giving the Sallodesian military a potential budget of roughly $350 billion. Such an increase could shift the balance of power according to many political experts, but also pivot many nations against Sallodesia. Potentially alienating the country from the international community.

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Furthermore, the Agrarian Union & Party of National Preservation run on a campaign to strengthen Sallodesia from within. Make Sallodesia forever green! is the slogan of the Kantao-Ziestman ticket that aims to make Sallodesia an example to the international community. The potential presidency of Minata Kantao (PoNP) will aim to help expand renewable energies in Sallodesia, expanding the solar and hydro power infrastructure. With former Secretary of Agriculture & Environmental Protection, Tiaan Ziestman (AU) at her side, the duo aim to strengthen bonds with green nations around the South Pacifica. Most notably Phanama and the United States of Izaakia to fuel renewable energies while hoping to revolutionize the automobile sector in Sallodesia. With the growing support for the greens, this alliance has become popular among the younger populace in the city as well as many farmers in Transvendaal due to the AU’s strong input in the matters.

Lastly, the Sallodesian National Party (SNP) & the Kybok League (KL) were last to announce their ticket. In a surprise move they joined forces to create a joint front instead of their own ticket for this presidential race as many experts believed they would. However, the choice to await their announcement has paid off as the two parties have banded forces behind a strong contender, incumbent Secretary of Agriculture & Environmental Protection, Jana Van Den Bergh (KL). The radical right-leaning centrist has chosen to work together with Tinyiko Makasela (SNP), a veteran Secretary of State in the first administration of incumbent President Smith. The President himself has also voiced his support for this ticket and all parties have stated that they share the same vision for Sallodesia and that in many ways, a Van Den Bergh administration would continue the path forward set by President Smith and especially the Muanko-Pretorius doctrine with Van Den Bergh stating that she’d like to continue to work with the two individuals into her own presidency. Currently the polls suggest an uncertain second place, but Van Den Bergh is an adamant believer in Sallodesia as her campaign slogan shouts: Believe in Sallodesia! This message aims to bring all Sallodesians together in a united front to face the problems of the world through pragmatic policies. It remains unknown if this ticket will be able to topple the strong DLF-SLP ticket, but that might change as the election campaigns continue during the summer.

[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Tech > Aerospace
Casarius reveals plans to reach Tyr
By Abram Murani, 4th August 2022.

Design concept of the CSV Resolute, the spacecraft that is planned to bring humans to Tyr. Source: Casarius Industries.

Casarius Industries, a large aerospace conglomerate has revealed their revised design concept of their manned exploration mission to Tyr. The large company is subsidized by multiple private space companies from around the globe, most notably Stoic Aerospace, Sheridan Aerospace Industries & Imperium Company. The ambitious company is determined to be among the first to set foot on Tyr and has pooled together from space companies all across Pacifica. Creating a large think tank with experts, engineers and scientists near the Reynolds Space Center north of the Sallodesian metropolitan city of Bulowayo. The conference was held by CEO Andrew Cernan in the company’s headquarters in Bulowayo. The conference was live-streamed on the internet and roughly 8.000 officials & fans attended the conference. While Casarius is renowned for their place in the efforts to explore space, this has become the height of their ambitions up until now. Not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of engineering and technological feats. As critics in the 60’s proclaimed we’d never reach Maxima, 70 years later the voyage to Tyr might become a reality after all.

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In total the project is set to skyrocket well into the billions, but the company remains optimistic in their efforts to create an interplanetary spaceport to explore the red planet. Having launched multiple satellite missions to scan Tyr and look for useful resources that will facilitate space travel back to Pacifica. Plans to send habitation modules are also in the works and set to launch in the near future. Making a strong case for a continuous space travel and pushing other space exploring institutions such as the Izaakian Cosmos or the paramount CPSC, on their heels in the race to Tyr. Shareholders too have voiced their support, garnering more worldwide attention to the race to Tyr.

The vessel will consist of multiple modules to complete its mission. The spacecraft will consist of a rotating habitation module for the long space travel, multiple research modules and drilling equipment as well as a manned rover for surface excursions. The spacecraft is set to become one of the first true interplanetary vessels hosting botanical gardens and an artificial gravity ring. Furthermore, Casarius showcased the application of knowledge from its various shareholders from new engine design, to robotic arms to repair the spacecraft in events of emergencies as well as botanical farms from Stoic Aerospace. With knowledge from its shareholders the enormous Port Tyr project of the company to create an everlasting spaceport on Tyr is determined to push the boundaries of Mankind as well as the role of corporations in spaceflight.

[Image: Zimbron-Republic-Ultimate-Final.png]
News > Culture > Cinema
Top Jet: Maverick, the unexpected masterpiece
By Sehla Thabit, 4th August 2022.

Tom Hunter at the movie’s premiere in Meshan, Myria, on 27th May as well as a promotional poster. Source: PHOTO NEWS.

Tom Hunter might very well be Sallodesia’s most recognizable movie star of all time. Time and time again has the actor proven to go above and beyond to prove himself to Pacifica’s worldwide cinema. Doing incredible stunts in the Operation Impossible franchise and now he jumps back into the cockpit. However, it should be noted that this time, Tom Hunter enters a real cockpit of a real SF-19. Truly, there’s no stopping this man as he even celebrated his sixtieth birthday recently. A month after the movie’s premiere, the world has grown to love the seemingly undesired sequel to the famous Top Jet film from the eighties. Many were surprised to hear a sequel was in the making and even Tom Hunter repeatedly said Top Jet didn’t need a sequel. However, the movie has become a Pacifica wide succes. The movie has grossed roughly $1.28 billion and truly blazed away the expectations of both the makers themselves and the critics. Nor does the audience show any sign of holding back to relish this modern masterpiece in theaters as they continue to be sold out in both Bailtem & Cordillian markets. Without a doubt, Tom Hunter and director Joseph Kersey have surpassed any expectations getting back to basic storytelling, showing modern cinema that strength lies in their roots.

What makes Top Jet: Maverick so special though, is the respect it shows towards the legacy of the original. Not by making Maverick a disgruntled old man struggling with his identity, but by continuing to expand on the established characters. From Tom Hunter’s Capt. Ethan “Maverick” Merrifield still being the same one we came to love in the original, but now becoming more mature as an instructor for a new generation, to Miles Terry performance as Edward “Rooster” Walden, the son of the famous character and Maverick’s old co-pilot Goose. The wide cast truly have earned to be ranked among the A-list actors of Pacifica. What is perhaps less known, is how these actors followed courses in a three month “boot-camp” to get acquainted with the tips & tricks of high-speed flights, especially high G-tolerance. For these actors were to all sit inside the cockpit with Tom Hunter to help guide them as the actor has earned his pilot licence over the past few years. Putting themselves through tenuous training and acceleration forces which - according to the cast - cannot be replicated unless it’s truly authentic. In addition, the actors were required to direct themselves with the help of new movie technology to film inside the cockpit. The effort and professionalism of this cast translates enormously well to the big screen as we feel together in the cockpit with them.

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Tom Hunter during an action scene in the movie. Source: Durling Bros Inc.

Another aspect of this film that is the genuine authenticity that comes with a Tom Hunter film. In this day and age where CGI become more and more widespread, actors lose the chance to experience unique experiences to bring to the audience. Maverick however, chooses to be as authentic as possible. Every scene in the SF-19’s is real without any post-processing trickery. Granted the actors were not allowed to pilot the actual planes by the Sallodesian Navy - as the $18.000 per hour contract also explicitly prohibited Tom Hunter from gaining controls - the mixture of new technology and partially self-directing actors really tricks the audience into believing otherwise. The aerial stunts of this film are unlike any other movie thanks to a collaboration with the aerial filming company FilmJet.

The musical score by the Almanic Sallodesian Hans Sauer is also the perfect cherry on top for this movie. Bringing the original’s theme into the modern era through the magnificent Sauer machine while also collaborating with the renowned Myrian singer Miray. The music itself is another worthy addition to the track record of the artists. All in all, Top Jet: Maverick is a modern masterpiece that definitely should be viewed in theaters for an unforgettable film experience and “feel the need for speed” to quote the original. Both critics & fans have come together behind this movie and all of Pacifica should enjoy this big screen experience at least once!

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News > Lifestyle > Magazine
Miray set to tour Frastinia
By Sehla Thabit, 5th August 2022.

Miray performing on ShowBizz Tonight with Hali. Source: ShowBizz Tonight with Hali.

Miray, one of Pacifica’s most renowned singers, has announced her plans to tour the Frastinian nations at a late night talk show. Miray was invited on ShowBizz Tonight with Hali, a popular nightly showbizz talks show in Myria, and talked about various topics. From her career to her fashion, Miray talked extensively on the show. Revealing that her new tour around Frastinia is getting ready to start later this spring. She said that despite most of her fan-base being based in Bailtem, she still has considerable popularity in Cordillia as well despite the lack of visits to the region. Especially the Frastinian nations have grown more fond of Miray who hopes to entertain her fans there with a ray of sunshine from Myria.

The show host also asked about her fans in other places as well like the United States of Izaakia and Huawan. Miray announced that after her tour she’ll likely give a small tour in Huawan as well, but talks are still in the works. As for Keylian Izaakia, her fan-base has been growing and would like to to tour there as well. Though she admitted it might get a bit cold for her down there. It remains to be seen whether she will have enough time to visit Izaakia as well as she is also part of the jury on the Voice of Myria and production will start after her tours. Though she doesn’t write off a tour in Izaakia in the near future.

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Miray on the Myrian beaches last summer wearing a Stoinian fashioned summer jumpsuit. Source: Instaglam.

The young thirty year old Myrian singer also opened up about a her collaboration with the Myrian Ministry of Tourism to create a tourism spot. Miray could be seen dancing & singing on the Myrian beaches and hope her growing fame would help to boost visits to Myria. Or as she calls it, the Sunshine of the Mediterranean. So far the spot seems to have increased attention as hotels reveal an increase in reservations, particularly from Frastinian states. Miray hopes she can help people around Pacifica escape in her songs as tensions have seemingly arisen in the past few months. Just like Myria, she hopes to remain a neutral force that can play an active role in defusing tensions. In that spirit, she performed her newest MyPop single Ahi Qayto or This Summer on the emphasize her hopeful message.

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News > Lifestyle > Foods
Five Myrian dishes every tourist should try
By Sehla Thabit, 2nd August 2022.

A picture of variety dishes of Myrian cuisine. Source: House of Rashin.

Myrian cuisine is well known to be vibrant and relishes unique Mediterranean flavours to all who taste it. From meaty kabobs to bitter spices, Myria is admired across Pacifica for its cuisine and rightfully so. For few nations have managed to create such a lively cuisine through tradition while still adapting to modern times. Blending with other Pacifican cuisines from Berustrug to Huawan. Today we’ll look at five traditional dishes every tourist must try while on vacation. From Meridan’s metropolitan skyscrapers to Meshan’s alluring avenues, the best flavours you’ll taste are right around the corner.

Arak enab with yoghurt sauce. Source: Instaglam.

First up, we have a favourite among among the Stoinians: arak enab. This small dish is typically served as a small aperitif before the main dish. Similar to the Tarnian sarmale, the recipe consists of grape leaves instead of cabbage leaves. Inside the grape leaves we have the real meat which typically is lamb within Myrian cuisine, though pork & beef have also become acceptable substitute. Don’t worry fasting & vegans, because special fasting variants exist as well! Be it for your faith or you wish to limit your carbon footprint, Myrian tradition has your back. Aside from various sauces, the real dish is only completed with laban yoghurt to bring this dish to maximum culinary heights.

Pilaf, one of Myria’s most widely used side dishes. Source: Instglam.

No main dish is complete without a good side dish and Myria has the perfect answer! I present you the pilaf, super staple of Mediterranean cuisine to spruce up your dishes. This mixture of rice and fried vermicelli together with various spices accompanies any meat dish with ease. Let it also be known that world cuisine has used pilaf in a lot of fusion. Mixing it with flavours from Huawan & Izaakia such as curry. Truly, there’s no stopping the culinary evolution of pilaf!

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Manakish, the Myrian pizza. Source: House of Rashin.

Manakish, hmmmm! The Myrian pizza is unlike any other. This bread is topped with everything from thyme, sesame seeds, olive oil, sumac and dried tomatoes, bringing a unique taste for every breakfast. Waking up has never been so tasteful. If one thing is for certain, is that every Myrian restaurant serves these as it has become a popular aperitif eaten alongside cucumbers & tomatoes.

Falafel, the most popular vegetarian & vegan alternative in Myrian cuisine. Source: House of Rashin.

Don’t worry veggies & vegans, our renowned falafel is here to save the day. A renowned street food nowadays, falafel originally came into existence as a substitute during fasting. These crispy balls of mashed chickpeas mixed with herbs is the perfect alternative for any meats. Who says only meat can be protein-rich? Falafel is a strong contender to prove otherwise as the vegetarian communities of Pacifica come to worship this Myrian dish.

Knafeh, a cheesy Myrian pastry. Source: Instaglam.

Finally we end our dishes with nothing else but desert. Knafeh is Myria’s favourite sugary cheese pastry smothered in orange blossom syrup. Cheese, sugar and butter will certainly become your best friends after trying some knafeh. What gives this dish their exhilarating look? The spun pastry kataifi that is layered on the outside to acquaintance your taste buds with something entirely new. With that, we come to our conclusion of our Myrian dishes. I don’t know about you, but my mouth is already watering from writing this article. Enjoy our dishes during your next vacation in Myria.

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News > Politics > Bailtem > Sallodesia
Presidential candidate Van Den Bergh announces foreign plans
By Ndebi Dimako, 5th August 2022.

Presidential candidate Jana Van Den Bergh at a rally in Randburg. Source: Van Den Bergh For President.

Presidential candidate Jana Van Den Bergh announced her international plans during a really in yesterday’s rather chilly evening in her native state of Transvendaal. Specifically in the city of Randburg which lies right next to Sallodesia’s eastern border. Choosing a symbolic place to announce her plans for the neighbouring country see as well instead of communicating through the metropolitan city of Bulowayo which has been used by other candidates to announce their international plans. Many have welcomed this change as it puts Sallodesian farmer - and thus different aspects of Sallodesia as a whole - right on the international stage. Making new promises not only to the world, but Sallodesia as well.

“I believe in Sallodesia and its ideals.” She started her speech. “What Sallodesia stands for is unity and cooperation. Ideals which seem to corrode in this day and age in the world. We Sallodesians however… Still uphold them. President like Blanc may say that their nations are superior by how they perceive their national identity as being environmentally engaged, but truth be told, we Sallodesians know the Zaakies all too well.” She said using a common term for Izaakians in the Kosbaran communities. “Blanc may spend her time parading Izaakia as a good-willed nation, but their actions walk a different line. Let alone her recent attacks against the noble monarch of Pacifica such as Empress Hestia, King Andrei & the host the Peony, during the Government Island Summit.” Retorting against the recent remarks made by the Izaakian President. “It’s therefore that I say this now, that what defines us Sallodesians is our unrelenting spirit to change the world for good. To be Sallodesian is to be worthy of the name. Sit nomine digna. To live by our ideals of progress. For the past decades, Sallodesians from every corner of Pacifica & of every creed have come together to build a brighter and everlasting future for that nation. A dream that is now slowly on its way to make land on Tyr! For that I’m glad to have been apart of that change as the Secretary of Agriculture & Environmental Affairs, but now comes a new page. Sallodesia has never been stronger. Our focus on ourselves has yielded new heights, but recent events have taught us that we can no longer abide and stand aside as the world shifts for the worse. I therefore wish to continue the past doctrine set by my colleagues Muanko & Pretorius and of course President Smith. Their efforts to forge partnerships across Pacifica to secure peace & prosperity is something that we must continue. We cannot let the world destroy itself. It would be against our very ideals as Sallodesian to stand idly by. I can promise you that Sallodesia will not stop working economically with nations around Pacifca. I will not stop forging strategic alliances to secure humanitarian efforts. I will not turn down any nation that shares our ideals and wishes to cooperate with us. Sallodesia is here to stay. 'Cause we’re all Sallodesians and we’ll fight through thick and thin. And this land and all its people will never disappear. From these shores of the mighty Zambezi, to the peak mount Mauna Hina, we Sallodesians will never surrender.” She finished by paraphrasing lyrics from the popular Bush War song Sallodesians Never Die by Carlton Edmond as the crowd cheered.

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“I also believe that we should strengthen bonds with our allies. Both old and new. Our cooperation with our Entente allies will only strengthen our resolve, but they aren’t the only ones. I believe Sallodesia needs to also work closer with our more distant partners. Andrendia, Kliegme, Livana, Rijykas, Berusturg and of course no Transvendaler would dare to forget Kosbareland.” She joked amongst her fellow Transvendalers. “These nations have shown a willingness to work with us and we must continue such partnerships. We already work together with them economically and military while taking the needs of our planet into consideration. Though many are worried about our military presences and what it would mean for the host nations… However, I have a vision. One in which these nations are treated as equals and we will work to guarantee protection. One needs to only look at Livana to see a partner worth protecting. I believe that for such nations, Sallodesia needs to guarantee their independence!” She finally exclaimed at the height of her speech.

Furthermore, Van Den Bergh also expressed her plans to limit foreign influence on Sallodesia’s energy grid by expand hydro-power centrals across the many rivers of the nation. Making Sallodesia stand strong on it own and set an example to combat climate change. It is clear that a Van Den Bergh administration will play a more active role than previous administrations. While the other candidates have shown similar interests, though fundamentally different approaches, Van Den Bergh is the first to voice a resolute course on an nation. She later clarified that such guarantees wouldn’t be cheaply given and that it would be looked at case by case. Though she has stated that she wishes to uphold her example she gave about Livana. The small island nation in the Mediterranean has proven to be a willing partner and she wishes to guarantee the safety & liberty of the ally. Several Izaakian officials as well as other presidential candidates have criticized such plans as neo-colonialism, but Van Den Bergh remains adamant that such partnerships are to be build on equal values and not dominance. “Something the United States of Izaakia simply doesn’t care to even accept as possible.” She voiced her opinions on Sallodesia’s mother nation. Instead putting the Entente & CMEC as organizations she wishes to strengthen as they are built on values of cooperation despite member having differences. A Van Den Bergh Sallodesia will aim to maintain and expand the current geopolitical status in the South Pacific.

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How Sallodesia reversed its river from drying up
By Emilia Carter, 8th August 2022.

Irrigated fields near Esden. Source: Secretary of Agriculture & Environmental Protection.

Climate change has become a hot topic over the last decade. While other remain skeptical about the impacts, the facts are undeniable. As we expect rivers to run drier, one nation has seemingly defied that fate. Sallodesia has succeeded to prevent its rivers drying up thanks to innovative and timely intervention. Back in 1972, the Secretary of Agriculture reported how the rivers had shrunken and started to affect crop yields. Sallodesia is heavily dependent of its rivers as they form both an important infrastructure and fuels its breadbasket. Secretary Pienaar at the time mobilized the government to subsidize many farmers to build irrigation systems and the plan worked for the next decades as the irrigation systems kept the rivers waters fairly stable. The Sallodesian irrigation system industry has since grown exponentially into one of the world’s most prominent competitors. The irrigation systems helped conserve the many river waters of Sallodesia, though climate change would continue and inevitably the rivers would start drying up again as reports came in 2005.

Sallodesia would since try to combat this with various experimental projects such as complex water plans, expanding irrigation canals and even pumping desalinated waters back into the rivers. These efforts offered mixed results, but were able to stall the rivers from drying up exponentially. For roughly another decade, the Sallodesians fought with experimental technologies to combat a seemingly impossible task. Climate change would however proved unyielding as temperatures began to rise. However, things would begin to change with President Smith’s election and Secretary Van Den Bergh’s appointment to the Secretary of Agriculture & Environmental Protection in 2014. The birth of the Sallodesia Forever Green programme.

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The Crassaware between Port Hudson & Hurtlebush. Source: Secretary of Agriculture & Environmental Protection.

Jana Van Den Bergh had grown up in Transvendaal and was well acquainted with the preservation efforts of the Kosbarans. While various conservation efforts continued with slightly lesser funding, her administration changed focus to planting trees. For decades the Kosbaran farmers had planted trees near their fields as to fix the water within their soil. As climate change worsened, the farmers were forced to plant more of these trees. Van Den Bergh’s plans were to broaden the tree lines across the rivers. The Secretary amassed a nationwide force of tree-growers and small aviation companies. As they collected the many seeds of native trees such as most notably acacia, baobab & mukamba trees, these seeds were then put on aircraft with the help of newly engineered distribution systems. Then these pilots flew on the edge of the treeline alongside rivers early in the wet seasons, dropping of millions of tree seeds, and awaited for these trees to grow. This would then be repeated next year as the treeline had now moved. Although geographic locations sometimes inhibited these plans, this was done as much as possible over the Smith’s administration and now reports have shown that Sallodesia’s rivers have even slightly widened, paying off nearly a decade of intensive conservation efforts.

“Sometimes the best ideas are not the most over-engineered or complex ones, but rather the ones with traditional roots. These techniques have been used in Kosbareland and the Kosbarans in Sallodesia. However, it is here in Sallodesia that we applied that knowledge on such a large scale. Protecting our systems, wildlife while balancing it with our other industries. Sallodesia stands as an example to Pacifica that when people work together, we can revert our problems.” Said Secretary Van Den Bergh in 2019 during an interview. Today, Van Den Bergh continues to say that her administration will continue with these efforts to not only preserve Sallodesia’s river waters, but to also expand its wildlife in the process with the Crassaware river standing as an example to bewildering efforts. Restoring biomes to reintroduce the Zimbron back into Sallodesia’s wilderness.

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Sallo-Izaakian economic ties strengthen following President Blanc’s state visit
By Lyra Shaw, 8th August 2022.

President George D. Smith at the press conference. Source: PHOTO NEWS.

Following the Government Island Summit, Izaakian President Dr. Stella Blanc took a detour after unification day to the former colony. Relations with the former motherland have grown more tense due to differences in politics and international affairs. However, President Smith accepted Blanc’s request to ease tensions. The two met in the Presidential palace in Salisbury and discussed many topics. Sallodesia turned to its entrepreneurial spirit to agree with the like-minded Izaakians on several to facilitate trade. Such were the agreements to implement a new system between BIX and the New Make Stock Exchange to beta test a new software to allow trade between the two nations’ largest exchanges as part of the GR8. The two heads of states also agreed on several tariff changes, most notably lowered tariffs on Izaakian wood and Sallodesian meats. Additionally, Sallo-Izaakian companies who operate in both nations may now choose under which country’s taxation system they operate. Furthermore, the new generation of Sallodesian warships will be constructed with propulsion engines by Sainz Engineering and the nuclear reactors by Zephyrus Power.

Multiple companies from both nations have also announced their plans to pivot to these new deals. Sallodesian companies have voiced numerous plans to help expand New Mako’s 35 by 35 plan and bring work opportunities to the expanding city. Grant Steaks & KyGrill have announced they’ll build multiple restaurants around the city as well as fast food chains within malls, bringing these world famous food chains down to Keyli. Even the beer giant Theunissen Breweries announced they’d build a beer brewery in New Mako as well, hoping to expand its market in Keyli with a wide assortment of beers. The Sallodesian agricultural sector will also join in Valtrecht Growers, Foundland Corporation and Vermeulen Vineyards voiced their interest to cooperate with Aqaba Supermarkets to provide food products to their distribution network. From the software industry, the gaming titan Blue Skies Entertainment has announced they’ll also open a branch office on New Mako as it wishes to capitalize on the cosmopolitan nature of the city to attract talent from all over the world to their company. To support the tourism sector of New Mako, Houghton Hotels & Denon Resorts will open a total of a dozen of hotels across the many areas of the city. Lastly, Kybok Express, Sallodesia’s largest private courier, will enter the Keylian market as Polestar Shipping will enter its home market.

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Izaakian companies as well have shown interest to expand into Sallodesia. Most notably is Glacier Corp opening three pharmaceutical research centers in Bulowayo, Port Hudson & Peoria, bringing world benchmark pharmaceuticals to Sallodesia. Izea as well has announced twelve more stores to opened around the country. The famous Badger Chocolate Company as well will expand with two sites in Port Hudson & Carlchester. Wok Around the Clock will also expand its chain in Sallodesia across all cities. Pinetree Drinks & Angelo Beverages also announced they will expand their spirits distribution into the Sallodesian market. In the technological sector, Taiga & Glacé Technology will launch new branch offices in Bulowayo to administer to the Bailtem market. All in all, the Sallo-Izaakian commerce is set to take a new and lasting course to strengthen both nations further.

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Sunrise Triad lavishes in jacuzzi’s
By Carla Zanga, 12th August 2022.

A luxurious backyard jacuzzi that has become popular in many households. Source: Illustrious Spa.

A niche market has gone seemingly under the radar the past decade that also has boomed since the founding of CMEC. With the increase in wealth, more and more households have been able to proliferate their standards of living. However more and more households, particularly in suburban areas, have chosen a specific luxury that was previously only deemed for the richest of the nations in the past decades: jacuzzi’s. Myrian & Sallodesian companies - most notable among them Illustrious Spa, Mediterranean Dynasty Spa, SunTub and Carlson’s Backyard - have increased their market size as their competition lead to more affordable products. Although not all households have jacuzzi’s over 3 meters in length, smaller products have seen an increase with over 4.000 jacuzzi’s sold throughout the Sunrise Triad in the past three months.

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Smaller jacuzzi’s in particular have become a popular alternative to more expensive pools with a small hot tub being available at $6.800. The middle class has come to relish these products to spice up their homes as well as provide a healthy relaxation. Truly, the jacuzzi has become a staple of the middle class and it looks like CMEC will become a larger market for these companies to sell their products. However, as they expand into CMEC members and gain more fame, the companies also aim to launch more worldwide marketing campaigns such as Backyard bubbles & Patio comfort. Luxury products are becoming more widespread and the Sunrise Triad is setting an example of what a well functioning capitalist system can accomplish for all Pacificans.

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News > Culture > Discover Pacifica
Capybaras depose cats in popular culture & set to reform new laws
By Sehla Thebat, 19th August 2022.

A group of capybaras being petted by a child in Tian’chuan. Source: The Voice of Chungyuan.

Capybaras have seemingly taken over the internet by storm these last few days. These animals may Pacifica’s largest rodents, but they’ve been fairly unknown up until now. However, internet culture has taken an extra interest with the upcoming animated movie Cara the Capybara 2: Cara at the Crassaware and since footage has appeared of tourists hugging & petting these animals in Tian’chuan, Arnchow. Especially the younger generations on the internet have taken a keen interest in these extremely docile animals making video compilations of capybaras chilling in a tub filled with oranges alongside a song popularized by meme culture. Calling for similar introduction programs that have been brought in Chungyuan as joint program with Sallodesia. The program originally was set to combat an invasive grass species which the capybaras would target specifically. Though some capybaras have migrated along the river shores, the majority of the introduced population has chosen to stay near the large city. Bringing a new calmness to the otherwise turbulent province.

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A capybara couple enjoying their own bath tubs in Crasmere. Source: Stream.

The capybara influence has grown so much over these past days, that Qwerty has confirmed that Stream will host capybara emoji’s and multiple nations are looking to even legalize pet ownership of capybaras. The Sallodesian federal government has voiced their interest to increase capybara pet ownership, but will impose certain restrictions to prevent wild capybaras being abducted as well as to ensure the well-being of each capybara. Some Sallodesian states have already legalized capybara ownership and these will likely form the basis for any national legislature. So the capybara pet business is certainly looking to have a bright near-future as these calm animals have some unique merits. The international market might also be looking for these animals a some politicians within the Chungyuan Council have also voiced their interest in legalizing ownership. This capybara trend shows just how much influence the internet can exert as well as how fast they can change the world.