The Pan-Terran League

The Pan-Terran League

The Terran Legacy (flag) symbolises two hands protruding from a united front holding the ancestral Terran homeworld.

The Pan-Terran League is a political & economical alliance of multiple star nations in Sector A1-0. Originally the brainchild Stoinian High Chancellor John Philip Sheridan & High King Andrei III Casarion, the idea to unite Terran star nations under a collaborative banner took form during the Disclosure of the Sector in Stoinian history.
It’s most notably known for its defensive clauses, free trade & migration agreements between member states. In addition, the project is also widely accredited to stabilise the history Weissersteiner-Dovian feud.

During the Disclosure of the Sector, the Stoinian Star Kingdom was in search of fellow Terran brethren to form alliances with. While initial diplomatic talks with the Ryccian Empire & the Drakari Celestial Imperium proved more difficult than initially expected, the Stoino-Weissersteiner first contact on 12/06/1619 PD [2 BBT] lead by Commodore Cosmin Tăriceanu proved more than fruitful as initial diplomatic relations were formed with both the Weissersteiner Empire & the Dovian Star Confederation.

On 15/09/1619 [2 BBT], the Stoinian royal couple & High Chancellor’s tour arrived on Weisserstein returning from a state visit to the Ryccian Empire on its way to the Treecuu Star Empire. A large economic agreement is signed allowing for free movement of capital & goods between the two star nations’ citizens.

The same agreement would be reciprocated by the Dovian Star Confederation with the arrival of High Legates Klaus Bechtel Darion Ward respectively to Weisserstein & Dovia on 8/11/1620 PD [1 BBT]. Following their work, a trilateral non-aggression pact was signed and saw to dissolution of the Weissersteiner-Dovian border on 15/03/1620 PD [1 BBT]. The idea of a trilateral alliance between the three large star nations first formed during these talks.

On 24/07/1620 PD [1 BBT], the Pan-Terran League is officially established as the 53rd & 54th Star Corps under High Admirals Karsten Klopfer, Duke of Freilassing, & Abdul Waahid el-Naderi respectively arrived in the Weissersteiner Empire & Dovian Star Confederation. A large ceremony was held within the Beacon of Terra in Coltellia, officially known as Columna Telli (Latin: Pillar of Earth), a city built on Weisserstein as the central hub of the Terran alliance at the Kohring Cliff.
There the various star nations, including the two new Stoinian protected states of the Kezimite Kingdom & the Dunedari Free-Standings, celebrated their various forms of humanity in lavish ceremonies. Most important was the Proclamation of the League in which all heads of state & government made a joint statement as they signed the treaties.

High Chancellor Sheridan with the Weissersteiner Kaiser during the Proclamation of the League.

Although driven to unite the Terrans within Sector A1-0, the League remains amicable towards most xeno species. Additionally, it views members with a terran population to some degree as candidates regardless whether they are a minority or majority.

Its main belief is to prevent Terran star nations from fighting amongst themselves and form a united people across the stars. Its methods may vary, but the doctrine of the League is to incentivise membership first through economic collaboration from which all other forms of collaboration derive from.

Agreements of the League contain free trade agreements, free movement of capital, free movement of citizens. Additionally, the member states also work together culturally through various exchange programs and technological development projects to synergise the Terran economies.

The headquarters of the League are situated in the Free City of Colstellia on Weisserstein which was built purposefully for League operations. It serves as the major diplomatic hub & trade centre for member states as well as for cultural & technolgocial projects.
Built on top of Kohring Falls, the city remains a marvel of engineering as it survives the eternal flow of the Salzach river. It symbolises the endurance of the Terran species throughout its history as well as the promise to reach new heights through collaboration. It’s central spire, the Beacon of Mankind, serves as the centre-point of the city in which the headquarters of the League are located.

Coltellia on the Kohring Cliff on Weisserstein.


Member state Membership
Dovian Star Confederation Founding Member
Dunedari Free-Standings Founding Member
Kezimite Kingdom Founding Member
Stoinian Star Kingdom Founding Member
Weissersteiner Empire Founding Member