[2 BBT] Lion to Lion

 The Stoinian High King had sent an escort to assess a state visit with the Ryccian government. The cultures were vastly different, but the High King had taken steps to chart a new path for the Star Kingdom. One in which it wouldn’t have to rely solely on its swords as it has over the past millenium. A path the Ryccian government would hopefully reciprocate, but it remained uncertain still whether the Ryccians would sway aside their cultural shock so easily.
 The Royal Escort was sent to cross the Void between the Thoov Mandate of the Treecuu Star Empire and the Ryccian Empire. Yet a week before, a squadron was dispatched to scout the way ahead and identify potential star nations to establish trade routes to Ryccia. History had taught the Stoinians cautiousness of unknown space, yet the profits of a potential Ryccian alliance far outweighed any dangers conceived by Stoinian governance. The pride of the Astral Lion ran through Stoinians from all walks of life. Soon… Another nation would come face to face with the lion. Though whether it was friend or prey was unclear. An inhabited planet was chosen after High Command identified that a star nation was indeed present north of the Thoov Mandate. Triglav Squadron was sent to investigate, assess this new star nation and initiate contact at the planet.

13:45 shiptime, 12/06/1619 PD
Unknown space, 16 LY out of the Thoov Mandate.
HMS Sword of Riuliv, Triglav Squadron, 12th Fleet

HMS Sword of Riuliv, a Thedyria-class cruiser, around the inhabited colony world.

 - “Skipper, we have arrived .08 AU from the designated planet.” replied the helmsman.
 - “Order the squadron to move into low orbit. I want to barely touch the atmosphere so that we may grace them with our presence.” Commodore Cosmin Tăriceanu ordered from his chair. Next, he turned over his right shoulder. “Comms, are we ready to transmit our message?”
 - “Affirmative, Skipper. Universal matrix is working perfectly, including the Treecuu & Ryccian databases.” replied the comms Lieutenant.
 - “Good. Prepare to record.” Commodore Tăriceanu replied as he stood up and straightened his gilded charcoal uniform.
 Commodore Tăriceanu was frustrated with the recent changes in first-contact protocols. The Rascal Incident had taught that the previous showcase of Stoinian historic wars could be detrimental to the Star Kingdom’s reputation. Commodore Tăriceanu believed in the traditional Stoinian way of instilling fear into unknown xenos populations. Or at least it would be more beneficial to Stoinian expansionism according to him. The inhabited planet they were orbiting had been chosen as their primary contact point and was no different a target to announce the coming of the Lion in Tăriceanu’s ideal world. The thirty-two year old Siranian officer from Tinari had served under Ol’ Blood & Guts himself during the Third Mardakii Crusade. He had his own Mardaki mantle & claw knife which he proudly wore at ceremonies. Like High Admiral Chekov, he viewed the Star Kingdom’s rule over the stars as uncontested with divine right. Time & time again the Void threw everything it had against the Star Kingdom and each time Terran zeal prevailed.
 Nonetheless, Tăriceanu was but a mere sword of the Star Kingdom. Where the hand commanded, there so would strike the sword. There was no room for error, especially if His Majesty, High King Andrei III, had ordered it directly. Still in awe of having met the High King, Tăriceanu decided to transfer some of that aura in his speech.
 Proudly he stood before the camera. Though without his white beret which was the Navy’s symbol of the commanding officer. He figured that if there was a threat looming in front of him, he’d allow his enemy to see his full face. Should they be friends, he hoped it would humanise him. His thick hair & goatee were trimmed to perfection and were as black as the void at which he stared.
 - “Start transmission.”
 The communications Lieutenant gave him her signal. This was it. No turning back, he was the entire Star Kingdom right now. He grabbed the sash around his waist with his right hand and tightly gripped his sword with his left.
 - “By the order of His Majesty, King Andrei Casarion, third of His name, High King of the Stoinians, Lord Sovereign of the Stoinian Spirit, Warden of Heavens, Gerent of the Lion Throne, Custodian of Star Roar, Sword of Terra & Protector of Mankind, I, Commodore Cosmin Tăriceanu, wish to extend His Masjety’s wishes to formalise relations with your nation. We come in peace to establish trade routes to the Ryccian Empire. I repeat we come in peace, but we will defend ourselves with divine zeal should you challenge us. We urge you to choose the path of reason and await your answer. End transmission.”

Commodore Cosmin Tăriceanu during the transmission.

 With that, the transmission was sent towards the planet in all Terran languages known to the Stoinian Star Kingdom, Ryccian Empire & Drakari Celestial Imperium accompanied by their xeno languages as well. Yet the squadron showed no will to stop its approach towards the planet for now. Their intentions were spoken, but Commodore Tăriceanu wanted to send a message as well that they were not to be trifled with.


Kyrenland System, Weissersteiner Empire

The city of Brennenburg was perhaps one of the largest city in Weisserstein’s galactic frontier. It was certainly the largest in the Kyrenland, though unsurprising considering any settlements outside of Brennenburg aren’t exactly large in size or population. Settlement efforts have been made to colonize the surprisingly unpopulated plains since Kyrenland’s integration some 150 years ago.

Among the descendants of these colonists was a certain Albrecht, the Governor-General of the Kyrenland system. Serving since 5 BBT, Albrecht was the first Governor-General of Kyrenland who was born there, albeit to colonist parents. His efforts to expand the planet from being another one of Weisserstein’s frontier worlds into a beacon of Weissersteiner civilization had seen steady progress at least in Brennenburg and its surrounding towns. But the unpopulated plains outside, sparsely inhabited by the native Kirins, shows that much work still needs to be done. Albrecht’s policies of easing settlers to migrate to Kyrenland has turned it into a boomtown, so to speak.

The Governor-General however was also afraid of what lies beyond his system. He fears that a possible aggressive force could appear and wipe out his home and people, the things he hold dear. With this, he had also enacted policies of increasing the planets security and defense forces, as well as getting his hands on new military equipment from Kaiserslicht to bolster his forces. He has also invested personally in the defense of his system, taking interest in the everyday lives of his men.

Albrecht, as well as the commander of the Kyrenland Landwehr, Major General Erich Elwin, and the Imperial Advisor to Kyrenland from Kaiserslicht, Willem von Braun, were discussing possible development of domestic weapons for a national, volunteer defense militia, similar to those found in other border worlds, when the transmission turned on. The radar station, not far from the outskirts of Brennenburg, picked up signal of incoming ships. Soon after, a transmission was sent by the ship.

“By the order of His Majesty, King Andrei Casarion, third of His name, High King of the Stoinians, Lord Sovereign of the Stoinian Spirit, Warden of Heavens, Gerent of the Lion Throne, Custodian of Star Roar, Sword of Terra & Protector of Mankind I, Commodore Cosmin Tăriceanu, wish to extend His Masjety’s wishes to formalise relations with your nation. We come in peace to establish trade routes to the Ryccian Empire. I repeat we come in peace, but we will defend ourselves with divine zeal should you challenge us. We urge you to choose the path of reason and await your answer. End transmission.”

After discussing their next plan of action, the Governor-General decided that he shall respond to the call of the Commodore. However, in case of sudden aggressions by the Stoinians, Major General Elwin was told to place all forces of the Landwehr on high alert, while contact with the capital will be kept open by von Braun. The fact that the Stoinians are Terran seem to ease worries among the ranks of the Kyrenland government. The communication officer establishes contact, and Albrecht begins his transmission to the Stoinian.

“Greetings, Commodore Tăriceanu. I am Governor-General Albrecht Ludwig von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen, the Imperial and Royal Governor-General representing the Weissersteiner Empire on the Kyrenland system. We wish to extend to your invitation of establishing relations between your people and of ours. We invite you to come to our planet and discuss the details further.”


14:05 shiptime, 12/06/1619 PD
Kyrenland, Weissersteiner Empire

Pelican shuttles soaring through Kyrenland’s atmosphere.

 Half a dozen of Pelican-class gunships soared through the atmosphere at high speed, accompanied by a dozen of Star Spectre-class heavy starfighters. The starfighters were detached to the HMS Sword of Riuliv for the specific purpose to escort the Pelicans in atmospheres during first contact protocols. The shields and gunports were disengaged as soon as they entered sensor range within the atmosphere as a sign of their non-hostility, though they were heading straight for the designated landing pad in what some would consider an attack formation. It was a show of force nonetheless.
 Commodore Tăriceanu was here to represent the Stoinian Star Kingdom. Whatever the outcome of the meeting, the Star Kingdom was here to stay and ensure trade routes towards the Ryccian Empire. He was pleased the Weissersteiners had proven to be fellow Terran brethren, but looks could be deceiving. Fate would reveal whether they were as pompous as the Ryccians. Regardless, the Stoinian Star Kingdom would not falter to make an impression this day.
 Once within range of anti-air turrets, the Star Spectres evaded and circled around. While they waited for the Pelicans to land, the pilots enjoyed making twirling manoeuvres in the skies. When the official delegation had disembarked from the shuttles, they returned to veer off vertically to the sky as they branched into mirroring directions. It was an airshow to establish the military precision of the Star Kingdom. As well as its dominance over circumstances and protocol.

 The landing pad was hidden in a sinkhole and had a round yet blocky architecture to it. It wasn’t unlike modern Stoinian architecture, but it was much brighter in colour and spacious. Enough so for a full Platoon of Stoinian marines.
 Commodore Tăriceanu noticed many banners hoisted around the landing pad. All bearing bright colours and heraldry of lions, eagles and even griffins. Not too dissimilar to the heraldry of the Stoinian noble houses which ranged from Casarian lions to manticores. It seemed the Star Kingdom had stumbled upon a fellow monarchy gilded in tradition.
 As he approached the Weissersteiner delegation, he had his marines form a wide arrow. One on each side with Commodore Tăriceanu at its central tips. It was by all intents and purposes meant to be an aggressive formation. Cementing the subtle announcement that they were here to stay.

A Stoinian Royal Marine.

 Commodore Tăriceanu signalled his men to stop twelve steps from the Governor-General. He would however continued to march indomitably. He reached out his hand for a firm handshake. The Stoinian symbol of greeting and being present. Fully embracing the moment. Finally he greeted the Weissersteiner.
 - “A pleasure to meet you, Governor-General von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen. We greet our fellow Terrans unlike any others in these stars that are threatened by the Dark Void. Your presence is like gleaming starlight in a clouded night sky.” Commodore Tăriceanu said without issue, signalling he was quite well-versed in their pronunciation and tongue. Though perhaps there was a difference in accents between the two Terran brethren. “I must say, it’s quite a surprise to meet Homans out here. Is the whole Weissersteiner Empire Homanic?”


The Governor-General, now dressed in formal Imperial attires, went to the landing pad to greet his newfound Stoinian guests. While for the most part they’ve shown to have good intentions, the show-of-force stunt seemed to have placed Von Ulbingen on edge.

Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen, escorted by a squadron of Landwehr soldiers, went to the landing pad to greet their Stoinian guests. The Landwehr soldiers marched in tight formation, showing with pride the unwavering spirits of the Prussian Eagle and the Lichtenburger Lion within them.

Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen greets Commodore Tăriceanu. His uniform bears a striking resemblance to that of the Commodore. It was either a coincidence or simply Terran taste, he thought to himself. The Governor-General’s outfit is adorned in several medals and royal orders. He shook hands with the Commodore, warmly welcoming the Commodore and the Stoinian escort to Brennenburg and Kyrenland before responding to his question.

Governor-General Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen in his Imperial attire.

“Indeed. It is a pleasant surprise to see fellow Terrans from afar. Especially with all the other species floating around, we are delighted to see friendly and familiar faces.”

The Governor-General was rather surprised but nevertheless pleased discovering that the Commodore could speak his native tongue. Though the accent was slightly different, it wasn’t unintelligible. The Governor-General could understand Commodore Tăriceanu perfectly.

“For the most part, yes. The Weissersteiner Empire is made up mostly of Humans like us. However there are small species of aliens inhabiting certain worlds of our Empire. A good example would be the Kyrens here, though the Kyrens do share some humanoid features like us.”

Judging by the choice of words, it could be said that the positive impression the Commodore and the Stoinians have of the Weissersteiners at the moment stems from the idea of being fellow Terrans. Seeing a familiar face is much more likely to yield positive results than an unknown face. Though, being the same species doesn’t always guarantee friendship. That much is clear.

“Well then, Commodore. Before we get into details, please, tell me a bit about your home of Stoinia.”


Stoinian at heart, Terran by blood… The Stoinian principle rang through Commodore Tăriceanu’s mind. It had taken over a millennium and a half to meet fellow Terrans, but the Ryccians and Drakari had seemingly lost their Terran legacy. The mere mention of the word ‘Terran’ by the Governor-General sent a shiver of disbelief through Commodore Tăriceanu’s spine. So long his people had searched for fellow Terrans out in the Dark Void that it was a shock to meet brethren of the same traditional zeal after what felt like eternity. Let alone that they had the same snazziness of Stoinian nobility. It would be indeed a fruitful relation or so the Commodore’s gut told him.
 - “Stoinia isn’t a planet, Governor-General, but a people. You are our fellows, which means you undoubtedly know that history remembers names. Names of immortalised figures such as Alexander, Caesar or Napoléon. Though it also remembers names of the staunchest people: Mongols, Māori or the legendary Spartan warrior-kings. Yet all pale in comparison to the name of our species that came from Mother Terra. A legacy that echoes palatially through the stars of our realm, the Ryccian Empire and the Drakari Celestial Imperium. The Stoinian name stands only second in glory to that of Terran.”
 Commodore Tăriceanu’s chest grew as he described his people. He knew he was eloquent and perhaps a bit pompous, but every star nation should know not to trifle with the Stoinians. A lesson even ancients like the Drakari or Ryccians had learned if not dearly. He would show the Governor-General just what the mettle of the Stoinian people was made of. He opened his right pocket while still firmly grasping his sword with his left.
 - “Our people have suffered greatly in our journey through the stars, Governor-General. We were forged in fire on our paradise homeworld and have quenched ever since in the blood of barbarian xenos who threatened our very existence or way of life. Under the guiding hands of the Casarion High Kings, our people thrived and enshrined Terra’s traditions forever in the stars while adding more depth to our species’ legacy. Once we were but mere colonial farmers… Now we rule the stars as conquerors and kingmakers.”
 Finally he revealed a Mardaki claw knife. A short blade nearly as long as his forearm. It was made of a hardened gray bone that could fool the unattentive eye of its true sharpness. It was inscribed with Siranian proverbs made by the Commodore himself as he had earned the knife in the 2nd Mardaki Crusade.
 - “This is a Mardaki claw knife. The Mardakii are our mortal foes that once threatened Mankind on Casaria, our colonial homeworld. We vowed to never again allow the horrors they did to us. Never again should Terrans live in fear as the Dark Void threatens to consume us all. We made vows to secure Terra’s legacy in the stars. So history may never forget the Terran or Stoinian name. Mardakii, Qoxex, Themlari, Onotachi, Vailon, Hydari, Ybraki, Keerim and even the godforsaken Velutarians… All of them have tried to extinguish the Stoinian flame! Yet each time the maws of the Dark Void were mowed of its teeth. All by the grace of the most upright men of unsurmountable caliber such as High King Alexandru the Founder, Aurelian the Avenger, Valerian the Bold, Casandra the Amazon, Star Conqueror Cassander the Great, Regent MacArthur the Saviour and our current High King, Andrei III Casarion, the Butcher of Velutaria.”
 He stowed away his claw knife. He had made his point of Stoinian prowess abundantly clear. He would now hear the story of their fellow Terrans and what their tale would be. He hoped it wouldn’t be as full of strife as his people’s .
 - “We are Stoinian at heart, but Terran by blood. You have no idea how much it means to us to know that other Terrans still carry the soil of Terra with them. Please, do tell us more of the tale of the Weissersteiner Empire.”


“Truth be told, Commodore. My people have encountered several threats to our existence. While at times, our existence has been threatened by outside forces, be they xenos, artificial intelligence, or even fellow Terrans, the Weissersteiner Empire has survived and thrived through the storm of wars, bloodshed, and conquests by our neighbors.”

He points to one of his badges, an Iron Cross First Class, decorated with leaves and crossed swords, with the symbol of the Weissersteiner Crown in the middle.

“I gained this during my years in the Kyrenlander Landwehr. I fought to protect the very city you’re currently standing on from an onslaught by the aggressive Kyrens, hellbent on destroying the city, our city. I was wounded in the chest when one of those beasts slashed their claws on my body. I kept going, knowing that if I didn’t, the Landwehr would have one less man to defend the city. We lost so many good men that day, and I still remember their screams of agony and pain as they were feasted alive by those almost mindless beasts. I still remember the names of everyone in my company who succumbed to a fate I consider worse than death.”

A streak of tears fell down the Governor-General’s cheeks, those months of ceaseless onslaught were the most painful times in his, and many other Weissersteiners’ lives. Many lives were lost during the, what seemed as, never ending wave after wave of beasts that came only to kill and feast on the Weissersteiners. Many of those lives were those close to the Governor-General.

“But, those pain, those wounds, they make us who we are today. Those wars and battle makes us who we are. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. Without them, the Weissersteiner Empire wouldn’t be the shining beacon it is today. Without them, the progress and prosperity we felt and continue to feel wouldn’t have been. So, in a way, I’m grateful for my scar. I’m grateful that it reminded me that, even when I was wounded, I still fought for my home till the very end. I fought for my Emperor, my Kaiser, till the very end. And that is something to be proud of, and that seems to be something you can relate to personally.”

“Now, Commodore, I believe we have a few things to discuss? Would you prefer if we were to speak indoors?”

The Governor-General gestured to Commodore Tăriceanu as the gates opened.


 Commodore Tăriceanu was dumbstruck when he heard the Weissersteiner tales of Terran brethren fighting amongst themselves. It shook him to the core. No Stoinian ever had even considered fellow Terran nations to fight against each other. It went against every core belief upon which the Star Kingdom was founded on. The few heartbeats he froze his shock was visible in his eyes despite maintaining his stern facial expression.
 As the Governor-General told his own tale which resonated with Commodore Tăriceanu’s own, he felt a certain kinship between them. Unlike the Ryccians or Drakari, the Weissersteiners understood the harsh rules of existence of the universe. One had to always consider the brutal threat of barbarian xenos.The Weissersteiners had faced the same maws of the Dark Void as the Stoinians had. A feat any Stoinian couldn’t help but respect.
 - “Our peoples understand the brutal laws of the universe. It’s therefore paramount that like-minded star nations like ours should band together to fight off the Dark Void. Please… Lead on the way so we may discuss the birth of brotherly nation.” Commodore Tăriceanu finally said.
 However, his mind still pondered over the Terran-on-Terran conflict the Governor-General had eluded to. He needed a certain assurance. To know whether the Weissersteiners had sinned against their own species.
 - “I’m curious… In these conflicts against other Terrans… Did the Weissersteiner Empire draw first blood?”


“All in due time, Commodore, all in due time.”

The Governor-General feels that the mention of the Weissersteiner-Dovian enmity was a shock to Tăriceanu. He’d have to explain everything later on, but as he said himself, all in due time.

Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen leads Commodore Tăriceanu and his men inside, to the Brennenburg Palace. Grand in architecture, reminiscent of the Imperial palaces in the Home Worlds. Constructed to accommodate the nobility and other respectable guests, such as foreign delegations and dignitaries. The room is decorated with paintings, statues, and arts, representing the grandiose taste of the Weissersteiner.

“Please, sit down, gentlemen. Soon the waiters will come, feel free to order as you please.”

This showcase of hospitality is a key aspect of Weissersteiner culture. Guests are treated as kings and queens. Hospitality has also shown an important effect to foreign delegates gaining a positive image of the Empire. Though, this hospitality shouldn’t be taken for granted, and any hostility towards Weisserstein would have repercussions. Though, as it is, the Stoinian delegation has shown itself to be a friend, a brother even.

As the waiters brought drinks and appetizers, the Governor-General took a sip from his tea. He was pleasantly surprised seeing Commodore Tăriceanu order a simple glass of water. Did he order only water because that’s what he wants, because he was on duty, or, though unlikely, because he somehow miraculously knew of Weisserstein’s rather strict views on alcohol? Whatever the answer was, Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen couldn’t help but respect the Commodore further. The Governor-General took a bite from a pastry and another sip from his tea, he decided to explain the story of the conflict against fellow Terrans.

"Well Commodore. I believe I owed you an explanation, so here it is.

Before our rise into the Empire we are today. Our core world of Weisserstein was but a mere nation. We weren’t strong nor were we powerful. At the time, to our borders lies two powerful players. To the West were the Pharali, a powerful alien slave empire which sought to enslave and subjugate our people. To the East were the Dovians, fellow Terrans who expanded through the stars, creating a powerful civilization. Due to the threat the Pharalis posed on our existence, the Dovian Emperor, Evon the Great, offered us protection in return for our fealty. He promised that we could keep our autonomy, and would be given a voice in his Council. It was a deal only a madman would decline. Following our entry into the Empire, we were treated with respect, almost like a crown jewel of sorts.

Evon the Great and his successors kept to their promise. Giving us a voice and autonomy in the everyday affairs of our realms. Though there were those who enacted laws, taking resources or limiting our autonomy, those laws didn’t affect us too negatively.

This all changed when Atlan IX came to the throne. He enacted laws, essentially treating every race besides the Dovian Terrans as inferior, some weren’t even treated as living beings at all. Even fellow Terrans like us weren’t safe. They treated us like second-class citizens. Our autonomy was stripped and our voice in their parliament was effectively shut down. But unfortunately, the worse was yet to come.

Subsequent Dovian emperors became worse and worse, it wasn’t helped by the fact that a new, shadowy organization known as the “Prime Guards”, who advocated for Dovian supremacy, became more and more intertwined in the government. By the rule of Säaka III, the empire was ruled by a monarchic dictatorship ruled by the emperor and the Prime Guards. Parliament was dissolved entirely and we entered some of the darkest periods of our history.

Yet, this grew discontent, and when Säaka III’s son, Säaka IV died, he left two rivaling sons. Due to a dispute of succession, the Empire was thrown into a war, known to the West as the Vor-Arï War, but to us more commonly as the War for Independence. We fought to free ourselves from the tyranny of the Dovians, from the shackles they placed upon us. We fought to establish ourselves as a free and independent realm. After all the hardships and mistreatment we’ve felt, we couldn’t tolerate their hubris and arrogance. Under the guide of Wilhelm the Great, we freed ourselves from their claws, establishing ourselves as the Weissersteiner Empire. The two sons didn’t fare much either, as they were both overthrown by anti-monarchist factions and were replaced by a republic of sorts."

The Governor-General points at the painting in the room, which was of Wilhelm the Great, before continuing with his story.

"But if only that were the end. If only that were the end to our wars with our brothers. Even after all the Dovians done, they were still in many ways our brethren, our people. But they were blinded by arrogance and greed. The descendant of one of the Dovian emperors successfully launched a coup d’etat against the republic after bitter infighting brought government to a gridlock. Under this new, Axlan III, the Second Dovian Empire once again turned on the machines of war. They closed any forms of communications with us and cut all diplomatic ties with us. All the fruits of labor and progress we and the Dovians made during their republic to establish peaceful coexistence between us was lost in a single day.

Under the orders of Axlan III, our Emperor, Friedrich Wilhelm II, was assassinated. And when his son came to the throne, we were invaded once again. We fought them for nearly 70 years before we successfully pushed beyond their front lines and were at the gates of their capital. At that point, Axlan IV killed himself with a bullet, while his successor Evon VIII was brutally killed by a horde of angry protesters in their capital. The war ended, and we once again saved the Fatherland from destruction from our neighbors. We established peace with the new Dovian Star Confederation and have been at peace ever since."

He took another sip, finishing his tea before continuing the tale to the Commodore.

“So, Commodore. We didn’t draw first blood. We simply fought and stood for our nation, much to the same way you would probably have done with yours. But you do not need to worry. Today, relations have been much warmer, though there are still issues regarding war crimes and responsibilities, treaty obligations and reparations to be discussed further. And our nations have entered small border skirmishes and tense moments, sometimes to the point of the brink of war. But for the most part, we are at peace.”

Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen took another bite from his pastry before continuing on

“Well Commodore, I hope that answers your question. I apologize if I bored you with such a long rambling of our tale.”


 Commodore Tăriceanu was surprised by the stunning room filled with the rich history. He felt as if he was a guest in the High King’s dining room. From the candles to the oil paintings, everything was just like back home. Without a doubt, the Weissersteiners were Terran by all decrees.
 As the waiters brought in drinks, he looked sternly at his marines. They were here on duty. An immutable fact he had made abundantly clear with one gaze. No alcohol was to be consumed while wearing an uniform of the Royal Armed Forces.
 He sat down comfortably on the cushion of his seat. He had to admit it was more comforting than his chair on board his ship. Carefully he listened to the rich history of the Weissersteiner Empire. It was horror to the Stoinians that fellow Terran brethren fought amongst themselves. It went against the core of every Stoinian. Finally he found the words and strength to reply to the tale.
 - “Rest assured, Governor-General. The Stoinian Star Kingdom would like nothing better than to solidify that peace. Too many horrors live out in the Dark Void. We cannot afford for us Terrans to fight amongst ourselves. You have answered my question and calmed my concerns. I may be a mere Commodore, but as the Envoy of the High King, I can assure you, the Stoinian Star Kingdom would have a vested interest in your star nation. If we can be of any assistance to help amend the old wounds, we would do everything within our power to do so.”


The Governor-General looked at the Commodore straight in the eyes. He could tell the Commodore wants nothing more than their people, their fellow brothers of blood and heritage, to see the shining sun of peace and prosperity.

“I thank you for your offer, Commodore. I shall inform of you and your nation’s intensions to establish relations with us, as well as for safe passage to Ryccia, to the Imperial Capital.”

As desserts were placed on the table, von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen gestured to his newfound Stoinian friends to eat. After the complimentary desserts were eaten, the Governor-General escorded Commodore Tăriceanu and his men back to their ships. Before leaving, the Governor-General gave Commodore Tăriceanu a parting gift. An Imperial Dagger with ornate red and gold scabbard.


Weapons like these are quite common parting gifts among the nobility and military. A lasting part of the Prussian zeal and Lichtenburger pride that is instilled in Weisserstein’s nobility and military.

“Please, consider this a parting gift. I hope to see you and your people again, Commodore. May God bless your travels.”

Von Ermdau-Kyrenhausen hands the dagger before reaching his hand for one last handshake with the Commodore. A new light has been discovered among the dark abyss that engulfs the night sky, and if left untreated, the light may dim and die.


 As the Weissersteiner spoke over dinner, Commodore Tăriceanu lavished in the flavours which were distinctly Terran. They were clearly of the same breed, a rarity in the wider Sector. The two men continued to converse over the various historic glories of each star nation.
 Sadly, the time had come to end the meeting to its conclusion. Commodore Tăriceanu took the Imperial Dagger with great tactfulness and care, storing it in his sash after a short inspection. It was a marvellous piece of craftsmanship that fitted his hand perfectly. It was a gift in Stoinian fashion and cemented the two Terran peoples were very much alike. After shaking the Governor-General’s hand one last time, he opened his uniform again to reveal his claw knife which he had shown earlier. A beige dagger nearly as long as his elbow.


 - “My lungs taste the air of Time Blown past galing winds. I give you this gift of my own. From Terran to Terran. A bond of our kinship and brotherhood. Rest assured that we will return and stare into the Dark Void alongside each other, Governor-General. Godspeed.”
 As such Commodore Tăriceanu left the system expecting a clash with xenos but returned a herald of kinship amongst the stars.