Statements of Krauanagazan Government Officials and Offices

Joint Statement from the Office of the Mitallarkava and the Office of the Krauanaet

For Immediate Release

We, Mitallarkava Kullan, the leader of the Mitallduk Confederacy, and Krauanaet Zharan, head of the Krauanagaz Federation, convened in Mitayyal for an unprecedented face-to-face meeting aimed at fostering dialogue and cooperation between our two nations.

After extensive discussions, we are pleased to announce that Mitallduk and Krauanagaz have reached a mutual understanding and have agreed to attend a diplomatic summit in @Eflad, at the invitation of the Efladian government.

The summit, to be held in the spirit of constructive engagement and mutual respect, will provide a platform for comprehensive discussions on various critical issues of mutual interest and concern. The agreed-upon topics of discussion include:

  1. Border Enforcement: Both nations recognize the importance of maintaining secure and well-defined borders to ensure stability and security in the region.

  2. Conservation Efforts: Acknowledging the need for environmental preservation, we are committed to exploring cooperative measures to protect and conserve our natural resources, including the Kraudukra Sea barrier reef.

  3. Nuclear Proliferation: Recognizing the significance of nuclear non-proliferation, we will engage in constructive dialogue to address concerns and explore avenues for responsible nuclear development and management.

  4. Third-Party Mediations: We agree on the importance of third-party mediation mechanisms to facilitate dispute resolution and promote regional stability.

  5. Mitallzoatal and Disputed Territories: Both parties commit to addressing the complexities surrounding Mitallzoatal and other disputed territories through diplomatic channels and peaceful dialogue.

  6. Joint Counter-Terrorism Efforts: Understanding the threat posed by terrorism, we will collaborate closely to enhance our counter-terrorism capabilities and mitigate security risks.

  7. Naval Operations Protocols: We recognize the need for clear and transparent protocols governing naval operations to prevent misunderstandings and promote maritime safety and security.

We approach the upcoming diplomatic summit with a spirit of openness, cooperation, and goodwill, with the shared objective of advancing our mutual interests and promoting peace and stability in the region.

We extend our gratitude to the Efladian government for extending the invitation and look forward to constructive and productive discussions at the summit.


Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet
Krauanaet Lyra Zharan

Office of the Mitallarkava
Mitallarkava Lukian Kullan

Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet

Joint Statement from Federal Police Agency and Krautallaz Provincial Police

Mass Casualty Incident in Downtown Vellienza
For Immediate Release

The Federal Police Agency and Krautallaz Provincial Police confirm an ongoing mass casualty incident in downtown Vellienza. We urge residents and visitors to evacuate the area if it is safe to do so or to avoid the area altogether until further notice.

Law enforcement personnel are actively responding to the situation, and public safety is our top priority. We understand the concerns of the community, and we appreciate your cooperation and patience.

A press conference has been scheduled for 11:30 am local time, where we will share any available details about the incident with the public. We ask for your understanding as we work to gather and verify information during this challenging time.

Our thoughts are with those affected by this incident, and we extend our gratitude to the first responders and medical personnel involved in the response.

Further updates will be provided through official channels. Thank you for your cooperation.

Federal Police Agency
Krautallaz Provincial Police

Joint Statement from the Office of the Mitallarkava and the Office of the Krauanaet

For Immediate Release

Mitallarkava of the Mitallduk Confederacy, Lukian Kullan, and Krauanaet of the Krauanagaz Federation, Lyra Zharan, jointly announce our arrival in M√ľnnen, Eflad, to commence a pivotal diplomatic summit. This summit represents a significant step forward in fostering mutual understanding, cooperation, and goodwill between our respective nations.

As leaders entrusted with the well-being and prosperity of our people, we approach this diplomatic endeavor with a shared commitment to dialogue, collaboration, and the pursuit of common goals. The diplomatic summit provides a unique opportunity to discuss bilateral relations, explore areas of mutual interest, and address any outstanding issues with the aim of strengthening the bonds between our nations.

We are optimistic about the potential positive outcomes that can arise from this diplomatic engagement. Our collective aspirations include promoting regional stability, enhancing economic collaboration, and fostering cultural exchanges that contribute to a harmonious coexistence in our interconnected world.

Throughout the summit, our delegations will engage in open and constructive discussions, guided by the principles of diplomacy, respect, and cooperation. We are confident that this gathering will lay the foundation for a stronger partnership between the Mitallduk Confederacy and the Krauanagaz Federation, fostering a future marked by shared prosperity and goodwill.

We extend our gratitude to the host nation, the Republic of Eflad, for providing a conducive environment for these diplomatic deliberations. As we embark on this journey, our focus remains on building bridges, forging friendships, and contributing to the collective well-being of our nations and the wider international community.

We look forward to productive and positive discussions during this diplomatic summit and anticipate fruitful outcomes that will benefit our people and contribute to the broader goals of regional cooperation.


Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet
Krauanaet Lyra Zharan

Office of the Mitallarkava
Mitallarkava Lukian Kullan

Temiprizhirven te ti Zakorinítal te Koroinítal Kevpríg

Office of the Governor of Kevpríg Province
Mandatory Evacuation Order
Effective Immediately

Attention, Citizens of Kevpríg Province and Residents of South Pohnarras Island.

In response to the ongoing emergency situation on Pohnarras Island, I, Mitka Luavi, Governor of Kevpríg Province, issue the following official statement and MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER effective immediately:


  1. Evacuation Period:
    The evacuation order is in effect immediately and will remain until further notice.

  2. Evacuation Zones:
    All residents and visitors located in SOUTH POHNARRAS ISLAND, SOUTH CENTRAL PARNASOS, DOWNTOWN PARNASOS, WEST PARNASOS, and ARRASOS are mandated to evacuate. This includes all municipalities, settlements, and regions within the specified area.

  3. Evacuation Procedure:

  • Gather essential belongings.
  • Follow the instructions of Provincial Guard personnel.
  • Proceed to designated evacuation points as guided by authorities.
  1. Transportation:
    Transport ships have been deployed to facilitate the evacuation process. Provincial Guard units will be present at key locations to assist and guide citizens to the designated evacuation points.

  2. Property Securement:
    Prioritize your safety, but also take necessary measures to secure your property before evacuating. Authorities will endeavor to safeguard and preserve homes during this period.

  3. Cooperation and Calmness:
    Citizens are urged to remain calm, cooperate with Provincial Guard personnel, and adhere to instructions promptly. Your safety is the primary concern, and collective cooperation is crucial in navigating through this challenging situation.

  4. Official Information Channels:
    Stay informed through official channels, including
    the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) radio station 102.2am and reliable platforms, for real-time updates and crucial information.

I extend my deepest appreciation for your understanding and cooperation during this challenging period. Our thoughts are with every citizen affected by this emergency. Together, with resilience and unity, we will overcome these adversities.

Mitka Luavi
Zakorinítal te Koroinítal Kevpríg
Mitallarai Krauanagaz

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Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet

Office of the Krauanaet
Statement on Attacks on Pohnarras Island
For Immediate Release

Citizens of the Krauanagaz Federation,

It is with a heavy heart that I address you today amidst the unfolding crisis on Pohnarras Island. The events of the past hours have tested the resolve of our great nation, and the toll it has taken on our citizens and defenders weighs heavily on our collective consciousness.

The aggression displayed by armed militias, identified as Red K and other factions, has plunged Kevpríg into turmoil. The Federal Police Agency, alongside the Kevpríg Provincial Guard and other law enforcement entities, have been engaged in a relentless effort to restore order. However, the challenges presented by entrenched militants have proven formidable.

I extend my deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Their sacrifice in the face of adversity exemplifies the unwavering commitment of our law enforcement and military personnel to protect our citizens.

The Kevpríg Provincial Guard, Federal Police Agency, and Federal Navy personnel continue to coordinate their efforts to reclaim control over Pohnarras Island and ensure the safety of our citizens. Emergency services are working tirelessly to provide assistance and medical care to those affected by this crisis.

I have conferred with Governor Mitka Luavi, and we are in agreement that every resource at our disposal will be mobilized to confront this threat to our peace and stability. The evacuation efforts will persist, and additional measures are being considered to safeguard the well-being of our citizens.

At this challenging moment, unity among our people is paramount. I urge you to remain vigilant, follow official guidance, and extend your support to those affected. The resolve of the Krauanagaz Federation remains unbroken, and together, we shall overcome.

May our nation find strength in unity and resilience in the face of adversity.


Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet
Krauanaet Lyra Zharan

Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet

Office of the Krauanaet
Declaration of Martial Law in Pohnarras


In light of the escalating crisis on Pohnarras Island, the Krauanaet has declared martial law, effective immediately. This decision has been made to ensure the safety and security of the citizens affected by the ongoing unrest.

Federal Directive 0001

  1. Martial Law Imposed
    The Krauanaet, in coordination with federal authorities, has implemented martial law on Pohnarras Island. This measure is deemed necessary to restore order and protect the lives and well-being of the population.

  2. Federal Forces in Command
    Under martial law, federal forces, including the Federal Army and Navy, assume command and control over security operations on the island. Their primary objective is to quell the violence, apprehend the perpetrators, and restore normalcy.

  3. Civilian Safety a Top Priority
    While martial law is in effect, every effort will be made to prioritize the safety of civilians. Evacuation and humanitarian operations will continue, ensuring that those in need are cared for and protected.

  4. Curfew and Restrictions
    A curfew is hereby imposed, and certain restrictions on movement and activities may be enforced for the duration of martial law. These measures are intended to facilitate the swift resolution of the crisis.

  5. Cooperation Urged
    The Krauanaet calls upon all residents of Pohnarras Island to cooperate fully with federal forces and local authorities. Compliance with directives and instructions is essential for the successful resolution of the crisis.


The declaration of martial law is a decisive step taken to address the rapidly evolving situation on Pohnarras Island. The Krauanaet is committed to restoring peace and security to the region and will continue to provide updates as the situation unfolds.

Our thoughts are with the citizens affected by this crisis, and we remain resolute in our pursuit of a swift and effective resolution.


Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet
Krauanaet Lyra Zharan

Enário te ti Drivínáenza Temipre, 'a ti Temiprizhirven te ti Lornírio

Department of the Federal Navy, and the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
KFNS Tappatahwee Struck by Anti-Ship Missile
For Immediate Release

It is our tragic obligation to inform you that in a tragic incident yesterday afternoon, the KFNS Tappatahwee, a Kevluarital-class littoral defense vessel, was struck by an anti-ship missile launched by Red K militants from Pohnarras Island. The attack resulted in severe damage to the vessel, leading to the loss of 27 crew members and leaving another 21 in need of medical treatment. 4 crew members remain unaccounted for at this time and are considered to be missing-in-action.

The Secretary Vinkana and Admiral Kakoroa expresse profound sorrow at the loss of our brave sailors and extend their deepest condolences to the families and loved ones affected by this devastating event. The injured crew members are currently receiving medical attention at the Navy Hospital at Joint Base Krautallaz in Mitayyapríg.

The Tappatahwee was actively engaged in counter-terrorism operations as part of the ongoing crisis response on Pohnarras. Despite facing unexpected and hostile actions, the crew displayed exceptional courage and dedication in the face of adversity.

The Department of the Federal Navy is committed to conducting a thorough review into the circumstances surrounding this incident. We will work closely with relevant authorities to bring those responsible for this reprehensible act to justice.

As we mourn the loss of our colleagues, the resolve of the Federal Navy remains unshaken. We will continue to play a crucial role in supporting the efforts to restore peace and stability to Pohnarras Island.


Department of the Federal Navy
Secretary Kylan Vinkana

Chief of Naval Operations
Admiral Talon Kakoroa

En√°rio te Temivenzhir

Department of State
Expressing Gratitude for Aid and Assistance
For Immediate Release

We extend our sincere appreciation to the government of @Kliegme for their generous offer of humanitarian assistance amid the crisis on Pohnarras Island. The unwavering support from our international partners, including Emerald (@KingTEM), is a testament to the strength of collaborative efforts in times of need.

Kliegme’s commitment to alleviating the administrative strain on Pohnarras Island is a noble gesture, and we welcome the assistance that will greatly contribute to the well-being of the affected population. This support will allow us to focus more effectively on restoring order and ensuring the safety of our citizens.

In these challenging times, the solidarity and assistance from the global community reinforce the bonds of friendship and cooperation. We look forward to working closely with Kliegme, Emerald, and other nations to address the current crisis and pave the way for a stable and secure future for Pohnarras Island and the entire Krauanagaz Federation.


En√°rio te Temivenzhir
Secretary Darius Korin

Joint Statement from the Office of the Mitallarkava and the Office of the Krauanaet

For Immediate Release

In a historic moment, we, Krauanaet Zharan of the Krauanagaz Federation and Mitallarkava Kullan of the Mitallduk Confederacy, are pleased to jointly announce the signing of a groundbreaking agreement named the M√ľnnen Protocols. This accord marks a turning point in our bilateral relations, demonstrating our shared commitment to peace, cooperation, and a prosperous future for our nations and the region.

The M√ľnnen Protocols encompass a comprehensive framework that addresses key issues, fosters reconciliation, and paves the way for enduring collaboration. Through tireless negotiations and a spirit of mutual understanding, we have worked towards a document that reflects the aspirations and concerns of both our nations.

Key Provisions of the M√ľnnen Protocols:

  1. Repatriation and Reconciliation:
    The establishment of a Repatriation Commission, overseen by a neutral international body, will facilitate the structured return of Mitalldukish individuals displaced during the Civil War. A Reparations Fund will be established to provide financial compensation, community development initiatives, and acknowledgment of historical injustices.

  2. Sustainable Fisheries:
    A Fisheries Management Authority will oversee a permit system for fishing in Krauanagazan parts of the Kraudukra Sea, excluding the Tallaz Barrier Reef areas. Collaborative efforts will focus on sustainable fishing practices and the protection of marine ecosystems.

  3. Cooperative Nuclear Engagement:
    Mitallduk maintains sovereignty over its nuclear program, with both Parties engaging in open discussions on potential limitations for future nuclear testing. Confidence-building measures, including transparency initiatives and annual joint inspections, will promote mutual understanding.

  4. Border Management and Confidence-Building:
    Bilateral agreements will manage border issues, establish mechanisms for dispute resolution, and foster long-term stability. Joint monitoring mechanisms and cultural exchanges will build trust and prevent border incursions.

  5. Third-Party Collaboration for Dispute Resolution:
    Disputes involving territorial claims, resource allocation, and sovereignty will be subject to third-party mediation, fostering impartial and diplomatic solutions.

  6. Joint Maritime Security:
    A Joint Maritime Security Task Force will ensure freedom of navigation, prevent naval interference, and address territorial disputes. Communication and coordination mechanisms will enhance maritime security and promote regional stability.

  7. Ecosystem Preservation and Environmental Cooperation:
    A Joint Conservation Committee will oversee the protection of the Tallaz Barrier Reef ecosystem. A bilateral agreement will ban offshore oil drilling, outlining terms, responsibilities, and robust enforcement measures.

  8. Counter-terrorism Partnership:
    Both nations commit to a Joint Counter-terrorism Task Force, sharing intelligence reports and coordinating operations against threats, including Red K. Collaboration will extend to addressing and counteracting the activities of minor terror groups.

The M√ľnnen Protocols stand as a testament to the power of diplomacy, dialogue, and the shared vision of a peaceful and cooperative future. We believe that this accord will contribute to regional stability and prosperity, fostering a new era of understanding and collaboration between the Krauanagaz Federation and the Mitallduk Confederacy.


Temiprizhirven te ti Krauanaet
Krauanaet Lyra Zharan

Office of the Mitallarkava
Mitallarkava Lukian Kullan

Mitallza Enzarai Temipre, 'a Aeaponar Luzas√°re te ti Krauanaet

Federal Police Agency, and the Krauanaet Protective Service
Update Regarding January 5 Zharan Assassination Attempt Investigation
For Immediate Release

In response to recent developments, the Krauanaet Protective Service (KPS) and the Federal Police Agency jointly announce the issuance of an arrest warrant for Magistrate Zhukrau Vinse, a resident of Mitallzoatal. Magistrate Vinse is currently sought in connection with ongoing investigations, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Earlier today, a coordinated operation was conducted by the KPS and the Federal Police Agency at Magistrate Vinse’s reported residence in Lukrautal. However, upon arrival, the residence was found to be vacant, devoid of any furniture, personal belongings, or signs of habitation. There was no evidence to suggest that anyone, including Magistrate Vinse, had ever lived at the address.

We appeal to the public for assistance in locating Magistrate Zhukrau Vinse. If anyone has information or has seen Magistrate Vinse, please report any possible sightings to the authorities immediately. The collaboration of the community is crucial in ensuring the swift resolution of this matter.

The KPS and the Federal Police Agency remain committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of our citizens. Further updates on this investigation will be provided as they become available.


Mitallza Enzarai Temipre
Director Luiza Khan

Aeaponar Luzas√°re te ti Krauanaet
Chief Andrew Kavalaz

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