Presenting Commander Pronoun

It is my incredible pleasure to announce the promotion of @Pronoun to the rank of Commander of the South Pacific Special Forces by unanimous vote of the General Corps, having satisfied the rank requirements, made substantial contributions to the infrastructure and culture of the SPSF, and demonstrated excellence in operational leadership.

Since joining the SPSF in January after participating as a civilian in our liberation efforts, Pronoun has consistently grown as a soldier. Pronoun’s particular strengths have been in the area of technical and infrastructure development for the SPSF, as well as an exacting precision in understanding and taking advantage of game mechanics. Tools like the Data Portal developed while Minister of Defense will keep records organized for years to come. Pronoun has also been active in tools development for defending more broadly, through the development of new tools for endorsements, keeping archives of Spyglass update ordering sheets, and most prominently Purée, which allows defenders to automatically create lists of detags to deploy at update. These accomplishments made Pronoun an honorable mention at the 2022 Defender Awards for the “Eluvatar Award” for tech development. Beyond this, Pronoun has taken an active role in integrating and training new members of the SPSF and battle leadership at updates, and has also acquired the dry wit and work ethic characteristic of contemporary defenders.

With that, please join me in congratulating Commander @Pronoun.


Congratulations, Commander!

We will be watching.

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Congratulations Pronoun!