About the South Pacific Special Forces

The South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF) are the armed forces of the Coalition of the South Pacific.


The SPSF strives to defend our region, to serve our interests abroad, and to protect innocent regions from attack. We take to the battlefield to combat invader forces and prevent them from illegitimately seizing regions by force.

If you’re interested in joining us in this mission, we encourage you to apply today. We’re always eager to welcome new recruits!


The SPSF is led by the Minister of Defense and other members of the General Corps.

Minister of Defense: @Webs

Generals: @HumanSanity

Joining the Special Forces

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Military Code

The Military Code establishes the rules and regulations of the SPSF. Per Article 3(3), no new members will be accepted who are currently a member of another military and members will not be permitted to be members of both the SPSF and another military, unless they were a member of that military prior to November 1 2022.

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Tidal Force Information

The Tidal Force forms the auxiliary branch of the Special Forces.

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Data Portal

The Data Portal lists the operations conducted by the Special Forces each day and provides a range of summary statistics.

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Rank Requirements

The rank requirements detail the requirements established by the General Corps to achieve each rank of the Special Forces.


Objective criteria:

  • Applied for and been accepted into the military

Subjective criteria:

  • None.

Objective criteria:

  • Basic understanding of update mechanics (regions update in a set order)
  • Prepare multiple nations for use during a single update
  • Identify when a nation or region has updated during update
  • Switch World Assembly membership from one nation to another within a minute during an update
  • Move a nation based on a trigger (within 3s)
  • Move a nation and endorse another nation based on a trigger (within 8s)
  • Follow a nation into a region (within 5s)
  • Follow a nation into a region and endorse the extant Delegate there (within 10s)
  • Dossier Management
  • Using the Activity feed to identify nations admitting to the World Assembly in a given region
  • Familiarity with regional controls
  • Detagging a region
  • Participate in 5 updates within the past 3 months

Subjective criteria:

  • Demonstrate understanding of responsibilities and privileges of SPSF membership
  • Demonstrate ability to follow arbitrary orders phrased in battlefield-typical terms

Objective criteria:

  • Consistently set trigger nations updating within 30% of the nominal time
  • Consistently call trigger nations within 2s of actual update time
  • Perform simple influence calculations to determine whether or not a nation can be subject to a border control action by another nation
  • Use the Activity Feed to identify stealth raids, sleeper movements and other irregular happenings
  • Participate in 20 updates within the past 6 months

Subjective criteria:

  • Demonstrate understanding of current update time
  • Demonstrate ability to lead troops for smaller operations using battlefield-typical terms
  • Demonstrate ability to clearly and level-headedly communicate with other military officers regarding operational cooperation, both in the present and future

Objective criteria:

  • Banject or eject nations moving into a region during update (no slower than 3s per nation)
  • Consistently trigger for a region using API triggering within 30% of the nominal time
  • Be familiar with, and know when to use, liberation strategies (sieges/attrition runs, fake puppetmaster)
  • Be familiar with, and know when to use, region occupation and griefing strategies (flash password, flash refound, fortify)
  • Be familiar with, and know when to use, stealth strategies (instant jump points, false flag, sleeper)
  • Perform influence calculations for banjecting, ejecting, banning, passwording, and influence gain both in GCRs and UCRs
  • Participate in 40 updates within the past 12 months

Subjective criteria:

  • Demonstrate the ability to craft a battle plan for any arbitrary set of planned operations in one update
  • Demonstrate an ability to quickly adapt to fast-changing circumstances in the heat of battle
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various strategies, and an ability to draw upon that knowledge to craft a plan for a large scale operation
  • Demonstrate ability to clearly and level-headedly cooperate with affected native residents for incoming and ongoing raids