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Point Rain Armories reported record profits to shareholders today as more conflicts erupt throughout the region

Reports Of The King Jason II Memorial Statues in Kingston, Copenhagen, and Riveria being brought down via explosives has gotten out, along with reported Explosions at the GW Memorial, Soldiers Memorial, and the Spirasian Civil War Memorial. The Emeraldian Government has blamed the ERF for taking down statues of one the greatest Kings that Emerald ever had, King Jason II(Reigned 1932-1985).

After the Six Hour War, the current Emeraldian Government’s decision to not participate in negotiations has been called into question. Anti Government protests have begun sprouting, from Edwardia to Riveria.

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After a talk show appearance of the Minister of Defence protest erupted against the MoD and they called for a disclosure of any nuclear weapons stored on Efladian soil.
In their newest article “When fear takes over” Die Lupe announced that they will fight against the lawsuit as they see it as an attack against the freedom of press. A PR person said that they welcome the support from Gianatla and are happy to see that their struggle is taken seriously.

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Both the Regency of Viliakmon in Ochridae and the Black Flag Army in Aelbasan announce armed confrontation. Outcome is unknown, though given that V.A.F. has finally been mobilized by the Regency, it is swayed against the Black Flag Army.
More on the conflict: T.C.P. International - The Communion of Press - #7 by genericsequencealias

The RPAF has transported two additional Pavise arrays to Jakub, to be distributed around high-value areas at the Jakubian Armed Forces’ discretion. The design team for the Pavise has also received combat data from its recent rocket interceptions and is working to improve the system’s hit rate, interception capacity, and reliability.


Valkyria reportedly agreed to pay 2.1 trillion vekts to Hystaiga in reparations

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Jakubian Air Force preformed air strikes on several ‘rocket artillery’ sites in Eastern Jakub being used by Molician insurgents this afternoon. It is believed that these are the sites that attempted to strike the Ministry of Defense the previous day.

Jakubian combat engineers are expected to see more deployment for route clearance and EOD in the near future. The Jakubian Ministry of Defence stated, ”Unexploded ordnance, IEDs, and forgotten mines have caused significant civilian casualties towards the innocent people of Jakub. We shall take a step towards making our streets safe to cross all over the country.”

Jakubian Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepares to negotiate the stablishment of embassies inside both Jakub and foreign nations. They are also preparing for Jakub’s application into the World Forum.


“This is a disgrace to the storied history of our people, this is undoubtedly negatively influencing the youth of this nation.” An anonymous spokesperson from the Finixi Nationalist movement reported saying shortly after the meteoric release of Embers and Ash’s first song, titled “Radiate”.

The song smashed any previous records any artist before them set for how quickly it made #1 in charts across the nation. It already has several million streams across music streaming platforms.

The band follows the fairly recent melding of modern music with Finixi music, especially in instruments used and complex drumming patterns.

“Embers and Ash certainly aren’t the first to do this, but we are definitely more aggressive in advertisements than other bands. That is why we have risen.” The band’s manager, Etali Ikuri told reporters.

Many traditionally-minded people have presented backlash due to the light swearing in the song and the use of modern elements in the music.

I am sure the band is happy, already grossing more than F1.6 M from sales and streaming.


Qaweritoyu: Harold Garcia resumed as Prime Minister on Thursday, assigning Cecil Walton as Deputy Prime Minister, as is required under Coalition agreement. The Prime Minister stated that this is the start of Garcia IV.

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The Reichsmarine 1st Fleet has arrived in Crabry to begin supporting the Jakubian effort against the Molician insurgency.

The Kaiserliche Luftwaffe had began conducting air support missions against the Molician insurgency in the east of Jakub.

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Amberholde: Mollie Byers has taken over from Nolan Saunders as Prime Minister and Leader of the Eastern Theocratic Group. Prime Minister Byers has assigned Simeon Guzman as Deputy Prime Minister. Reacting to his assignment, Deputy Prime Minister Guzman said, ‘It’s not looking good, is it?’

The Pelinese supply fleet to Jakub has arrived at port, and has begun unloading supplies and conducting port visit activities as planned.

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Izaakian military patrols in the North Izaakian Sea are set to double as the military put on high alert

Breaking TCP News:

The Black Flag Army has achieved a decisive victory against the VAF and GCDP, with one infantry division of the VAF defecting to Skandergrofs faction.
The question is - is the Regency incapable of maintaining control over mainland Viliakmon or has the Black Flag Army just been underestimated by everyone?

READ MORE ON: T.C.P. International - The Communion of Press - #8 by genericsequencealias

Kazamatsuri Design Bureau has reportedly completed its delivery of Type Z17S/L Pyrope tactical ballistic missile systems, including transporter-erector launcher vehicles, transporter/loader vehicles, command vehicles, maintenance vehicles, Type Z17S/L Pyrope missiles, and other materiel necessary to operate the systems, to the Pelinese White Army as part of its contract to replace the outdated missile systems in use by the PWA’s missile battalions. The next PWA units in line to receive the upgraded materiel are speculated to be the 23rd Missile Battalion, the 26th Missile Battalion, and the 27th Missile Battaltion, all of which are stationed in the Western Military District near Pelograd.

Mediterranean Precision Manufacturing Systems is reporting record profits and sales as the Pelinese Ministry for State Industry and private companies alike purchase significant volumes of CNC machine tools and other manufacturing equipment for planned and ongoing factory construction and modernization.

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The Stoinian Royal House announced that Crown Prince Aurelian will replace Prince Paul in charge of a joint military-diplomatic mission to Weisserstein. There he’ll act as both diplomat and commander of a small-scale joint military exercise. The visit is scheduled by the end of next week.

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President Revan Kensei was allegedly seen shaking hands with the leader of the Worker’s party of Reizen, Kanda Jiyuu, after his arrival in Reizen Province to survey the progress of the reconstruction of Reizen. The Province is now in its third year of reconstruction and much of the damage from the war has been repaired and restored

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Kazfek announces that current sitting mnoarch of Draconica Yuhfek the 12th wishes to invite him back the island to negotiate his status. Kazfek says he has no plan of returning to Draconica whilst its current administration is active.

Prime Minister Honoka Kalinina has elaborated about the Kliegme-Sallodesia Mutual Assistance Pact during a press conference, stating that the “Pact was signed due to recent instability in Pacifica.” She reaffirmed that the Kliegme-Sallodesian Pact is purely a defensive pact, stating that “Instigating conflict would be against Kliegme’s interests.”

It was initially expected the Sallodesian bases in Kliegme, still under construction, would be ready by March of 2023, but plans for enlargement have complicated the schedule.

Overlanding season starts across Izaakia, where Izaakian off-road and camping enthusiasts take arduous over land journeys in modified off-road campers. The ultimate bragging rights for overlanders is reserved for those who make it from the Izaakian coast to the South Pole.