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BREAKING— The Krauanagazan Defense Department announced that the Federal Navy will be conducting live-fire naval drills just outside of Krauanagaz’s territorial waters. According to a spokesperson for the Defense Department, the drills are in response to Akarina’s, “wantonly aggressive posturing.”


Vrignyan Newspaper

Vrignyan State Newspaper:

The Vrignyan Armed Forces has settled on an aircraft lending deal with the Republic of Firest. The measure, while unpopular among Vrignyans due to Firest’s authoritarianism, has been justified by the Minister of Defence stating that the Vrignyan Armed Forces doesn’t have even close to the minimum budget necessary to maintain the arsenal it inherited from the Stratocracy.

Vrignyan military manufacturing has also experienced a large setback since the fall of the Stratocracy, due to the Armed Forces’ no longer existing demand, coupled with the small number of exports to other countries, too small for the production of Vrignyan weapons to be economical.

It is uncertain what the Republic of Firest will do with the new Vrignyan planes. The Republic of Firest and State of Aldestukk have been in conflict for decades; however, 7 years ago a 5 year armistice was signed, and so far, no new attacks or large military situations have occurred between the two nations. The disputed land border between both nations is heavily fortified, and mostly follows the Nissiel, Kresben and Uriren rivers, making any large military endevour by either country difficult.



This covers the recent developments in domestic computing and data components, and their respective software capabilities of file transfer and back-up through I/O SSH; AKA the "public beta release" of PrototAutomatons "NAPA-OS-XX"; Essentially, Synology. The full details were covered by NAACN here. Four points require addressing on the PNN.

“Why does this concern anyone else?”

->Because the “Simulacra Package” Act envisions (paraphrase): “Completion of macroeconomic transition (…) in areas of commerce liberalisation (…) specifically, markets and trade (…) within six months of this Acts enforcement”, which is… “Date Act is enforced: 02.20.2024. (until 08.20.2024.)” thank you Moran for that.
So, these will be available on the international market.

“How is this important?” aka “what’s synology?”

->Essentially and concisely, it removes the ability of: manipulation, access, or readability; via layers of abstraction for outside sources. In the end-user realm. Mitigating a lot of nuisances and (importantly for this context) amount of encryption that needs to be done. Because is stored in a physical box in a home and it’s up to the user on whether, how much and whom to allow access to such data. (keep in mind, this does not mitigate hash trips)

“What about Madisons / AID complaints?”

->Aside from the cost(of MXCHA and ENGeN components btw), which on retail should be about the same as a new smartphone; the “dangers of open beta release” are false.
–>We’ve used the alpha version of “NAPA-OS-XX” in P-Automaton once Jonas Val got a seat on the Executive Board. Which we were chastised for by both the former AID and the former External Affais.
–>Val has received criticism from both (current) ones, three times, within less than a month.
—>Since I’d like to keep my job, this ordeal sounds controversial enough for Robert Stenhouse to cover, more extensively.

—Reporter: perennialistDeconstructor Lumen.


A Miphan medical shipment en-route to Clocktown was seized by Okeanos Port guards in an unprecedented escalation to the acrimonious feud between the Terminan City-states of Okeanos and Higurashi. The move was met with swift near unanimous condemnation from the various city-states with Clocktown officials demanding Okeanos reverse course or face serious consequences. Okeanos officials hit back claiming they had little choice but to seize the shipment claiming that the Miphan authorities failed to submit proper paperwork to transit drugs through Okeanos’ territory. Meanwhile Nationalist bloc leader, Point Rain Governor-General Garek Nobel, distanced himself from the Okeanos seizure calling it a “gross overreaction to the political theatrics of the Capitol.” However, the Governor went on to sympathize with his nationalist compatriot adding, “the bias against local city-states in favor of the Entente only proves the Izaakian accusations of being an illegitimate entity”.


Huawan Plans Military and Diplomatic Intervention in Southern Cordilia’s Kraunanagaz and Mitallduk Amid Rising Tensions

In a decisive move to stabilize escalating tensions in the Southern region, Huawan plans to initiate a comprehensive military and diplomatic intervention in Kraunanagaz and Mitallduk. The intervention comes amid increasing violence and political instability that threaten the fragile balance in Southern Cordilia.

The office of the Prime Minister is set to discuss this in the Imperial Court after the elections. The Huawanese ambassador to Karnetvor has also conveyed the worrying events and may call forth a Huawanese-Karnetian coalition to aid peacekeeping measures in the region. The Peony has yet to comment on the events.

Tourists Flock to Jäähua for Historic Aurora Sighting

Many hotels and vacation houses report to be fully booked as tourism in Jäähua skyrockets this winter. This comes after the new routes established in Stoinia and Sedunn, as well as the announcement of a geomagnetic superstorm that will display large auroras.

Though prices have skyrocketed, local councils are instructed to avoid price-gouging and false advertising to protect and promote Jäähua arctic tourism. Minister of Tourism and Sports Jaana Mäkela-Mannila notes that “we are prepared for the large influx of tourists coming this winter and we expect the trend to increase.”

Hai Men Police Seize Over 120 Kittens and Puppies Smuggled by Speedboat from Mainland Huawan

Police on an anti-smuggling operation have seized over 120 kittens and puppies that were illegally shipped into Hai Men by speedboat from mainland Huawan. The 84 kittens and 42 puppies, found inside 46 crates, were abandoned by a smuggler during a chase in the northwestern Mien Foo industrial coastal area around 11:30 PM on Sunday, according to police.

A police insider reported that all the kittens and puppies are expensive breeds, only a few months old, with some in critical condition. Each animal could fetch at least several thousand dollars in Hai Men. Pet smuggling is a lucrative yet illegal operation in Hai Men, with animals either sold as pets or for illegal consumption. In January, authorities confiscated 30 kittens and seven puppies, along with $522,283 worth of illegal contraband, including frozen bull penis, dried geckos, and deer tails intended for medicinal use, in the Mien Foo coastal area.

Mira Prefectural Government Issues Controversial Whaling Licenses Amid Protests

Whaling Image

The Miranese parliament announced on Tuesday that it has granted a license to hunt 128 fin whales to the region’s sole whaling company, despite widespread criticism of the practice. Jäähua remains one of the few countries that allow commercial whaling, despite fierce opposition from animal rights activists. A series of illegal whaling incidents in 2008 that violated animal rights laws prompted the nation to adopt stricter regulations against whaling.

For centuries, Mira has relied heavily on fishing and whaling. However, in the past two decades, its tourism industry, including whale-watching tours, has flourished, leading to a decline in whaling operations. “It is devastatingly disappointing that Head Prefect Dåmian Björnnsson has set aside unequivocal scientific evidence demonstrating the brutality and cruelty of commercial whale killing and allowed whales to be killed for another year,” said Siini Soini from the Humane Arctic Society of Jäähua, calling the decision a “new shameful entry in the conservation history books.”

“Whales already face myriad threats in the oceans from pollution, climate change, entanglement in fish nets, and ship strikes. Fin whales, victims of Jäähua’s whaling fleet, are considered globally vulnerable to extinction,” Soini added.


Astrid Iceborn reinstalled as Empress of Izaakia, in a formal ceremony today.


Legion's Speaker

Legion’s Speaker (Z-D Kresbo’s interviewing TV channel):

“…and that’s the reason why Vrigny’s doomed to fall.” - Markus Herien

"Markus, there are many reasons why Vrigny is ruined as a country already. Our current Government is not only a puppet to the WF, but it also seeks to destroy Vrignyan industry by setting up horrendous regulations and fines which will only affect all Vrignyans negatively. Another thing is that, since 2014, Vrigny has lost all its power due to the lack of military funding.

Our current military is not much more than a very sad joke; even the Republic of Firest, a country that has a GDP almost 6 times smaller than Vrigny spends $5 billion more on its military compared to us. Firest admires us as their Fatherland and in these conditions, we’ll only fail them in case that filthy Aldestukk invades our fellow Vrignyan Republic of Firest yet again." - Zarik Hester (Host of the Kresbelxervar)

“You’re right, Mr. Hester. Vrigny’s exposing itself way too much to the exterior world, and without a decent military to protect itself, we might see our great Vrignyan culture and nation erased; it looks like that’s what the GPV wants! With our weak constitution, laws, and even foreign laws we didn’t even want, Vrigny is as close as ever to its end as a nation.” - Markus Herien

“Remember, Legion! Each passing day it’s more possible that the Great Maxim Vireat, leader of the Republic of Firest, will be attacked by the despicable State of Aldestukk. With the Stratocracy gone, we might as well go help fight for Firest’s Vrignyans by forming a true Legion on our own! Vrigny’s Government has truly forgotten the importance of helping Vrignyans, even if they’re not in Vrigny itself.” -Zarik Hester


Director Fineyul voiced concerns on the current instability of South Cordillia as a huge threat to Prydon’s national security. The Director has requested the Prydonian Navy to mobilize its ships to secure vital trade lanes.

Premier Aequi has announced a plan to increase income tax and VAT for 5% in front of the High Council to help balance Prydon’s trade deficit caused by recent resource deals.


The Nicholas and Great British government has accused East Romordia of being in contact with West Romordian terrorists.


Izaakian tech companies begin on-shoring server farms into Izaakia following a significant reduction in Izaakian energy costs with the Gas and Oil boom and the huge increases in wind energy production. The CEO of Taiga Technology said , “the USI has world beating infrastructure, world beating technical expertise, and now has world beating energy costs, to move back to the USI is a no brainer”.


The government of ateemara has issued a statement condemning Akarina’s actions, putting a focus on the importance of the universal right to a fee and fair trial no matter the severity of a crime, calling the act a violation of the rule of law


Empress Katriin III has in a letter congratulated Empress Astrid on being reinstated, putting a focus on the historic ties of the nations and hoping to expand collaborations in the future


BREAKING NEWS: 21 dead and 18 in critical condition after Kline’s Bar in Ha’Hani, FiHami.

Kline’s Bar is a historical LGBTQ+ bar that is especially popular among the queer Antarchi population. The bar was historically a place where queer Antarchi youth would socialize with others without the pressure of the wider Antarchi homophobic pressure.

It is also the meetingplace of Free Love, an Antarchi LGBTQ+ rights organization that recently formed to highlight the continued issues regarding the acceptance of queer Antarchis in the culture. The organization has staged a few minor protests in predominantly-Antarchi neighborhoods, which has led to the rate of hate crimes in FiHami rising exponentially over the last 3 months.

Organizations like the Finixi-Antarchi Alliance, Free Love, and others have poured in support for the victims of the attack, paying for medical treatment, repairs to the bar, trauma therapy for those who witnessed the attack and loved ones of the victims, and other modes of support.

“My sister and her wife are in the hospital fighting for their lives right now. To the homophobe at the bar tonight, I wish you’ll be prison cellmates with Texeteti’ and rot there for life. Thank you to the Finixi-Antarchi alliance volunteers that acted like more of a family to us than our own mother, who has disowned Kassidy and I for “supporting the gays” or whatever.” Kennedy Jonston posted in Stream following the attack. Her sister, Kassidy Jonston-Kilaweioni, and sister-in-law Shi’Fi Kilaweioni-Jonston, are both still in critical condition.

“What has happened tonight is an atrocity beyond belief. To the LGBTQ+ Antarchi people, you are loved, you have always been welcome in FiHami and you will continue to be welcome. If your own family disowns you, know that you have always had a place with the Finixi people, and you always will. We will always #StandBehindFreeLove.” Acting Chief Hana Pua’Shi posted in Stream following the attack.

The culprit of tonight’s attack has been described as an older, pale, bald man about 190cm tall, 270lbs, wearing a shirt that says “Arsfanism First”. If anyone has any information regarding the identity and location of this man, please reach out to FiHami’s Ministry of Justice Law Enforcement Division at +126 001 11 11 111.



Auroras begin all over the southern areas of The South Pacific. It is expected to peak on friday night.


From Crisis to Chaos: Will a Snap Election Save or Sink Krauanagaz?

In a shocking move breaking party ranks, Magésare Koroshia (First Magistrate) of the Ludikiari, Taayya Lithin (LI - KG), has introduced the resolution calling for a snap election for the position of Krauanaet along with scheduled legislative elections in November. This resolution, which has been brought to the floor for debate, has taken many by surprise and is causing a stir within political circles.

The Ludikiari is currently in session, with members debating the merits and implications of the proposed snap election, which was approved by the Zhirveniayyaka weeks ago. The capitol is charged with a mix of anticipation and tension, as the stakes of this decision are incredibly high. If the resolution passes, it could lead to a significant shift in the political landscape of Krauanagaz, with centrist and right-wing parties likely to produce candidates capable of unseating an incumbent with a shaky record in domestic security and maintaining the nation’s economy.

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Coalitanian Military Announces Major Upgrades

The Coalitanian Ministry of Defense has announced significant upgrades to the national army. These improvements include modernizing equipment, enhancing communication systems, and introducing advanced training programs. The goal is to strengthen the army’s capabilities and readiness, ensuring better protection for the nation.

As part of this initiative, a new group of conscripts has been drafted. This reflects the ongoing commitment to maintaining a strong and prepared military force, even in times of peace. Coalitanian Minister of Defense added; "This is not a sign of aggression, instead it is a sign of strength and unity. The world is not perfect, and these upgrades will never be used unless for defending the nation. "

Recent manpower statistics show the following:

  • Active personnel: 95,000 (previously 87,384)
  • Reserve personnel: 370,000 (previously 345,305)
  • Deployed personnel: 2,500 (previously 2,305)

These efforts highlight a proactive approach to national defense, ensuring that Alcoalitania is well-prepared for any potential challenges.


The Federal Constitutional Court has promptly ruled to strike down a deprecated state law of Centralen Berscheland decreeing that “no person may ride a horse on a street while carrying a two-foot plank on their shoulder”, without a formal oral hearing, in a record-fastest processed case in Besern since 2005, as the entire endeavour lasted 1 day; with actual proceedings in 10 minutes total.

A judge of the court, deliberately made anonymous here, has written in the informal remarks section of the verdict certificate, reading “who writes these laws? Oh, right.”


Eastern Land News:

Strikes have been called for several sectors of the Vrignyan Industry and Mining, after negotiations between different Syndicates (Trade Unions) and Employer’s associations. These strikes are planned to last at least 2-3 days and are a protest to the GPV Government’s environmental regulations which affect the previously mentioned sectors of Vrigny’s economy.

The Syndicates and Employer’s associations have both agreed that these changes will only hurt Vrigny’s economy and workers, and could cause unemployment to rise if different industries turn out to be no longer profitable. Despite the ideological differences between both sides, it is clear that neither of them want a return to Vrigny’s unemployment crisis in 2014-2016; unemployment rapidly rose from 3% to 16% after the fall of the Stratocracy.

Currently, Vrigny’s unemployment rate has been mostly stabilized at 7% of the population, however, the Vrignyan economy still is undergoing a modernization process, and some sectors are underdeveloped. The GPV claims that the regulations will be no problem, since Vrigny’s services sector is still a nascent sector, but this is no excuse to destroy Vrigny’s historically large and productive industrial sector.

We have yet to see how large the scale of the organized strikes will be; workers from all over Eastern Vrigny, mainly in the cities of Rijeke, Maxi, Dianxe and Aren, will make sure that our Government doesn’t sell our work to “the environment”, even though Vrigny is already one of the least contaminating countries in Pacifica!


Ati Innienn - President Innienn’s daughter - has singed for URN Goends following the completion of her mandatory military service. URN Goends was last year’s champions in the women’s Voksid, the highest division of association football in Sedunn.


BREAKING: Fisticuff in Ludikiari Following Overwhelming Approval of Snap Election in November; ‘High-level Discussions’ at EOB About Holding Elections Sooner

Yayyára, Krauanagaz— The Ludikiari descended into chaos today following a vote approving the snap election resolution. After the debate period expired, the Magistrates were called to the floor for a full vote on the resolution which resulted in 224 ayes, 37 nays, and 38 abstentions, at around 6:58 PM. The overwhelming support for the resolution came as a surprise to many, given the intense debates and differing opinions expressed during the session.

The atmosphere in the Ludikiari was already charged, but tensions reached a boiling point when the vote results were announced. The approval of the snap election resolution triggered an immediate and volatile response from opposing factions. Supporters of the resolution, primarily from centrist and right-wing parties, cheered and celebrated the decision, viewing it as a necessary step towards fresh leadership and accountability.

However, not everyone was pleased with the outcome. Mg. Galen Tkallan and Mg. Valari Khanz, members from the ruling party, Lor’nai’da Intaín (LI), who opposed the resolution, accused their colleagues of undermining the current administration during a time of national crisis. The disagreement quickly escalated into a physical altercation, with heated words exchanged across the chamber. Several Magistrates were seen shoving and grappling with one another, leading to a full-blown brawl on the Ludikiari floor between ML and LI Magistrates.

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