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The investigation into the Romordian camp fire has been moving slowly. The police department said that they haven’t been able to identify any suspects. There have been several incidents during the investigation, the most prominent is that before the cameras were formatted, police officers made a copy of the SD-card. However, this SD card was then damaged and the files were not retrievable. Luckily several files had been backed up, but not all.


The Green Party of Vrigny has published the following draft for the modification of the Purple Article, which will be renamed to: “New Laicism”. However, some of the policies of the Purple Article will continue to exist without change. The new article’s preamble will be changed in the following way:

"Vrigny is an atheist (secular) country. The Government’s policies and State institutions shall be free of any religious influence. Any sort of religious practice is outlawed and punishable by law, depending on the severity of the infraction. (Citizens may practice any religious beliefs, without intervention from the Government.)

Some of the policies that will be included in the new article are:

  • Any sort of religious practice is outlawed. Those who practice it will be punished according to active laws → Vrignyan citizens will be allowed to practice any religion privately or publicly.

  • The establishment of any sort of temple or church is not allowed. → The Government has the authority to grant religious institutions the permission to construct houses of worship.
    ** The Government may not provide funding to the construction of said houses of worship.
    ** All houses of worship will be subject to a Government tax.

  • Any sort of religious celebrations or holidays are outlawed. → Religious celebrations are allowed.
    ** The Government may not provide funding for the organization of said celebrations.

  • The teaching of religious values or fundamentals is prohibited.
    ** → Public schools may not instill or teach any sort of religious values or thoughts. (Note: Private schools are not allowed in Vrigny)
    ** → The teaching of any religion will have to be done by the religious institutions or religious followers themselves to those who consent to it.

  • There shall be no political party with religious values or goals.

  • The reproduction, importation and sale of Holy Scriptures is outlawed.

These policies, which may seem strict compared to those in other countries in Pacifica, are still an improvement to the outright prohibition of religion in Vrigny. Despite the very low number of Vrignyan citizens which have been prosecuted in recent years, with this modified article, they will be able to practice their beliefs without risk. Of Government intervention, at least. There’s still a bunch of staunchly conservative groups in Vrigny regarding this part of Vrigny’s “culture”, which could easily go after those who may want to preach or practice their beliefs in public.

This article is still being discussed and debated by members of the GPV. Other political parties have simply expressed their disapproval or have proclaimed that: “Vrigny has much more pressing matters”. The leader of the opposition and Liberal Party of Vrigny has even stated, that: “It will be much, much more easier to revert the GPV’s current changes in the future in comparison to the trouble they’re having right now to change it when they have the clear majority in Parliament.”


The Coalitanian People’s Union Senate agreed to reduce the legal drinking age from 25 to 20 after the Coalitanian Nationalist Party proposed this new reform. Following lengthy discussions and public meetings, the government changed its stance on alcohol consumption and public health policy, as seen by this law reform.

Proponents of the new rule contend that it recognizes the maturity and responsibility of younger adults while bringing Coalitanian regulations into line with worldwide norms. They also draw attention to the possible economic advantages, since the shift is anticipated to strengthen the hospitality and beverage industry.

On the other hand, opponents voice worries about the possible rise in occurrences involving alcohol and health problems among younger people. The public has been reassured by the government that more money would be allocated to preventative and education initiatives, and that current laws against alcohol abuse will be strictly enforced.

Beginning in January of next year, the new law will provide businesses and regulatory agencies with time to adjust to the changes.


The Kliegmean Navy celebrates the 732nd anniversary of the battle of Tagara Island(modern day Yatagarasu), in which Garan Admiral Song Hui Lip’s fleet of 58 ships managed to destroy roughly 73 Masakonese ships and halted Masakonese naval operations along the Kliegmean coast during the Red Ocean War. Despite its ultimate surrender to the Masakonese, Gara managed to devastate the Masakonese fleet to prevent further destruction and annexation of the Garan state by the Masakonese Empire. Admiral Song Hui Lip managed to score more victories after the battle, despite being outnumbered in many cases. This was done by using meticulate tactics and planning, This led him to be praised by the Garans of his time and modern Kliegmeans alike.


Mitallduk on Edge: Early Voting Marred by Protests, Military Presence, and Arrests

Ta’ana, Mitallduk – In the run-up to the crucial May 20 general elections, Mitallduk finds itself engulfed in political tension and civil unrest. The Kevantza Mitalldukish (KM) party recently nominated Daman Kullan as their candidate, following a highly contentious party convention. Runner-up Ya’oran Gallai has alleged that Kullan “bribed and coerced” delegates into supporting his nomination. Gallai has also filed to appear on the ballot in Monday’s election, further intensifying the political climate.

Kullan, the son of the current Mitallarkava Lukian Kullan, has faced accusations of nepotism and corruption, with critics arguing that his rise within the party was orchestrated by his father’s influence. Gallai, a prominent critic of the KM establishment, has gained a substantial following among those disillusioned with the current administration, positioning himself as a champion of anti-corruption and populist reforms.

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Alkantara, Krauanagaz— Chief of police in Alkantara has said that dozens of militants have attacked two police stations in southern Alkantara. According to a spokesperson for Alkantara City Police one location has been secured and several individuals were detained, while the other station remains under heavy militant assault.

The Federal Army has deployed units to assist Alkantara police in repelling the latest militant attack. As Kevpríg’s capital city is assailed by militant aggression, Governor Mitka Luavi has temporarily suspended Kevpríg provincial governmental operation until a suitable and secure secondary location is found for the provincial government’s day-to-day operations. Governor Luavi assured Kevpríg residents that provincial and federal social programs will not be affected by the disruption in legislative activities.

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After extensive investigation, Coalitanian authorities have officially found and arrested the killer. The suspect has been taken into custody and is awaiting trial. Charges can range from a life sentence to death by lethal injection. The sentence will be decided when investigators have confirmed they have collected every piece of evidence.

A small community of protestors are cheering for the killer’s arrest outside the East Dholok police station.



Fundamental rights position:Criticism of Vrigny by Jonas Val

Jonas Val of the radically liberal ADLA party had criticised abuse of fundamental rights in @Vrigny, being the first public official of Nasphilitae to do so. Interestingly, he criticised Vrignian reliance on plebiscite to legitimise the codification something as foundational as right to free conscience.
In the complaint, it’s stated that the use of plebiscites and referendums are signs of ochlocracy and warned that “in the past, it was often abused as a source of legitimacy by authoritarian governments […] While using it to gauge public opinion on a particular policy, as @Besern has done in the past months, is fine […] An administration cannot rely solely on such an instrument for fundamental rights”

Adrianna Rolstons response to Pelinai and Chancellor Sanddorn on WF

High Ambassador of Nasphilitae to the WF, Md. Adrianna Rolston, criticised the structure of The Pelograd Apostle article; calling it “incorrect in logical process, correct in logical conclusion”
Namely, the lack of WF enforcements instruments is noted as a correct assertion, with the exclusion of the International Court. An example cited was @Ryccia rejection of the TPNW in 2019. It was further mentioned that the WF set a “self-sabotagign precedent, in condemning @Izaakia when it intervened into the NAGB”.

→ Chancellor Sanddorns’ position on the matter had also been criticised, namely on the grounds of “Overly obsessive textualism, which as is now evident, falters on its’ own contradictions […] It contradicts the principles of either human or natural rights semantics, as well as sabotaging the pillars of Gianlucian foreign policy […] What good is […previously mentioned…] if it is not exercised and put into action?”
Ending the statement by agreeing with KPHA’s Archduke Ikaros VIII stances mentioned in GIN. ( @LordGianni )

End of AID Hash investigations
Full article here

Political party polling standing
Full article here. NNP is claimed to have taken a decisive lead in popularity among the citizens.

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Boris Rađen, the leader of the National East Romordian Party and Head of State and Government of East Romordia, has been found dead in his house.


Ta’ana Times

Defending Our Nation: The Misguided Trial of Our Heroes and the Erosion of Order

Opinion by Ya’oran Gallai

In a shocking display of judicial overreach and pandering to international critics, five honorable soldiers of the Mitallduk Defense Force (MDF) have been convicted on all charges related to the Coastal Crossing incident. This verdict is a travesty of justice and a clear sign that our nation’s leadership has capitulated to the globalist agenda, undermining our sovereignty and security. These soldiers, who bravely defended our borders from the chaotic influx of Krauanagazans, are now being sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. The court martial’s decision is not just an affront to these soldiers but to every citizen who values the security and integrity of Mitallduk.

The real crime here is not the actions of these soldiers, but the government’s willingness to criminalize those who protect us from the threats spilling over our borders. The Coastal Crossing incident, which occurred on April 22, involved a confrontation at our southern border where MDF soldiers were accused of excessive force against Krauanagazan refugees. The soldiers maintained they were protecting Mitallduk from an uncontrolled influx of migrants, posing a significant security threat. The court martial’s decision to convict these soldiers disregards the complex and dangerous situation they faced, prioritizing political correctness over national security.

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Exclusive: Zuhlgan Deploys Landmines Along Akarina Border, Forcibly Removes Native Lupritali

Sources within the South Cordilian Joint Counterterrorism Task Force (SCJCTF) report that the Zuhlgani government has begun deploying anti-vehicle and anti-personnel landmines along its border with Akarina. This move, purportedly a defensive measure, has raised significant concerns both regionally and internationally.

According to these sources, the deployment of landmines is accompanied by the forced removal of the indigenous Lupritali people, who have resided in the border region for centuries. The Lupritali, known for their deep cultural ties to the land, are reportedly being displaced to make way for these new military installations.

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A joint Senate-Parliament committee has been created to investigate what is being referred to as the Hanblen-Siculites Affair. Lawmakers are understood to be cooperating with prosecutors in order to further each other’s investigative efforts.


As the dust of the economic collapse settled in Myria, the Parliament has approved measures that would establish an emergency committee just like the one used to defuse the current situation, when such economic crash happens again.


A blood sample from Boris Rađen’s corpse has shows traces of the nerve agent VX, meaning he was assassinated. Many members and supporters of the National East Romordian Party believe that Aberstopia did this. However, there is not yet any evidence of this.


The Headless Killer(s) strikes again!

This early morning, police have been called yet again. This time, the small town of Xyrlen in Northern Vrigny has been struck by the same circumstances as Veryn and Karien. The town, surrounded by what little remains of Vrigny’s Northern Rainforests has had many of its houses broken into again, and so far, 8 bodies have been found, once again, with their heads missing.

This number of victims is only half of those found in the previous affected towns. So far, a total of 40 victims have been attributed to the same case. This amount is incredibly grim, as Vrigny had only seen a total of 18 murders on the last 10 years. The Vrignyan police only had the testimony and a very simple description from one child of an affected family, MJ.

Thankfully, this has now changed. It seems that the reason the town of Xyrlen didn’t have as many victims as other towns is due to the action of Joseph Birer. The lieutenant was awake during the time his home was raided, around 5:30 in the morning. He was the one who called the police, claiming he had been attacked. When the police arrived, 20 minutes later, the reason for his call was long gone by then. Joseph’s wife had bandaged pretty much the entire chest of the lieutenant, which had been gashed during a fight.

Joseph Birer stated that: “Two really tall men who looked very edgy broke into our home without setting the alarms and made their way into the study room, where they made the mistake of grabbing me instead of striking me with the huge axe the other guy was carrying. I was wearing my pocket knife, as usual, so I managed to stab the one who grabbed me. Those guys were professionals at fighting and all, it was a very tough battle, I think they only decided to run away since it was getting too late for their comfort. It must have been horrible to see them just before they chop your head off, they were wearing pitch black cloaks and robes, horns, a mask, and night vision goggles.”

With this confirmation by part of the lieutenant, it was now clearly known to the Vrignyan police that the Headless Killers were indeed two Killers. The police has also sent Joseph’s pocket knife, with one of the killer’s blood on its blade, to a laboratory. Hopefully with it, investigators will be able to get said killer’s genetic information, and it could prove crucial if it is already registered in the police’s database.

On another hand, with the lieutenant’s description of the killers, a protest has erupted in front of the GPV’s main party headquarters in Adleimen, accusing the governing party of a weak and slow management of the situation, leading to a slaughter. Protestors have also accused the Government of wanting to legalize the Zarkanxiz faith once again, in which these kind of “rituals” are mainstream, since the killers pretty much have been described as Zarkanxiz cultists, or some kind of satanists.



Retired Commanding General of the Army, Kodey Lou has unfortunately died today. He reportedly died peacefully in his sleep. Kodey Lou, often considered one of the most honorable and noble soldiers, fought in 9 Coalitanian battles, performing excellently in each.

The funeral has just been hosted, with hundreds of soldiers attending it.


Cintralia, Alcoalitania – Protests have surged across Alcoalitania as citizens take to the streets demanding the transition from a single-party system to a multi-party democracy.

Widespread Demonstrations

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in major cities including Cintralia, Ere˩s City, Dholok, and Austral City. Protesters are calling for political reforms that would end the decades-long single-party rule and allow for greater political representation.

Key Demands

Protesters have outlined their key demands:

  1. Introduction of Multi-Party Democracy: Citizens are calling for the immediate implementation of a political system that allows the formation and operation of multiple political parties.
  2. Free and Fair Elections: There are demands for the establishment of an independent electoral commission to oversee transparent and fair elections.
  3. Political Freedom and Rights: Demonstrators are advocating for constitutional amendments to ensure political freedoms and rights for all citizens.

Voices from the Ground

“We want a government that truly represents us,” said a protester in Cintralia. “The current system does not reflect our diverse views and aspirations.”

Government Response

While the government has acknowledged the protests, official statements suggest a cautious approach to addressing the demands. President Dawod Durant has called for calm and promised to consider the public’s grievances.

Growing Momentum

The protests, initially sparked by dissatisfaction with the current political system, have gained momentum over the past weeks. Various social groups, activists, and civil society organizations have joined the movement, increasing pressure on the government to initiate reforms.

International Attention

The protests have drawn international attention, with various global leaders and human rights organizations expressing support for the demonstrators’ demands for political reform and democratic governance.


An Ikaranarean NA Member joked that Ikaranara should enstate a law requiring special permission for all non-religious buildings in the country to be built in reference to the proposed edits of the Vrignyan purple article. The Foreign Affairs Minister stated that the edits were “an embarassing half-measure.” Garovo Alertz, when asked about the cultural concerns, asked whether Ikaranara should ban all non-Bvarai religions just because Bvarai is a large part of Indavral culture. He further stated that “It [freedom of religion] is a fundamental right,” and that “some people need to be dragged into a better world kicking and screaming.”


BREAKING— FPA Director Janala Kraik has said that 2 agents were shot and killed and at least 5 people were injured by automatic gunfire outside the agency’s Krauana office in the provincial capital of Zádáragaz. The agency has not yet released the names of the slain agents, but the city has been flooded with federal law enforcement and Krauana Provincial Militia units searching for the suspects who reportedly fled in a white vehicle. The motive remains unclear at this time, and local authorities have urged residents to remain indoors and secure all entrances to their homes.

This is a developing story

Yayyára, Krauanagaz— Sources at FPA Headquarters in Yayyára have indicated that one of the agents killed in the Krauana shooting was Chief Investigator Malakar Zhal, who was leading the investigation into militant organizations’ supply chains.