Pact of the Centre of the Earth (with Balder)


Article I. Mutual Recognition of Government Legitimacy

Section 1. The signatories to this treaty recognize as legitimate governments that government espoused by the authoritative representatives of each region, and will not extend that recognition to any government otherwise represented.

Section 2. Balder shall be authoritatively represented by the Monarch, or the heir apparent in case of an absence, as well as the Statsminister or a substitute duly appointed by the monarch.

Section 3. The South Pacific shall be authoritatively represented by the government of the Coalition of the South Pacific, embodied principally for these purposes jointly by the Prime Minister as head of government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, unless the Council of Regional Security, as the Coalition’s security institution, lawfully declares a state of emergency, in which case it shall be authoritative for the duration of the state of emergency.

Section 4. Should the government of either signatory change, authoritative representation will be performed by the corresponding functionally equivalent positions or institutions.

Article II. Security.

Section 1. The signatories shall respect the sovereignty of the other, encourage that respect amongst their partners and allies, and acknowledge that with sovereignty comes the right to govern themselves in the way of their choosing.

Section 2. The signatories shall not attack the home region or any territory of the other signatory.

Section 3. The signatories shall not seek to destabilize or overthrow, either directly or through a third party, the governance of the home region or any territory of the other signatory.

Section 4. The signatories shall not conduct clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against the other signatory.

Section 5. The signatories shall not conspire to violate any of the acts described herein.

Section 6. The signatories shall, in good faith, report any known threat or concern related to the other signatory’s security, to the other signatory.

Article III. Cooperation.

Section 1. The signatories shall share in-game and off-site embassies in order to allow cross-posting. If an illegal delegate of a signatory region closes the in-game embassy with the signatory region’s counterpart, embassies shall be restored immediately following the restoration of the legitimate delegate.

Article IV. Deposit and Clarification.

Section 1. This treaty shall be deposited in the community forums of each signatory such that the authoritative representatives can access it.

Section 2. The signatories to this treaty shall undertake to settle any and all disputes between them through peaceful means and to refrain from using the threat of force or sanction against one another while this treaty is in force.

Section 3. At any time, the signatories may meet to clarify the terms of this treaty through memorandums of understanding, which shall be posted alongside the treaty.

Article V. Suspension of Terms and Termination of the Treaty.

Section 1. Either signatory may suspend the terms of the treaty if the other signatory has materially breached its terms, until such a time that both signatories peacefully settle the dispute and adopt a memorandum of understanding that the treaty is again in force.

Section 2. Either signatory may terminate the treaty with a public notice to the other signatory, effective after five days.

This treaty entered effect following its ratification by the Assembly on January 24, 2022 and its subsequent assent from the King of Balder on January 30, 2022.