HS for MoFA

Hi, I’m HS.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a 1.5 term Prime Minister and have served a term each as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense. I also currently serve as a General of the SPSF and a member of the Legislator Committee.

I have the experience to do this job effectively. My previous terms as MoFA and PM included significant roles in negotiating our non-aggression pacts with Europeia and Balder as well as our alliances with The League and The Order of the Grey Wardens. I was also actively involved in the bulk of negotiations for The Award Accord while in Cabinet and I was a primary author of the Partnership for Sovereignty while serving in another region’s government. In my previous terms in Cabinet, I also played a key role in diffusing potential crisis situations with several other regions in ways that were both non-destructive and improved on how our Defender interests were represented relative to past agreements.

I have stated my values in foreign affairs in the past, and I’ll refer to them again here:

I’m a believer in principled pragmatism. The South Pacific’s foreign affairs should serve its values, which are defined by three things: the sovereignty of the Coalition, the promotion of democracy, and the defense of innocent communities.
Effective foreign affairs must move past the wrote repetition of our values with a vain hope others see the light. It’s about building institutions to advocate for those values–something we’ve done well with the PfS and the forthcoming Aegis Accords. It’s also about recognizing areas where our values cause our goals to align with other regions, and cooperating with them accordingly. We shouldn’t compromise on our values. But we can be pragmatic and work with others to accomplish shared goals.

TLDR: defenders great, independents can be acquaintances but not besties, and raiders are very bad.

These values have not changed. If anything, a contextual reading of the landscape means an even more principled approach is currently necessary.

I’m not planning to negotiate any new treaties this term. Nor am I planning to “upgrade” or “downgrade” any of our current treaties. I’m happy with the ones we have but am entirely willing to adjust course should circumstances require. My past experience in this role means that I am prepared to handle the extracurricular nonsense that inevitably comes our way in a given term.

Beyond this, I promise to be active and response to public concerns and messages from foreign officials in a timely manner. I am not planning to “run” the ambassador corps, which is largely an exercise in futility. I am planning to invite members of the region into our FA discussion process as Advisors in hopes of expanding the pool of FA informed individuals in the region. This will be far more helpful in building future MoFA talent than ambassadors.

I am happy to answer any questions

Conflict of Interest: I’m a legislator of the South Pacific, I am a General of the South Pacific Special Forces and a member of the Legislator Committee. I am formerly a Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Defense. I am currently a citizen of Spiritus and am formerly a legislator in that region. I am formerly a citizen, Senator, Minister, and WA Delegate of 10000 Islands. I am formerly a citizen, Senator, Officer, WA Delegate, and Chief Executive of Renegade Islands Alliance.


Do you plan to process MoFA applications? (And if so, how so?)

To elaborate on when I said:

I do not plan to process MoFA applications. I plan to disband the ambassador corps and fire all ambassadors. I plan to ask Discord moderation to archive the MoFA channel and forum administration to remove the MoFA sign up from the “Get Involved” form.

Maintaining an ambassador corps is frankly far more work than it’s worth. Distributing updates and obtaining information is something a Minister can do with less work and bureaucracy than maintaining an ambassador corps. Plus, possible FA talent is better identified through participation in Assembly discussion rather than wrote update distribution