Origin of Humans and Continent/Ocean Names Suggestions

This thread is for both deciding the original location of humans in Pacifica, and for suggestions of names for the continents and oceans outside the South Pacific.

Origin of humans

Answer the pool with your three preferred locations for the origin of humans, from 1 to 7.

Origin of Humans
  • 1 .
  • 2 .
  • 3 .
  • 4 .
  • 5 .
  • 6 .
  • 7 .

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Names Suggestions

Suggest one name for each continent and ocean in the map using this form.

**Continent Names:**
**A.** [name suggestion or none]
**B.** [name suggestion or none]
**C.** [name suggestion or none]
**D.** [name suggestion or none]
**E.** [name suggestion or none]
**F.** [name suggestion or none]

**Ocean Names:**
**I.** [name suggestion or none]
**II.** [name suggestion or none]
**III.** [name suggestion or none]
**IV.** [name suggestion or none]
**V.** [name suggestion or none]

Explanation for choice of human origin
I chose 4, 6 and 7.

Based on the history of nations in Frastinia, that was collectible for a few years already, and based on recent agreements on North Cordilian settlements, there are two migration waves to consider homo sapiens took (other human beings, like the Neanderthals/Besernian Zweitlanders could’ve arrived earlier):

  1. Wave from Bailtem via the Rainbow Islands between 35,000 to 15,000 BCE
  2. Wave from the Western continents via Ceretania and Frost between 45,000 to 30,000 BCE)

Those modern humans came from the North and moved southwards, down the length of Cordilia and settled in Frastinia, Besern, possible East Cordilia and in Huawan.

This means, that from our perspective Bailtem and the Western continents would’ve needed to be settled earlier than Cordilia. With that No. 1 as place of origin is outruled from my perspective.

No. 2 is not preferred by me, because I think, no country, that’s not a NPN, should be able to call itself the “origin of civilisation/modern humans”. While it might just be an honorary title without much consequence (see Africa today), I still find it holds enough value and bragging rights for any potential roleplayer with…much confidence, that I see arguments breaking out there.

No. 5 I didn’t choose, because I find it quite far away from us and those mountain ranges/vast oceans separating it from the other potential origin spots just make it seem unlikely for me, that humans would’ve easily gotten to the South Pacific.

No. 3 - I’d find agreeable too, but I can only vote for my first three preferred choices :smiley:

Continent Names: [I will fill it out over the next few days with suggestions]
A. Karimera; Ikona
(Exp.: Based on Kari/Hammer or Ikonen respectively for the rp-er with the many names, who most famously roleplayed as Hammerstar and Huawan)
B. Dernsia; Bottnia
(Exp.: Based on Qwert’s rp-name “Derrns Botnienn”)
C. Carideia
(Exp: Shrimp are belonging to the subclass of “Caridae” biologically. Meme suggestion)
D. Sunset Islands
(Exp.: Keeping the tradition set by the Rainbow Islands alive. Also doesn’t this collection of islands, in their shape, remind a little of Japan, which is the “sunrise land”?)
E. Monkeria; Seraphia
(Exp.: Unicorn - Old Greek: monókeros. Meme suggestion; Seraph has been a former semi-influential roleplayer. His name would be fitting for a continent looking like a magical creature.)
F. Tazenica
(Exp.: Named after former map manager Rhinotaz/Taz)

Ocean Names:
I. Sea of New Ryccia
(Exp.: Ryccia already introduced us to an X-Canon colonial rp back in the days and is also one of the longest standing roleplayers of our community. Iirc she still isn’t too happy about us having a whole world, maybe her mind changes, if she has a sea named after her [and indirect dibs on a 5th plot in that area, should we ever open up the map xD)
II. Emilian Ocean
(Exp.: Refers to another long standing roleplayer, Em, who has also had significance on gameside as well)
III. Brutian Ocean; Frosty Ocean
(Exp.: The South is the Keylian Ocean, the North uses another one of Kyle’s names. Alternatively naming after the roleplayer Frost)
IV. West Pacific Ocean (It should include the Cordilian Sea though)
V. Faren Sea
(Exp.: Old roleplayer Farengeto owned the plot now held by georgemoody/Berusturg. Flipped 180°, the shape reminds a little of the shape of sea No. 5)
Further Request The current “Eastern Ocean” should be renamed to “East Pacific Ocean” canonically, even if the map cannot be edited in this way anymore.


Continent Names:
A. [name suggestion or none]
B. [name suggestion or none]
C. [name suggestion or none]
D. [name suggestion or none]
E. [name suggestion or none]
F. [name suggestion or none]

Ocean Names:
I. [name suggestion or none]
II. Keylian Ocean (Circumpolar ocean) or Keylic Ocean
III. [name suggestion or none]
IV. [name suggestion or none]
V. [name suggestion or none]

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Continent Names:
A. Septentria / Septentrionalis
(Exp. Latin ~ Septentrio → Northern land)
B. Arica
(Exp. Named after a Stoinian navigator Rigo Aricò aka Amerigo Vespucci moment)
C. Ceretania
(Exp. Renaming it to honour the original map maker and perhaps free up the current Ceretanian plot while still honouring the maker.)
D. Ilionesia
(Exp. Greek ~ ilios nisi → Sun islands)
E. Garisia / Garasia
(Exp. Greek ~ Garida → shrimp / mother of shrimps)
F. Megalosia
(Exp. Greek ~ Megalos → Large land)

Ocean Names:
I. Seraphine Sea
(Exp. Reference to Seraph meaning burning sea)
II. Megalosian Ocean
III. Shivering Ocean
IV. Southern Ilionesian Sea (part of greater Western Pacific Ocean)
V. Mesial Ocean


Continent Names:
A. Ikitia
Exp. From Inuktitut “qikiqtaq”, meaning island, and remove all q, add ia. The northern peoples name the penisular part that, before knowing it wasn’t an island. It later refers to the whole continent.
B. Zhonga
Exp. Derived from Mandarin “Zhong”, meaning middle, center.
C. Lasgesuide
Exp. Derived from my approximate butchering the German word “Langenscheidt”, meaning chaos. Since the continent might evolve differently from the rest of the world.
D. Rainelands/Raine Islands
Exp. With Gianni bringing up the Sunset Island, what if it’s the other way around? What create rainbows? Water droplets and Sun light. Since we already have the sun, so… RAIN. We could do a tresure map thing with that too. “Below the Raine where the Sun shines brighter (nearer the equator), the treasured Rainbow is psomewhere (pun intended) out there”.
E. Stepe
Exp. From the Eurasian Steppe, the continent is an extension of F. kinda like the Steppe for Europe. Also, I imagined a lot of grassland there.
F. Nokia
Exp. Derived from Finnish “Noki”, meaning soot. Since it’s the biggest continent as far as I can tell… between F. and A… This can also be an alternate name for Pacifica (the planet). (Meme Suggetion)

Ocean Names:
I. Rerrown Sea/The Rerrown
Exp. Derived from Narrow, the people From Continent F and E may have found the strait between them first, then the name later applied to the whole area. The strait part get its own name later.
II. Jeveric Ocean
Exp. From Croatian (and probably other balkan states) “Sjever”, meaning north. Also sounds like Sereva.
III. Nesjveric Ocean
Exp. Add “Ne” from II., means no.
IV. Noic Sea/The Noic
Exp. From Thai “Noi”, meaning few, and add c.
V. Upsilon Ocean
Exp. From Upsilon, meaning looks like a u.

Notes: In my opinion, I don’t really like naming current continents after Roleplayers since it might be used later and it’s really hard to find an IC reason for their names. (Although, I really like Maverick’s Seraphine sea suggestion) I’d prefer for like constellations or stars which we can create myths about. (If one day we have a star map…)
And also, sorry for this unreadable wall of text…


I like many of the proposed names so far, but I’d like to add a few more.

Continent Names:
A. Exyaz (Comes from a possible native language with a so far unknown etymology made by modifying .xyz in honour of the old forums)
B. Sormia (Random word)
C. Irvid (/eer-vid/ or /er-vid/ - Irvidic Ocean was my proposed name for the ocean to the west of Cordilia. There was no specific etymology.)
D. Tangent Islands (The archipelago looks like a straight line that would fit as a tangent to the Rainbow Islands)
E. Tesperpa (/tis-per-puh/ - inserted some vowels in TSPRP, honouring the community and the RP server.)
F. Yufkielta ( /yuf-keel-tuh/ - the name is derived from Sedunnic “Jufkielta” meaning New Kielta. Kielta is the Sedunnic name for Transsuneria and comes from the old legends of an ancient Sedunnic explorer who called semi-legendary western lands Kielta.

Ocean Names:
I. Helingian Sea (from Helignia, a possible region/nation somewhere there)
III. Ankeylic Ocean (meaning opposite to Keyli, similar to Arctic/Antarctic)

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Continent Names:
A. Karaitheia
B. Ectahn
C. Ayyatakan
D. Guadaluos Islands
E. Zarkalaros
F. Kalakanara

Ocean Names:
I. Arkalaros Sea
II. Southern Ocean
III. Arctic Sea
IV. Sea of Tribriros
V. Tahnaria Ocean

Keep one ocean name




We encourage people to have fun here, however the times when TSPRP was partially meme-y are (thankfully) over. The discussion here is serious and as such I’d like you to treat it as such also.

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