October 2023 SPSF Service Report

Hey TSP!

October was a relatively quiet month for the South Pacific Special Forces-though we had one of the largest liberations in NationStates history.

Monthly Statistics

Statistic This Month Trend Monthly Change Percentage Change
Updaters 27 +6 +28.57%
Updates 50 -1 -1.96%
Defenses 123 +60 +95.24%
Detags 240 +102 +73.91%

Notable Operations

Though Defenses and Detags were up big from September, they were still below the monthly average. However, we had several liberations this month, including one of the largest liberations ever. Between two updates, 20 SPSFers showed up to defend Far East Oriental Federation from invaders.

The update after, 11 SPSFers liberated Bozarkia from spiders (you can read more about Far East Oriental Federation and Bozarkia here). We also liberated the region Nevoeiro from ethically questionable wolves, and detagged through some very slow-updates while @ConcreteSlab sang (more on that here.

We also had some promotions in October, with @Of_the_Ages being promoted to Soldier and @Banexet being promoted to Officer! Congrats to them on their promotions!

New SPSF Members

Please welcome @Legend, @KpFavrisko, @Silvae, and @kjr51 to the South Pacific Special Forces! We’re looking forward to working with you all on the battlefield.

Service Awards

Updates Attended

Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most updates150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most updates150x45 Banexet
3 third-most updates150x45 ConcreteSlab


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most detags150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most detags150x45 Banexet
3 third-most detags150x45 ConcreteSlab


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most defenses150x45 Banexet
2 second-most defenses150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
3 third-most defenses150x45 Pronoun

Congrats to @Shibuya-Kanon for once again taking the lead in most updates attended and detags, though it was the first month without them sweeping the leaderboards for a while. I also want to shout out Concrete Slab for taking third in most updates attended and detags and @Pronoun for having the third most defenses!

Contact and Conclusion

You guys all did great this month, and showed up when needed the most. Any and all contributions are welcome, and we need as many people as we can get. Thanks to everyone who joined the fight to defend this month! All of you are a part of why we are one of the premier defender organizations in NationStates.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, just let me know! We’re open to any suggestions to make the SPSF a better defender force.

If what the SPSF does looks interesting to you, we’re always welcoming new members! You can apply here.