Selected Ambient Works 1999–2023 by Hana Macchia & Kotoha Tanaka

9th October, 2023…

It was a good evening. The Idol had just arrived back home, and decided to play a game. Joining alongside the Idol was Hana Macchia. The Idol had set up the computer and booted it up. But not everything was as it seems as-


9th October, 2005…

Windows XP booted up slowly. Once booted, the Idol started up the MMORPG game World of NationCraft. Once started up, other allies in the game had already managed to free Nevoeiro. That said, many seemed to drop the game afterwards but the Idol started sending some units towards other locations to fight off some enemies. One of the locations visited was the Strand Palace Hotel, which was in disrepair. After gathering some materials and fighting off the enemy guards, the hotel was looking like new again.

However, noticeably, the game was lagging. Could it be the bloatware? The game’s servers? Who knows, the OS also meets the bare minimum requirements to run the game.

After another one minute load of getting into the next location, Rejected Cards! Seems like this region is the place where junked cards go? Granted we didn’t find anything, aside from a feather or two. Nothing out of the ordinary aside from another sweep.

As we cleared out locations and fought off enemies, we took a stroll down Interstate 45. We dodged big rigs that were flying fast in reverse. Wait, how’d a game like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing got into the mix? Anyway, it turns out this level is bugged, though this wasn’t the only Interstate we stopped by at that was like this. At least the road wasn’t slippery from eggnog this time! By the end of this location, it was reverted back to its original state, free of beverages.

Time went on, lag was ever prevalent, and load times were quite long. Okay, next location… 1984 World. Yeah, the location speaks for itself, it’s literally 198Fortnite!!! Wait, Fortnite? The game didn’t exist in 2005. Nevertheless, the world was restored, and Oceania is back at war with Eurasia. Or was it Eastasia?

Moving on from the nightmare, we drove down Interstate 464 and eventually made our way to Jeju island. For a game like this, it sure has a huge world, even larger than GTA San Andreas!! Shame the load times have been awful. Later we went back on one more interstate, Interstate 66. No relation to the famous Route 66, this one’s different. The traffic was horrendous, but we managed to clear it up. Well, the roads anyway, you can’t fix traffic.

After playing for two hours, it was time to log off and turn off the computer. Oh, Windows Updates. Maybe if the Idol ignores them it’ll go away…

With that, the Idol soon retreated into their blanket fort and slept for the rest of the night.

Major 2023-10-09

Solider Eshialand
Trainee Castle Crashers Boi
Officer Concrete Slab
Officer Drew Durrnil
Solider Konsa
Solider Lirozonia
Commander Purple Hyacinth
Trainee Silvae
Soldier The Age of Utopia
Idol Kotoha Tanaka

[ERN/TGW] Josi
[FDF/PAL] Yolyra
[FNDA] Burgermond
[LDF/TGW/FORGE] Quebecshire
[LDF/TGW] jammy
[LDF/WZSB] Raziel
[LDF] Anjan Kloss
[LDF] Gagium
[LDF] Karmand
[LDF] Zjaum
[PAL] Haganham
[RRA] Bowzin
[RRA] giang
[RRA] Minskiev
[RRA] Salem
[TGW/AE] Sir Merlin
[TGW/EU] Vincent Drake
[TGW/UDSAF] Ostrovskiy
[TGW] AurAKlimaX
[TGW] crescendoll
[TGW] Dada Sasa
[TGW] Grea Kriopia
[TGW] Igualla
[TGW] Luca
[TGW] New-Lamp Dynasty
[TGW] Takkaviita
[TGW] Wandering Mercenary
[TGW] yayuh
[TMG/TGW] Wolflandil

Liberations: 1

NationStates | Nevoeiro

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NationStates | Beljiotena
NationStates | Strand
NationStates | Fromania
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NationStates | All the other countries are run by girls
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NationStates | The land of empires
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NationStates | Jeju
NationStates | The black hole of Socorro
NationStates | The Defenders Union of NationStates
NationStates | Vinnytsia Raion
NationStates | Kuhlbach
NationStates | Interstate 66

October 10th, 1999…

After the very bizarre summer of 1999, it was time for a break. The Idol booted up Windows 98, ready to play a new game. After several minutes of loading thanks to dial-up internet, the game NationQuest started up and was ready to go. Joined initially by other players mainly from the South Pacific, as well as a Armamentalist from Weaver’s Peak (The Grey Wardens did not exist in 1999), and a player from Concord.

With everyone ready to go, the Idol created their character and set off towards the Kingdom of Mathematics. However, the level took a while to load, and once it did, it was very buggy. Trying to progress was hard, with invisible blocks, roadways that seemingly stopped, and cars that go much faster in reverse than forwards. After only 20 minutes of wandering around, the level was cleared.

“Well that’s strange, what’s happening on their end I wonder?” Anyway, the Idol was in for a treat. The third level, Isla de Bussy was the worst of them all. The level didn’t load initially, and when it did, it was very slowly. Several people just decided to drop the game then and there as the load times was so long. But the Idol was determined to get through this.

Say, you noticed something strange? Well, a combination of glitches in the matrix and the breaking of the time-space continuum led to unusual errors. Might explain why the night was so slow, and why the setting went backwards from present day, to 2005, and now to 1999.

The level loading felt like being stuck in traffic. That said, it was faster than being stuck on the 405, in that it took only one hour. That said, Aqua Hoshino (played by Concrete Slab) managed to be the first one to clear the level.

But wait, there’s more! As the levels went on, it was apparent that something went terribly wrong. While some levels were slightly faster and had less issues, like Mount Zion, others, like Honeymoon Farm took 20 minutes. The best of all had yet to come.

No, it wasn’t clearing up Interstate 475 from spilled beverages. Nor was it getting lost in The Ruin. It was the Idol’s panicking after hearing the bug was fixed and hearing the game going fast again that they decided to go straight to the Evelen support level.

But fast is relative. The game was still going slowly. Until it happened. The lag persisted and it was already 1:00 in the morning. The Idol started the game at 21:00. You know what that means. That means it took Four! Four Hours!! And it’s still going!

Afterwards the last three levels were cleared with The Mighty Death Eaters being the final one. The game’s story mode was beaten at 4 hours, 48 minutes in. That’s right, less than five hours, but more than Four Hours!!

The Idol was amused by this. That said, it was time to go, and-

October 10th, 2023…

With everything seemingly back to normal, the computer, which is running Windows 10, was turned off. Well, Windows Updates decided to strike again, so that was delayed. Anyway, the Idol went back to sleep in their blanket fort once more, safe and sound. The fact that the game took over four hours, almost five, was pretty impressive. Though there have been stories of the game lasting longer than that? Who knows, it was an entertaining night for the Idol.

The TV meanwhile was playing a recording of the latest Hana Macchia’s stream. Or seemed to be, until it stopped, and Hana was facing the room. The screen glitched out for two minutes, and when the TV static stopped, she had disappeared…

Major 2023-10-10

Trainee Castle Crashers Boi
Officer Concrete Slab
Officer Drew Durrnil
Solider The Age of Utopia
Trainee Trivalve

Idol Kotoha Tanaka V-tuber Hana Macchia

[LDF] The Eltran
[TGW] Takkaviita

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NationStates | Shizei
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NationStates | Not Found
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NationStates | Mount Zion
NationStates | Snigistan
NationStates | World Stage
NationStates | The Place
NationStates | Honeymoon Farm
NationStates | Abandoned accounts
NationStates | House Archelius
NationStates | Penguin Union
NationStates | North Atlantic Peace Keeping Countries
NationStates | Not Found
NationStates | Banned Europe
NationStates | Interstate 475
NationStates | Communist Alliance of Nog

Supports: 1

October 11th-November 1st

Sometime between all this, more glitches and unusual happenings had occurred. From the glitchy green mechanical phoenix flying high in the sky sometime after leaving Danganronpa, to many Idol-owned locations left in the dust during the zombie apocalypse, and the strange disappearance of the Idol. LizeCorp’s newest establishment such as Blanket Fort Macchia as well as the newest crystal idol/V-tuber Crystalised Macchia were safe however from the zombies, showing the might of the company’s innovations…

November 2nd, 2023

Meanwhile, the night of November 2nd had rolled around, and the streets were deserted. Meanwhile, one determined individual, Drew, was working to set up the roads to Bozarkia which had been taken by spiders again. Hana Macchia was called in for the lead, in which she accepted. However, things were not meant to be, and only a few others showed up. Despite this, everyone charged at the time of the call but were pushed off into the realms.

An unusual aura filled the air. The skies started to flicker, and the clouds turned to static. Hana pushed on as she and a few others made their way towards Minneapolis–Saint Paul. Having travelled down I-94, she eventually took the exit to go down on Interstate 494. Of course, what would be an interstate without… eggnog? Now that October was over, Pumpkin Spice was no longer being sold, and drinks like eggnog were rolled out.

There’s no one else around that likes Pumpkin Spice more than-

Suddenly, static fills the air and surroundings, and after what seemed like a while, the area re-emerged. The Idol was back and was here to deal with the issue at hand. However, the ghost of eggnog wasn’t going down without a fight. The Idol had the surprise backing of LizeCorp, who sent them a special item. It was the Pumpkin Sword! Calling upon the remaining Pumpkin spirits, the Idol charged their sword towards the ghost of eggnog, finishing them off.

Interstate 494 was cleared, with the road reopened for safe travels. The Pumpkin Sword had dissipated afterwards, though the skies and surroundings have returned to normal.

After flying out of Minneapolis–Saint Paul, the Idol returned home in their blanket fort. The final cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee was on the table, which the Idol cherished. They enjoyed every sip of it, until the cup was empty. Despite the sadness, the Idol looks forward to Pumpkin Spice’s return. In the meantime, they went back to their usual coffee flavours, such as Coconut Mocha.

Major 2023-11-02

Nijisanji Idol Kotoha Tanaka
Officer Drew Durrnil
Trainee Liebestraum

[NPA] New Westmore
[PAL] Haganham
[RRA] Minskiev
[TBO] Zelly
[TGW/EU] Vincent Drake
[TGW] Cassie
[TGW] Igualla

Sieges: 1

Wargames: 1

Over a few days, HelestaCorp (now renamed to prevent confusion with an old corporation from long past), now leading the production faculties, have rolled out the newest 6th gen crystal idols/V-tubers such as Rosemi, Kogane, and Nikaido, with the last one using some new latest tech from the z-day virus. However, resources were running a bit low, so HelestaCorp sent out the Idol along with their friends on a journey to collect more while clearing out locations.

Along with Kakastania from The Grey Wardens, the Idol and friends set out. Upon arriving at Confederation Of Great Nations, traces of blanket fabric was discovered among the feathers and knives. This meant one thing: someone that’s also associated with the legendary sleepy group was here! The material was promptly collected to be used for future creations. That said, feathers were stuck to the blanket, but luckily that can be cleaned up.

There were also a few old tech scattered in places such as United Federal Nations. Among them included an old computer which ran Windows 95, used to power an old missile system. That was also collected, along with other old tech left behind, to be recycled and used to build new and better tech.

The Idol then ventured all the way to New Antarctica, to Kurman and finally the Empire of the Blade to collect all the blanket fabrics they could find. Satisfied for now, the Idol and friends went back after clearing out several areas. All gathered resources were dropped off to HelestaCorp, and the Idol went home. While the streets were as quiet as ever, all was well once more.

Minor 2023-11-06

Idol Kotoha Tanaka
[TGW] The Crackerish Legion

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NationStates | What on earth is this2
NationStates | The Fudician Alliance
NationStates | The Western Black Sea