Hana Macchia's Bizarre Adventure (Minor 2023-10-22 to Major 10-24)

On the morning of the 22nd, the Idol quickly got out of bed to get to work, but stubbed their toe against a cabinet. Unable to make it, the Idol decided to call on Hana Macchia to help out. She did, and had brought along an old corporation that was recently brought back under Love Live control. Or was, until it was sold off to Nijisanji! With this resurrected company under new management, Hana aided other friends including the South Pacific in taking down a bunch of large cabinets. She sent her prototype, a mechanical phoenix with starry skies and Nijisanji livery on it, after them. Letting out a fiery galactic breath, the cabinets were destroyed in an… explosion?? Well thanks, Michael Bay.

While this was going on, a distant land had been taken under control by a swarm of birds. Not just any birds, but hawks. The skies turned red in the distance, with thunderstorms forming. But hey, at least the cabinets are no longer a concern.

Minor Update, 2023/10/22

Idol Kotoha Tanaka
Officer Concrete Slab
Trainee Ecclesia Victoris
Trainee Silvae

[ERN] Charoskania
[ERN] Maowi
[LDF] Anjan Kloss
[LDF] Mediternia
[NPA] Polgaria
[RRA] giang
[RRA] Minskiev
[RRA] Tate-rtot
[TGW/AE] Sir Merlin
[TGW] AurAKlimaX
[TGW] crescendoll
[TGW] Grea Kriopia
[TGW] Haku
[TGW] New-Lamp Dynasty
[TGW] Takkaviita
[TGW] Westinor
[TSR] Bran Astor

Liberations: 1

NationStates | Stubby Toe

Into the night of the 23rd, many orgs had begun messages and mobilisation for another major battle. The South Pacific was also in full mobilisation, with Drew promoting a card giveaway, including a free PS2 (not to be confused with PlayStation 2) and Concrete Slab offering to sing in Voice Chat. Many calls were had and a huge force had gathered closer to the night.

Meanwhile the Idol was away, focused on finishing up a Pokemon playthrough. Despite calls from other Idols, Nijisanji, and South Pacificans, the Idol was too distracted and focused on beating the Elite Four and Endgame, which always tends to have the hype music.

That said, TSP was able to mobilise a decent sized force on their own, with a total of 13 showing up, and along with other allies, sailed across the ocean to launch a counterattack. While unsuccessful, the allied forces were able to have a strong foothold. The storm of course wouldn’t let up just yet however…

The morning of the 23rd was a tad different. This time, the Idol joined early, but having not been fully awake despite drinking an iced coffee, they called on Hana Macchia once more. Hana once again mobilised her own celestial armada having sent out another mechanical phoenix with a Nijisanji design on it. Slab once again led the calls in gathering people he could, with making another offer to sing again later. With other friends, another large force was mobilised that was comparable to last night. Despite the thunderstorm being fierce, the allies launched another counterattack to reclaim the lost land once and for all.

Despite Hana Macchia’s mechanical phoenix being shot down at the end, the land was freed and returned under the control of Awesomeness. The storm dissipated and the skies were clear and blue again. This time, 15 South Pacificans showed up, with some people that weren’t here on the night before. Including the Idol, of course. With this done, the Idol promptly went back in their blanket fort, while Hana was off to have the phoenix repaired.

All in all, a total of 20 SPSF showed up across the night and morning of the 23rd for this large counterattack, an excellent turnout for the South Pacific.

Major/Minor 2023/10/23

Soldier Eshialand
Trainee Castle Crashers Boi
Officer Concrete Slab
Officer Drew Durrnil
Trainee Gordon Freeman
Soldier Konsa
Commander Purple Hyacinth
Commander USoVietnam

Major only:
Soldier Canadian Dominion
Trainee Fornax
Soldier Lirozonia
General Pronoun
Trainee Trivalve

Minor only:
General HumanSanity
Soldier Not an austrian
Trainee Philly Macaroni
Trainee Silvae
Soldier The Age of Utopia
Trainee Vrigny

Idol Kotohana Tanamacchia

Siege and Liberation:
NationStates | Far East Oriental Federation

Shoutouts to:
TGW, LDF, XKI, TWPAF, RRA, NPA, TBO, Carcassonne, Community, ERN, UDSAF, DEC, EPSA, mercenaries, and more!

…But while that was going on, a bunch of spiders had crept up and made a huge web out in another area, over at Bozarkia. Some of these spiders were huge, even larger than a tarantula. They were joined with some wolf spiders, and a bunch of pirates whom played spider solitaire. There was no spider Pokemon to be seen, such as Ariados, Galvantula, and Araquanid however.

Nevertheless, now with a bug infestation upon us, it was time to ride into battle with bug sprays made by… Raid. Yes, the irony isn’t lost on us, just like my favourite sponsor for this part, Raid: Shadow Legends!!

The Idol wasn’t going to be dealing with the bugs, especially not large ones like some spiders, so they ran away. However, Hana Macchia was here once again, with her other mechanical phoenix (the one with the starry sky decal), and was determined to take care of this pest problem, without the use of bug spray. With round four of gathering enough people it was time to settle the score once more.

Hana’s mechanical phoenix started to fly towards the spiders burning a bunch of them down before getting caught in a web. Despite this setback the other allies arrived with bug sprays and the spiders retreated. The pirates, whom were on the side of the spiders, were tied up in a web and thrown out of the area.

Now with Bozarkia behind them, it was time to move on. Hana’s mechanical phoenix was freed, and had went on to Europe Temporaire along with some other friends. It was finally time to take care of other business.

It was then time for a mini marathon of phoenixes and blanket forts being sent out to aid in the clearing of several areas. Then came the Liella idols from the Hidden Star in Four Seasons universe, followed by Natsumi and Setsuna from Unconnected Marketeers universe. We even stopped by at Danganronpa, of which Monokuma wasn’t a threat due to his disappearance. That said, wouldn’t want to stick around for too long otherwise the despair will kick in.

Afterwards everyone went home once more having had quite the adventure. Hana went back to LizeCorp (named after Lize Helesta of Nijisanji) while the Idol headed home. Or was, but something was amiss.

A glitched phoenix flew high in the air, having faint shades of green. The sky got messed up for a bit before leaving into the night. The Idol wonders what that was about…

Major 2023-10-24

Soldier Eshialand
Soldier Canadian Dominion
Trainee Castle Crashers Boi
Officer Concrete Slab
Trainee Cool Bro
Officer Drew Durrnil
Soldier Not an austrian
Trainee Philly Macaroni
General Pronoun
Commander USoVietnam

Idol Kotohana Macchia

[ERN] Charoskania
[LDF/TGW/FORGE] Quebecshire
[LDF/WZSB] Raziel
[LDF] Avigilon
[LDF] Ecalpa
[LDF] Gagium
[LDF] Kanjuura
[LDF] Karmand
[LDF] New Cayfarrier Kiesistan
[LDF] New Makasta
[LDF] The Eltran
[LDF] Zloveshchiy
[NPA/TBO] NutmegTheSquirrel
[NPA] Caius
[PAL] Haganham
[RRA] Minskiev
[RRA] Salem
[TGW/UDSAF] Ostrovskiy
[TGW] AurAKlimaX
[TGW] crescendoll
[TGW] giftedhands01
[TGW] Haku
[TGW] Igualla
[TGW] Luca
[TGW] New-Lamp Dynasty
[TGW] Wandering Mercenary

Liberation: 1

NationStates | Bozarkia

Detags: 15

NationStates | Europe Temporaire
NationStates | Communist Nations
NationStates | Greatest empire of Slivinsko
NationStates | Nazhemlyan Pact
NationStates | Muchas Gracias
NationStates | Triad Archipelago
NationStates | Imperial Empire Association
NationStates | Torussia
NationStates | Lausania
NationStates | The Union Of Soviets
NationStates | Sacro Imperio de Rathaus
NationStates | The Danish Realm
NationStates | The Akua Isles
NationStates | Danganronpa
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