Map of Sector A1-0

Map of Sector A1-0

This is the map for the A1-0 canon, one of the three official South Pacific canons. It is used for roleplaying here on the forums. @Galaxiel, @im_a_waffle1 and @Qwert are the map managers.

Map of Sector A1-0
Sector A1-0 (click to open in Google Slides). The Zelvan Regime, Tarassian Union and states located in the Tiyanki Territories are non-player nations.
Background image: ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2 (The sky around the triple-star system HD 131399 | ESO)

Sector A1-0 and the sci-fi canon world

The map shows a portion of the Lampshade Galaxy where all official sci-fi canon roleplays take place. Canon roleplay is limited to this specific area (meaning we don’t normally interact with the rest of the galaxy). Scroll further down for more information about the galaxy.

Sector Map A1-0 is 3,400x3,400 light-years and we assume a 100 ly-depth**. This means*** that within this sector, there is a maximum of

  • 32,000 stars/plot (and 1,080,000 in total)
  • 32,000 planets/plot (and 1,080,000 in total)
  • 6,300 planets/plot that might support life
  • 50 planets/plot with intelligent communicative life that have developed independently

** This yields an area that is about 15 times as large as that in which most of the action takes place in in the Star Trek series. The Treecuu plot would roughly be 1.75 times larger than the Federation.

*** Calculations are based on a square-shaped galaxy (for simplicity), with a volume of 130x130x2x10^9 = 3.38x10^13 ly^3 containing 100 billion stars, and optimistic values for the Drake equation (N = 156,000,000 active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy).

For reference: the closest star to our RL Earth is 4.37 ly away. At 1000xc (1000 times the speed of light), it would take about 1.5 days to travel there (about warp 8 as a Star Trek reference, which is fast).

Show whole galaxy

Map features

  • The borders are moveable (according to agreements between players).
  • Plots may be merged (according to agreements between players) or split.
  • The map can be expanded to include additional plots or sectors in the future.
  • You may customise your plot by, see the sample claim below.
  • Other “phenomena”, like the black holes or the badlands, may also be added.
  • Babylon Station is a unique commercial and diplomatic hub accessible to all in the Meridian System.

New Player…?

…and you want to start roleplaying? First of all: Welcome! A good way of getting involved is to claim a plot and found your own nation. How? Find below the claiming rules, the claiming template and a sample claim. It is also recommended that you read the Getting Started Guide for some useful roleplaying tips and community rules.

Map rules

  • One plot per player
  • Keep customisation limited and relevant (so that the most important stuff fits in your plot)
  • Nations that belong to players that haven’t been active for over one month will be removed (exceptions are made for nations that have made a lasting impact on the A1-0 canon and for players that specifically ask to keep their plots)

How to make a claim

Copy the form found inside the code box below and fill it out, and then post it in this thread. If your post receives a like from the map manager (currently @Qwert) within a few days it means everything is OK. Remember to check the thread after you’ve posted your claim to see if there’s information concerning your claim and to fulfil the activity requirement. If you have been given a like, you can start using your nation in roleplay.

[b]Number of desired plot:[/b
][b]Name of plot:[/b] [capital Latin letters please]
[b]Capital:[/b] [a planet/moon/station/etc, capital Latin letters please]
[b]Location of capital:[/b]
[b]Customization:[/b] [planets/stations/etc]
Sample claim

Number of desired plot: 23
Name of plot: Treecu Star Empire
Capital: ECTEEN (planet)
Location of capital: See map
Customization: See map. Candact is a star, Oleth is a space station.



Number of desired plot: 2
Name of plot: Technocratic Federation of Sereniani
Capital: Serniani Station
Location of capital: Top left corner, centered
-Rose Point Station, (Southwest border with DLPU)

-Kilo minefield (Northwest border with DLPU)

-Anchor Point Outpost (Southeast border with Venterran Federation)

-Sernias A (Northeast corner, is a planned dyson conversion in near future)


Umm can you guys check over my application in the old forums?

Edit: I would like to change my plot location from 2 to 5.

I messed up locations.

Customizations are the same.

Clarification: Kilo Minefield is a badland but has several holes to allow ships to pass through.


Technocratic Federation of Sereniani?

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Oh wait no, sorry my nation is on their I just forgot the name:
Astra & Nova Pheonexia.

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Update Announcement | #2 September 2022

The map has been updated!

As always, please don’t hesitate telling me if I missed or misinterpreted something in your claims, or if there are other errors!

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Number of desired plot: 02
Name of plot: Crontinallia
Capital: Crontinallia Space Station
Location of capital: As shown as in the picture (The red dot)
Customization:(I’ll think of it later)

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Hi, I’d like to switch out the Doge Landian Planetary Union for the following plot:

Number of desired plot: 08
Capital: (planet) PHOENIX
Location of capital: map
Customization: map


Yellow- capital
Green- planet
Blue- station

Capital- PHOENIX

Planets- Aenota

Stations- Distribution Station A (Dist. Stn. A)
Distribution Station B (Dist. Stn. B)

(changing plots since I like this plot better and to declutter my plot)


Hello, I’d like to fully customize my plot using the map below

Map(A-10-2) (1)

  • New Emral(NE, Dot is New Starton)

  • New Denver(ND, Dot is New Hawk)

  • New Ludville(NL, Dot is New Ludvina)

  • New Spiras(NS, Dot is New Spirosia)

  • New Colradia(NC, Dot is New Nelsontown)

  • New Jylland(NJ, Dot is New Copenhagen)

  • New Greenston(NG, Star is New Greenston)

  • New Parker(NP, Dot is New Parker)

  • New Centralia(NCe, Dot is New Kingston)

  • New Boulder(NB, Dot is New Boulder)

  • Jasonia(JS, Dot is Jasonville)

  • Edwardia(ED, Dot is Edwardston)

Its fine if you can’t add all the planets.

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Unfortunately I don’t add administrative borders but I can do (some of) the planets. Do you have a larger version of the map?

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I don’t want administrative borders added


Map(A-10-2) (2)


Update Announcement | November 2022

The map has been updated!

As always, please don’t hesitate telling me if I missed or misinterpreted something in your claims, or if there are other errors!

The map is almost getting full. I will ask for you plot owners to confirm your interest in staying on the map at a later time this month.

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Updated Customization:

Echo Vector Station (Ring station encompassing a wormhole, halfway between both Compass Stations)

Compass Corona (exact opposite of Compass Rose, Stn)

Serni Dockyards (little south of Sernias A)

Compass Alfa (Direct north of Echo Vector, to the northern border)

NFZ Nora (badlands border with DLPU, is the “Berlin Wall” of the Era)

NFZ Kilo (take away Kilo Minefield, replace with NFZ Kilo, ecompasses western border)

Kirstias A

(NFZ = No Fly Zone)

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I won’t be able to stay in A1-0, my personal life has gotten very busy due to moving combined with schoolwork. You guys are all amazing writers and I wish you all the best.

Could you remove my nation from the map to open up some space for people who have more time to participate is this amazing rp?

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Number of desired plot:4
Name of plot:Wing kingdom
Capital: The Monastary, planet
Location of capital:marked as red dot
Customization: [planets/stations/etc]green dot is sun, blue dot is the planet named Winged Sphere and the purple dot is a space station called Signal Deflector
a10 map

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Thanks for letting us know. The best of luck with your IRL stuff :slight_smile:

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Number of desired plot: 28
Name of plot: Ician Union.
Capital: Icus Citadel. [Station]
Location of capital: See map.
Customization: See map. Je-Gun is a Star, Klogins Military base is a Station, Klogish is a Star, Nubis Defense Co. HQ is a Station and Nubia Nebula DMZ is a Demilitarized Zone


So, I want to make a claim, but the thing I want to do would only take up about a solar system, so it would be a waste to claim and entire plot for that.
Should I just not be silly and do something else?

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