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Post brief news about anything in sector A1-0. Several paragraphs and images are allowed.

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There are rumours that the Emperor is considering abdication. Due to his political intervention still remaining popular but controversial, it is believed some members of the royal clan are pressuring him to resign in order to preserve the apolitical nature of the crown long-term.

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The planetary administration AI of Akropali will be down for a few hours while it optimizes its software. During this time the planet will be directly managed by the Grand Administrative AI. There will be no travel or shipping delays, and luxury meals will be delivered as usual.

The Imperial government has confirmed that the military parades in honour of the Democratic Revolution will be held again after almost half a millennia.

Imperial Palace Complex, Imperialis City, Helena
Today, The Imperium of Astra-Pheonexia has passed laws to enure the Imperium is pacifist and neutral in current affairs, though rumors are spreading that the government may start militerizing. Though for now the Army of Astra, Army of Pheonexia, and the Grand Army of the Imperium. Echo Aries has been appointed the new Imperial Secuity Administrator, In charge of the Grand Armies of the Republic and Armed Police Force.

In light of recent investigations into nearby stellar civilizations, Ferristia has decided to fund the dispersal of food and medicine into Venterran and Stoinian space. We hope to aid any refugees or victims of the war, and prevent further casualties if possible.

The Imperium of Astra and Pheonexia invites the Ryccian Federation to a diplomatic meeting to establish diplomatic relations between the two respective nations. This will be one of the first diplomatic relations formed by the newly founded Imperium.

After receiving a transmission from a southern star nation, the Ryccian Empire has acceded to the Astran-Pheonexian request for talks.

There are unconfirmed reports of a convoy of unknown vessels having been destroyed while travelling somewhere near the Treecuu border. Unsuccessful attempts were made at reaching Treecuu officials for a comment.

An unknown vessel has crashed into the Doge Landian military installation on Aenota V. Very little information has been released by the base management, however it is known that at least 100 people died, and that the ship had at least 2 people piloting it.

The Technocratic Federation of Serniani would like to report that the scouting craft TFSS Pearl has gone missing near Doge Landian Union space. Efforts to locate her crew and the craft itself appear to be fruitless. Please contact us at Rose Point Station if you have found the wreck.

Large scale military testing will be started by the Grand Administrative AI. The purpose of this testing to to make sure no ships are falling into disrepair and risk failure. Such tests will be followed by large numbers of repairs.

22/02/1621 PD, Battlespace Update: Grand Admiral Vir & Harrington’s forces have begun a relentless offensive from south of Cornucopia. Meanwhile Grand Admiral Corvousier has been reported to operate behind enemy lines with a personal task force to engage in raids. The Military Office of Public Affairs has stated that they expect the Venterran Incursion to end within a month.

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Serniani Government has issued Executive Order 243. A strict no immigration or emigration policy is now in effect. Failure to comply within 45 Serni Orbital Rotations (35 Pacifica/Earth hours) will result in destruction of orbital craft. In essence, the border regions are now NFZ. Southern border is NFZ Nora, Western border is NFZ Kilo.

In addition, the Chief of State Kirsti Lafayette has declared a state of emergency. Details will follow soon.

Sector 28 has begun seeing an enlarged amount of activity, unidentified ships with widely differentiating designs and an unknown flag have been detected near the border of the Akropii Grand Republic and Stoinian Star Kingdom. Large devices have also been seen being constructed up along these ships patrol like routes and several outpost-like stations are seemingly under construction near them.

The Imperial Ministry of Colonial Affairs has been rather busy of late, recently announcing a partnership with the Order of Daion and at minimum three private terraforming companies. Minister Viranian, when approached for questioning, stated that the IMCA was recently given a directive by the Senate and His Imperial Majesty to aid in the rebuilding of Stoinian worlds when the war with the Venterrans is ended. Ignis, he said, was one of many worlds that would need to be restored, if only for the souls of its inhabitants to be put to rest.