Constitution II of the South Pacific

Article 458: The act of spamming likes on the RMB is prohibited, and is punishable by seven minutes in the time-out corner.

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Article 459: Those seven minutes shall be counted by a dog, and shall not stop until they count to 7 flawlessly on their own

Article 460: the dog referred to in Article 459 shall be selected in the Iditarod race every year.

article 461: the dog referred in articles 459 and 460 are automatically granted a royal title within the monarchies of the Norden, and crowned as “The Empress/Emperor of Queen Maud Land”.

Article 462: “spamming likes” as mentioned in Article 458 is defined as sending more than 10 likes within a 1 minute time frame.

Article 463: A guillotine in every backyard! A pike in every front garden!

Article 464: From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs

Article 465: Forty acres and a mule.

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Article 466: INGSOC shall be outlawed for attempting to destroy the free basic democratic constitutional order of the Coalition, and for being sizeable enough to warrant it.

Article 467: The official web browser of The South Pacific is Google Chrome.

Article 468: Anyone caught using Microsoft Bing will be sentenced to death, or lesser punishments

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Article 469: Any caught using Microsoft Bong would be sentenced to a bonk on the head.


Article 470: And now we break for some very special news…

Article 471: A man is spotted eating pie in front of @Griffindor’s house!

Article 472: The Man was beheaded in accordance to the anti-pie articles in the charter.


Article 473: The man’s head was placed outside the Assembly building as a warning to other pie eaters :sob:

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Article 474: The dignity of all is guaranteed, especially to all intelligent life regardless of their background, race, beliefs, actions or relationship. To protect it is the duty of the Coalition.

Should anyone attempt to undermine or eliminate this fundamental, universal right of existence, the right of resistance in any form is guaranteed should no other remedy is avaliable.

Yes, this includes pie eaters.

Oh wait, this isn’t the TSPRP rules of war. Scratch all of that.

Article 475: The official condiment of the South Pacific is mustard.

Article 476: The new term for strong mustards shall be “sinep”, while weak mustards are now called “penis”, in a move to celebrate linguistic diversity.

Article 477: To celebrate article 476, @Besern will be the taste tester at the national mustard competition