Constitution II of the South Pacific

BE IT RESOLVED that the spammers of the South Pacific’s forums, desiring to continue the fine legal tradition established on the forums which have been used since time immemorial, or at least as far back as I can remember anyways, do HEREBY establish this constitution. One article per post.

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I. Cake shall be the official dessert of the South Pacific. Pie shall be considered illegitimate. Other desserts such as cookies and ice cream shall be allowed but shall also be inferior in status to cake.

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Article II: Establishing cookies as the official desert of the South Acific, and marking Article I null and void. However, believing that cookies, ice cream, pie, cake, and other deserts are all equal.

Article III: Article II is declared to have no legal effect due to it failing to use any operative words.

Article IV: Sexual intercourse is banned in all regions of the South Pacific except Tajikistan. Yes, again, seriously.

Article V: This article will be declared as null and void.

Article VI: Article XI of the original Constitution of the South Pacific shall continue to be upheld.

Article VII: Article V will be declared as null and void.

Article VIII: Article shall be struck null and void.

Article IX: The island named after and owned by Donald J. Trump shall be seized and converted into an island containing a statue of your Aunt Jenna.

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Article X:

Section 1: The existing constitution in its entirety is repealed.
Section 2: No further “null and void” or “repeal” or similar article shall be respected or observed unless it is spaced by at least five articles that do not mention the aforementioned terms.


Article 11: Roman numerals are banned.

Article 12: Pies are banned. This is non-negotiable.

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Article 13: Every 24 hours, the South Pacific will officially celebrate Cake Day. On Cake Day, everyone must eat at least one (1) cake or face immediate and indefinite banishment.

Article 14: Cake is banned. Finally, we need a Lemonade :lemon: Democracy!

Article XV: Roman numerals are unbanned.

Article XVI: Seeing that there is no article constituting a ban on either Roman or Arabic numerals, this article hereby permits the continued use by discretion of the authors, but not in a simulatenous fashion, of these numerals.

Article 17: It is optional to use Roman numerals of not in the crafting of the Constitution.

Article 18: No other article may contain letters or numbers of any script and hereby nullifies all other articles which contain letters and/or numbers.

Article XIX: Ignore the previous article