Chronicles from across the sector

Ever had a idea for a short rp but didn’t have a bigger thread to incorporate it? And then you forget it and it gets lost forever? Well then this is the place for you!

Chronicles from across the sector is a thread for all your short RP ideas that you don’t want to create a full thread for. It’s a interstellar holo quick news for RPs if you will. Hope you enjoy!



It was gloomy and dark when the boy returned from school. He was used to travel to and from on his own, there’s no large travel distances in Visten communities so he can get around on foot easily. The house was empty. Father was off on Ilanor doing business as usual, but mother was supposed to be home.

“Mother I’m home!”

The boy said, but no one answered. He called again:

“Mother, where are you?”

Silence again.

He started looking around the house, searching for her. Then he got to her room. It was a mess inside. Everything was thrown around. There was a note on the table. The handwriting was messy and twisted. It was saying something about not being able to take it anymore and how sorry she is for what she’s done and what she’s doing. The boy couldn’t understand the note’s meaning, he was too young.

He continued looking around, untill he got to the attic


He said opening the door. Blood was everywhere. The room was basically flooded with it. And in the middle of it the boy’s mother layed, together with one of his father’s swords. The boy screamed and cried for his mother, and then Mirion then woke up.

A nother nightmare. He had them more than once a week. No amount of therapy ever helped Mirion get over what he saw that day. His mother was one of many who underwent reassembly to better fit into the Galactyan society they lived in. She was also one of many who fell into deep depression after losing their telepathic empathy and took their own lives. Mirion blamed Galactya every single bit for the death of his mother. To him they ware the bad guys, a civilization of non caring assimilators. Not better than the hive minds of old terran fiction.

As he woke up he went and checked his messages. One was from command. As soon as he’s back from break, which was tomorrow, he was to take command of the INS Drop of rain and lead it on a scientific mission to the very east of the sector, even more east than the Akropii Republic, some sort of mirial anomaly was detected there. His new ship, the Drop of rain, was one of the first constructed in a new class called the droplet class. Equiped with more advanced technology than any corvette constructed by Calerost before it, it was to eventually replace the spark class. It needed a lot of field testing before that tho, and Mirion was there to do part of it. He had no idea how important his mission would be.

He went and had brakefast, and then went to the temple to pray and meditate.


The Writ of the Sea [593 BBT]

Zelain stared into the deep blue waters. It was strange to think back on his life. Just 17 years ago, he’d been on object of pity. Now, he was revered almost as a god.
But Zelain was no god, this he knew clearly. He had felt the winds in the morning; he had consulted the stars at night. The lost arts of the avansi had made one thing clear to him.
He was dying.

He was pulled from his mind’s eye by a slight ripple in the water. He looked to the Priest standing besides him. As far as he knew, none had seen a Priest’s cloaked face. They were a secretive race, and Colonus left them to their privacy. Zelain didn’t fear them. But he know that where there are priests, there are gods. And he was here to meet one.

It was night by the time they next ripple came. Neither Zelain nor the Priest had moved from the floating platform since they’d first arrived. Time was nothing to an avansi. He could afford to be patient. More and more ripples started to appear. The Priest dropped to his knees in a stance of prayer. Man was about to meet god.
And what a god it was, more beast than divine. The Jellie easily measured a kilometer wide. It seemed as though the water that poured from it’s head could flood an entire planet. This was no ordinary god, no. This was their God. And for the first time, the Priest spoke.

“Highest Lord of mortals, I have the honor and privilege of introducing you to Kvaath the Prophet, highest lord of divines. We have reason to believe he’s as old as space itself, but I’m sure you’d appreciate the more scientific guess of 63 million years.” Zelain stepped foward, trying to keep his composure in the face of such magnificence. He turned to the Priest. “Ah, yes, I suppose you’re wondering why you’re here. It’s quite simple, really.” The Priest stepped forward. The glint in his eyes shone through the shadow of the hood.
“You’re here to learn the future.”


The Last Hope [2 BBT]

Cassian watched as the second shift entered the factory, taking over from the exhausted first shift. After all, everyone would be extremely tired after 12 hours of non-stop work. He was going to go to sleep now and work on his project later.

He walked through dusty, unpaved streets, passing near other factories and living blocks. He coughed throughout the whole way, choking on the smoke from the factories and dust from the road. He quickly passed through the distribution point, taking his meal packet from a small hole in the wall.

He passed near two security droids, quickly mutering “Glory to the Great Comissar”. One of the necessary procedures to make sure the slaves were loyal. Most of them were anyways. They largely didn’t even bother implanting chips, unless you were really troublesome. All that those people knew, was being slaves. They wouldn’t even bother thinking about changing that, because they didn’t believe something could change. Envari were the masters, they were the slaves. That’s how its been long before them and how it will be long after them.

Or maybe there was hope. Stories. Transport workers traveled around entire Comissaria, bringing news and stories from other settlements around the planet. Thanks to them, it really felt like they were all one people, not a number of isolated tribes.

Cassian recalled a couple of these stories. Brave soldiers marching through the snowy homeland of the red and black Soviets or battles againts the fearsome desert warriors of ISIS.

He finally reached his block. He went up the small elevator, walked through the labirynt of narrow hallways, finally reaching his room. It was small, 15 meters squared at best. theere were five dirty matresses laied on the ground. He sat on one of them, taking care not to sit on a small pile of parts scattered around it. He opened his meal packet and started eating.

What he didn’t know, was that this small pile of parts was the much needed glimer of hope. Which, one day, would ignite a rebellion.


• 2883 BBT •

In the depths of the Ojkesvi Star Cluster, a lonely brown dwarf had recently started forming, and was becoming a popular attraction: many cruise ships changed their old courses to insert a deviation to the Gahennah Brown Dwarf, and more and more telescopes of the habitats and worlds around the other stars in the cluster pointed their lenses at the beautiful object. Even the Eidoboros Array decided that, when the dwarf’s first light would reach it, it would utilize one of it’s sections to record a hyper-detail, “live” transmissions for everyone to enjoy. Some in the Ministry Of Infrastructure had even started to propose the construction of a belt of Bishop Rings and O’Neill Cylinders in non-disruptive orbits around the dwarf and it’s accretion disk, that could be easily obtained from the enormous number of larger asteroids orbiting it just outside the ionized disk. It would take around a decade to complete, a blink of an eye in the hundreds of thousands of years left in the formation process.

One day, with no ship passing through, and only some proto-sapient probes orbiting the outer edges of Gahennah’s gravity well, two large objects entered the system. While nothing more than microscopic specks of fine dust in comparison to the enormity that was the shining brown dwarf, they were still easily between 1 or 2 kilometers in length, travelling above the swirling disk at more than three quarters of the speed of light.

The two objects were actually sapient, artificial entities. They resembled titanic jellyfish, with an opaque white skin crisscrossed by few lines of glowing golden lights, giant smooth tentacles streaming behind them as they traveled; their underbellies were completely full of rings and lines of brightly glowing spots, which radiated away the heat produced by the interior systems and engines of the two creatures. Above their heads, shining concentric halos of luminescent lights that symbolized their status: they were Great Medumanns, the high transapient leaders of the banks in which the much smaller modosapient members of their species traveled. The Medumanns had first arouse some 1500 years prior, as the result of a Galactyan provolution on some unsentient neumann probes. Since then, they had been integrated as members of the Galactyan Empire, and had created a unique series of cultures revolving around travel in the interstellar depths of Imperial Space.

These two Great Medumanns, mother and son, had separated from their bank to explore the dwarf system, and would meet back with the others in some days.

As they conversed, they both decided to lower themselves through the disk: as they flew through the ionized helium and hydrogen at relativistic speed, their antimatter shields glowed with a beautiful blue light, geometric patterns and waves pulsating as the energy generated from the impacts with normal matter was being gathered and redirected into their internal energy storage.

As they reached the giant pillars of gas being lifted by the dwarf’s chaotic magnetic field, they both slowed down to a much, much smaller fraction of their previous speed. As the mother entered middle orbit around Gahennah, her child slightly sped back up, and started to fly between and through the currents and pillars, their pico-rejuve systems handling the radiation damage.

After some time, the mother called back for her child, who reluctantly flew back to her, and joined her in orbit. As was tradition, they remained there for three days, collecting the energy emitted by the bright dwarf. Their minds united in a sub-virch node, where they discussed and formulated ideas and theories that no modosapient mind could hope to comprehend.

After this brief period, they both fired up their engines and, after aligning themselves towards one of the other stars in the cluster - where their bank was now resting - they blasted away at hundreds of times the speed of light, using the energy gathered from the disk collisions as a notable speed boost. They would meet back up with the rest in a day or two.



Eglegil Elentar, crown prince of Calerost, was sitting in the yard pondering over ancient scrolls and modern recordings, taking notes. He has been sitting there for hours, fully immersed into what he was doing. He was onto something. If he could connect thr modern recordings with the prophecies of old, which he was close to, he could unlock the future, more specifically one event that he dreaded

Leliel Elentari, his wife, happened to pass by. She was re arranging their wing of the palace and removing junk. They have moved into this wing only recently, after Eglegil ended his temporary stay in the navy. They came to the conclusion that it’s a better place for their children to grow up when compared to the imperial palace in Calerost city. She took a peak over his shoulder at the texts

“What are you pondering dear?”

“The texts match up too closely to some recent events. Look at this for example: “In that day, after the far whispers go silent around the gates of the gods”. Couldn’t that refer to the communication jams in the northern frontier? The gates of the gods could refer to Gil and Sain Miria, the mirial wormholes. I belive we live in the prophesized times, but can not find enough evidence to create a claim strong enough to present to the high priests.”

Leliel looked at the texts curiously. Eglegil was right, tuere was a lot of overlaps

“And what does the prophecy say?”

“That death will spread like disease, there won’t be enough singers to sing funeral songs for all, that our own creations will being us to our knees, but that Queltar’s blade will prevail in the end”

“A war with our own creations… Interesting. What could those creations be? AI is restricted to strictly never be sentient, and bioengineering is strictly regulated. I can’t think of anything.”

“Neither can I, but it terrifies me. I need more prophetic texts from the era this one was written, i need to figure this out”

“Don’t overstress yourself about that which is yet to come though. We live in the present and should act like that. The future is important, but don’t ruin your mental state in the hope of finding something that might not exist. You have a problem with that. You don’t need to be the savior of the world, be yourself and live your life.”

Eglegil puts down the scrolls and his notebook and stands up, holding his wife’s hands, smiling.

“lady Leliel Elentari of the house of Harthor always has words of wisdom for her husband, but he’s too stubborn to take them.”

“Maby one day crown prince Eglegil Elentar of the house of Haerlben will take them and not be haunted by stress, but it doesn’t seem that it will be this day.”

“Where’s Lûthion?”

“In the main garden, playing with his grandmother”

“Maby we should join them, but first…”

He hugs her tightly and she drops the box she was holding

chuckles “Hey!”



85 BBT





























The battle prayer of the Hataloqualtar, the feared order of cybernetically enhanced warrior priests, was famous in Calerost. A mix of a prayer and a battle cry, it stood for everything they did. It is believed in Calerost that no heretic who hears it will ever get to hear it a second time.

The boarding pod slammed into the Ch’ratan slave ship. They ware armed with the finest weapons and armor the Gil-atarnië had to offer and trained to peak physical perfection, as well as enhanced with the greatest biotechnological augmentation Calerost had to offer. The ch’ratan had no chance. They spread trough the ship like the shockwave of a atomic bomb. It took only a few moments. The whole host of the ship was slaughtered, while they didn’t suffer a single loss. More than a thousand slaves ware freed that day.

It was one of many raids on ch’ratan slave ships Calerost had done since the start of the crusade. The ch’ratan slave market was cut in half because of the sheer volume of calerostan raids, and the consequences ware felt across the whole Tiyanki territories.

Calerost had gained a lot of respect, as well as a lot of enemies, but no one dared to challenge them. It was one of the great powers of the territory, without a single world colonized in it. Tiyanki march was run from a single starbraker located in a rented out system. A marvelous achievement, but Calerost didn’t want it to stay that way. It wanted a secured permanent presence, and to do that they needed a colony, but there wasn’t a opening. Calerost luckily knows to play the long game, it would only take time.


Colonus Pact, 0 ABT

It’s such a sad day to lose a father.
Your silent body lays in the next room, finally at peace, free from scarrs that pieced you so deeply.
Oh beloved father, lie at rest, for you know what awaits the weary.
You know what must come for me.
You know, far too well.

Beloved father, what have you left me?
This is a nation far more broken than I have ever know.
Oh beloved father, how could you betray us so?
We sing of your love, but where has that love lead us?

And I am expected to pick up the pieces?
I will not be another slave to tradition.
I will not sit by while my beloved nation dies.
And if the nation must fracture in order to heal, so be it. I can take that price.
We can take that price.
You couldn’t take that price.

Goodbye, father, and take those cherished memories with you.
Let your legacy be forgotten, and a new legend be writ.
Let history remember this one truth

I am not your son; you were my father.

From the collected works of Scytheros, published by High Lord Ishani in 157 ABT


• 1 ABT •

As per your request, here is the compiled production report for the AOGOU Subdivision of the Gharris BRB Production Site.




Gharris Bishop Ring Bracelet Production Site

Automated Orbit-Ground Occupation Units Subdivision


PRODUCTION SITE: Gharris Bishop Ring Bracelet (All Rings Active).

  • Gharen Starlifting Array: Hydrogen - Helium - Heavy Metals
  • Gharris Ramscoop Complex: Noble Elements - Exotic Gases - Exotic Isotopes

ENERGY RECEPTION SITE: Gharris Orbital Collector Belt.

RESOURCE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM: Diamagnetic High-Speed Maglev Levitation Pipes.
COMPONENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM: Diamagnetic Maglev Levitation Pipes.


  • 209,000 / Standard Hour
  • 5.01600 Million / Standard Day
  • 150.480 Million / Standard Month
  • 295.944 Million / Imperial Month

Thank you. The Ministry is asking for a small increase in the production rate, but everything else matches with the current expectations.

Is there an exact figure for the production rate increase?

Yes. An increase of 1.37 %, for the Imperial Monthly rate has to be increased to a full 300 Million. However, I'll anticipate that there are talks to bring up the figure to 350 Million in the next months. Would that be achievable?

As for the 1.37 % increase yes, it is perfectly achievable without having to upscale our production speed too sharply; as for the next increases it would still be feasible, but the number of Manufacture and Assembly Nanoforges will have to be increased as well. Not by much, but an expansion will be needed nonetheless.

I suppose your energy budget would have to be increased as well.

Yes, but I can't give you an exact number at this moment, seeing as how I don't yet know how much the increase percentage will be.

What were the previous versions of the Nanoforges?

The previous models for the Resource Manufacture and Resource Assembly Nanoforges were the INAHR-4/BYW and the PHIDON-53/AL.

Perfect. Thank you for your assistance.

You're welcome.


Furball over Frisdale
Circa the Rosecordi Secession Crisis

Two Federation Squadrons vs two Directorate Squadrons

Decisive Directorate Victory

Directorate Losses - 4 SSF-294 Fighting Phoenixes

Federation Losses - 2 Squadrons of Valkyrie IIs, 1 Rafale Class Corvette

Officially, this is Starcraft Battle 257. The pilots however, will call it the Furball over Frisdale.

97th Directorate Reservist Squadron, Closed Multispectral Line
2nd Lt. Rachel “Frost” Crystalia

“Tracking a target, 170 Klicks from reference.”

“Sighting confirmed as SSF-232, Valkyrie II. Confirmed as forerunner for Federation Intercept Specialists. You need to get out of the Frisdale System, now!”

“Bit too late for that, Bogeys are turning bandit, throwing my cards in.”

Rachel lightly squeezed the trigger of her Fighting Phoenix Autocannon, strafing a Valkyrie II, before nearly blacking out pulling a 24g flaring maneuver, before lining up a shot at another Valkyrie II


“It’s too close for missiles, switch to guns!”

“Switching, Nails Nails Nails!”

“Who are fighting?”

“Based off those tail codes, those Reservists from the Cryia System, south district.”


We’re get our ass handed to us by reservists?!

“They held NFZ Nora for… Fifty Years?”


“Nails over here!”

“Damn it! Lost Control! Ejecting!”

Rachel looks down at her Craft Interface

Left Engine Fire. Left Engine Fire

“Powering down my left engine what’s our casualty listing so far?”


“A directorate reservist squadron was trying to scout us, we intercepted but–”



“They’re pulling away! Did we win?”

“Interception Specialists, where are we needed?”

“We lost two full squadrons, and–”

“Save it for the debriefing, let’s move before more of them come back. Wait–”

The Valkyrie II swerves and flares, but the missile redirects towards the nearby corvette


“Dart 3, Dart 3, Dart 3!”

“Dart 3!”

A hail of missile launches fire towards the rest of the Federation squadrons before the rest of the Directorate forces retreat for the Relay.


[4 ABT]

Level 8 Classified Report: The Fatima Event (this file has been unredacted for viewing by his High Lord Scytheros)

The Fatima Event, as Governor Lux has taken to calling it, happened in early in the Rising season, Nirodax’s equivalent to “Spring”. Ultimately, the event lasted for a total of 5 seconds, but would have wide-reaching consequences if not for a quick cover up, and promotion of all witnesses into the BrightSpace program.

Nirodax is a dwarf planet owned by the Militia of the Ark Fragment and used for experimentation by the military. Said military experiment in this instance involved 4 ships light shearing in-atmosphere with a team of scientists atudying the results. As many may know, the bits of light produced by light shearing are refered to as “sparks”
This could not be more accurate than it was today, as those “sparks” lit a “fire” in the form of a unstable BrightSpace anomaly. All who witnessed it were rendered blind for an hour, despite the best medical treatment being used to quicken the healing. Futhermore, all witnesses claim to have seen a figure on the other side of the anomoly. The details were disturbingly similar, despite them being interviewed in isolation.
This would usually be brushed off as a trick of the eye, but as they had an hour to observe said image, it is my belief that this warrants further invedtigation.
As for the ships, 3/4 of them returned. Distressingly low, all things concidered. The BrightSpace Project, operating from Fellis Staion in the Sorvens, has taken over all further atmospheric tests.

The accepted theory is that the prescencenof so much mass, in the form of atmosphere, allowed for the BrightSpace energy released by light shearing to momentarily stay active, oppening a wormwhole. However, this is heabily disputed by the Head Scientist Dr. Ita, Chronos, and curiously, Hexadecimal themself. They have been major proponents of the void-light hypothesis, and state that the event would be happening in space too.

Until further evidence is gathered, all atmospheric tests of the BrightSpace drive are to be postponed indefinitely. The BrightSpace Project is now to be tasked with questioning our very understanding of BrightSpace. It it clear that somewhere down the line, our assumptions were wrong.


The Oath
Circa 2 ABT
Tio-4, Starflower Defense Analytics School

Starflower Defense Analytics School Graduates-to-be gathered at the campus today, awaiting the time of graduation. Excitement and anticipation abounded, as underclassmen watched excitedly as their friends had packed up and were preparing to move on. The students quieted down as the Superintendent entered and patiently waited for them to quiet down.

“Welcome, seniors and underclassmen. Today is a special day for our School. It is the fifty year anniversary for our school. I’m quiet honestly surprised this place was untouched by the war. Starflower Defense Analytics School thrives on the excellence of our students, and nevermore so during a war. I’d like to congratulate you all, Freshman, Sophmores, Juniors, Seniors, and Graduates-to-be. So with that out of the way…”

They raise their left hand

“Graduates-to-be, if you would raise your left hand, and repeat after me.”

The Graduates-to-be stand and each raise their left hand

“I solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will use the education granted to me at Starflower, to advance science, in all its forms, protect sentient life, in all it’s forms, and to demonstrate mastery in the fields I have chosen, using knowledge provided to me. I have made this oath of my own free will and conscious, so may the Gates help me and provide me the courage to continue when all seems lost.”

“Thank you. You may be seated.”

The Graduates-to-be sit down

“By the powers vested in me by the Directorate and her associated government, I am honored to present the Class of Stardate 159 as graduates of Starflower Defense Analytics School, with the rights and privileges as any Graduate from any Directorate School, College or University. Thank you.”

Underclassmen cheer and excitedly chat as they watch the graduates receive their degrees, speeches by the Class President, Vice President, Secretaries, and finally, the Superintendent returns to the stand.

“Thank you for attending the graduation today. You are all dismissed today. Congratulations.”


Acquiring Technology Through Alternative Means
[ – – Location Module Timed Out – – ]
8 ABT, Enver War
Project Lead “Viria”, Engineering Lead “Tanto”

“Tanto, the raid is coming up. How’s the tuning of the BrightSpace Drive?”

“How long do I have?”

“Three weeks.”

“Tuning can be finished before then.”

“Amazing, this thing’s Dark Energy Shielding up to code?”

“Yup It’s huge, and I’d prefer that it didn’t disintegrate our intended target.”

“Directorate Naval Intelligence would prefer the target intact.”

“Labcoats would prefer everything intact, yet here we are.”

“…Throwing this together with scrap.”

“You get my logic. But, yeah. I give it a week and a half to tune it, and we can spend the rest of that time testing space-worthiness. Sounds like a deal?”

“Yeah, alright.”

Task Force Exploitative Striker
[ – – Location Module Timed Out – – ]
8 ABT, Enver War, 3 Weeks Later
Project Lead “Viria”, Engineering Lead “Tanto”


Task Force Exploitative Striker

Lineship Force

1x Frontier Class Heavy Hauler Liner | HC LN-0001

Battlecruiser Force
2x Defiance Class Battlecruisers

  • Dawn’s Respite | HC BCG-0049

  • The Reactive Element | HC BCM-0009

1x Warden Class Battlecruiser

  • The Minute Detail | HC BCG-0299

Carrier Force

4x Excelsior Class Refurbished Federation Carriers

  • The Refurbished Worker | HC CVG-0032

  • The Distant Fire | HC CVG-0439

  • Internal Damage | HC CVG-4932

  • Depressed Traveler | HC CVG-8754

Cruiser Force

25x Palisade Class Cruisers

Shorten List of Notable Ships

  • Poor Wayfaring Stranger | HC CCG-9321

  • Victorious Spirit | HC CCG-0039

  • The Winded Traveller | HC CCG-0321

  • Spiteful Virtue | HC CCG-9424

  • Captain Reverie Troxia | HC CCG-0412

  • Frontier’s Watch | HC CCG-2043

  • Vectored Fire | HC CCG-9129

  • Elsie Actual | HC CCG-9932

  • Pacifying Light | HC CCG-8543

  • Guardian Elect | HC CCG-9111

10x Vitreo Class Cruisers

Shortened list of Notable Ships

  • Blueberry One | HC CCE-1111

  • Fleet Commander Ryan Axelot | HC CCE-1932

  • Flared Fire | HC CCE-0943

Subcapital Force

10x Fluorite Class Destroyers

4x Nightshade Class Destroyers

8x Bismuth Class Frigates

10x Polymer Class Frigates

14x Firelight Class Corvettes

5x Singularity Class

Ground Forces

Maroon Team “Unexpected Visitors”

Navy Team “Tech Takers”

Purple Team “Crowd Pleasers”

Olive Team “Broken Barriers”

14x LT-62E “SUBB”

5x IFV-154A Archer Armored Fighting Vehicle

Starcraft Forces

445x SSF-294

  • 330x SSF-294A

  • 115x SSF-294C

55x SSF-308

  • 55x SSF-308A

100x SASF-409

  • 100x SASF-409A

150x SASF-412

  • 80x SASF-412A

  • 70x SASF-412C

100x PAG-192A

100x PAG-232A

3x SGTC-227

  • 1x SGTC-227B

  • 2x SGTC-227C

Queue the vault room music. Gosh darn, it’s annoying. We’re all waiting on this damn—

Tanto’s train of thought is cut away by the starting of a woman talking

“Welcome back. You’ve been assembled, federalized, or volunteered for this mission. You’ve met your squadmates, you’ve lived with them for the past month now. This op has been in the planing for the past two years, but now it’s viable.”

She clicks on a map, centering around Calerost

“This is The Star-Empire of Calerost. You may remember our encounters with them during this war. They’ve remained untouched throughout this whole war. But we intend to change that. Operation Return to Sender intends to launch a precise strike on Celianor Megashipyard, the center for the Calerostan War effort. We intend to cripple it.”

She clicks on a button, centering around the shipyard

“Landing this blow could lead to the shortening of this war. Our tertiary objective is to blow the station, out secondary objective is to capture a vessel, our primary objective is to draw the Calerostan Quick Reaction Fleet to battle, and annihilate it.”

“Celianor Megashipyard’s Defense Network appears unchanged, and our LIFINT sources indicate a distinct lack of FTL Blockers. Get in, get out. Ruin this shipyard, ruin their war effort. Questions?”

Nobody pipes up

“Let’s do this. Alert Crews to their posts, set conditions throughout the Task Force. Dismissed. Lineship Crew, stay behind.”

Everybody except the Lineship Crew leaves

“You’ll be our Acquisition Team. Navy Team will commandeer a Calerostan vessel, you’ll snatch it, and immediately light shear away while the rest of the Task Force covers your exit. Understood?”

Words to the effect of “Aye Ma’am” are uttered


OOC: This is the Opening for the ATTAMs Storyline of the Enver War series. I uploaded it here because it looked cool.


Gardeners of Avantos
[50 BBT]

Scytheros stood by their father’s side, looking out at the rows and rows of crops, imagining that they stretched on forever. From the stories they’d heard, that might as well have been true. They began to eye one of the nearby fruits with a growing hunger.
“Child, do you know why we keep these farms running?” Araknis asked, or rather growled. The young Scytheros looked up and shook there head no. “Hrmm, I figured as much. My great-great-great-great-uncle, the first High Lord, once worked these fields as a Gardener of Avantos. Look, over there,” he said, pointing, “you can still see the posts that held the slave tents upright.” Scytheros tilted their head.
“Slaves?” they questioned, feeling the word in their mouth.
“Those of us the mandi whipped to ensure their fat guts remained bloated. This planet was once a place of misery. Now, because of the brave bastards who chose to spit in the slave master’s eye, we are free. We maintain the farms of our own volition so that the children who see Avantos rise over the horizon can feel hope, knowing that the monsters have been held at bay.” Araknis paused, noticing what held his child’s gaze. “Now, it was a long trip from Colonus Prime, and you must be starving.” Avantos reached over and pulled a ripened fruit from the vine. “Come on, eat up.” Scytheros held the fruit, staring at it intensely. Turning it over in their small hands, they flung it back into the farm. It splatted on the ground, staining the earth red as in olden times. Araknis looked at his child with disbelief. “Whatever possessed you to do that?!” Scytheros once again looked up at their father, their eyes big and innocent.
“We do not eat of the fruits of slavery,” Scytheros stated. Araknis couldn’t help but laugh.
“Scytheros, you have the face of a babe and the wisdom of Zalain. Come here!” Scytheros climbed into their father’s arms and was lifted into the air, grinning. Their mother’s been reading them poetry again. It’s amazing how much these kids can pick up.
“Are we going to go see Zelani and Vrache now?”
“Yes, your mother says they’re due to hatch any day now. And once they’re old enough, I want you to help me bring them the Avantos.”
“Really? I can do that?”
“Yes, my dear child, of course you can.”



The room was only lit by moonlight. It was a grand one, made from white rock with a great golden tree in the middle. The walls ware covered with great statues of the gods, stretching from floor to sealing. In front of one a figure was laying prone, bowed in prayer. It’s golden robes ware covered in black cloth as a sign of humility. Great fear spread from him as he was praying:

“2365 times i beg of you to hear my prayer. May their lances be keen and may their swords be sharp. May their armor be strong and their eyes fast. May their spirits be of fire and may they have no fear. Be with them and make them spill enemy blood. Queltar, lord of war, let my soliders win. 2366 times i beg of you…”

The figure was the emperor of Calerost. He was in deep meditative prayer. As he was praying the most important battle of the war was happening. This was it. This had to be a victory. If it wasn’t Calerost couldn’t recover, there would be no hope left. The miraline ware terrorizing the nation for so long without real resistance. But now it was different. A lot of progress was made since the start of the war, Calerost’s ships ware the most advanced they’ve ever been. But was it enough? What if it wasn’t?

The large gate of the sanctum swings open. A messenger enters. Emperor Edhelgil stands up. The messenger approaches him and bows down, handing him the tablet. As the emperor reads the message his eyes light up, and a smile stretches across his face


There will be morning! He yells with passion and fervour. Now they knew they had a chance.


To say that transapients are fully alien and beyond the comprehension of any modosapient, no matter how optimized or enhanced, would be an understatement. The newly ascended, the ones that have surpassed the first toposophic singularity, will still retain some of their old characteristics and traits. They may even look exactly the same, speak the same languages and have the same memories; however, this doesn’t change what they have become. Even they, the lowest kind of transapients, are different on a fundamental level. Ascending or transcending isn’t merely about thinking more or faster: it’s about thinking differently and better, in ways that the non-ascended can’t hope to ever fully comprehend, lest they too decide to cross the singularity. Said fundamental change repeats itself, greater in scope and magnitude, for every singularity that is surpassed, each ascension expanding one’s mind outwards and inwards.

In light of such, it’s easy to comprehend how a modosapient could never truly comprehend the languages and concepts that such beings speak, as they are so beyond their comprehension that, at the higher toposophic levels, they become actually hazardous for the modosapient mind. However, this has never stopped subsingularitarian beings from attempting to understand such things, and from their attempts to comprehend and translate the ineffable, the practice known as “Voicing the Beyond” was born.

In the simplest of terms, Voicing the Beyond is an inter-toposophic translation that converts and simplifies the words and concepts spoken and conveyed by transapient minds into a modosapient comprehensible format. Of course, this kind of “translation” cannot be considered reliable, as most of the complexity of what is getting translated gets unsolvably lost in the process.

What you’re about to read is an example of such translation. So, take what is written here with a grain of salt, and remember that the only way to truly comprehend this Beyond of eternal, fractal beauty, is to take a step and dive up into the light yourself.



“In all honesty, dear Kethar, how you managed to feel any kind of romantic attraction for a subsingularitarian being still evades my full understanding.”

”Some of us enjoy interacting with reality outside the Godweb, 𒅄𒀯𒆜𒐖𒆙. Exploring and visiting spaces of simpler and lower toposophy has always been of my interest, as you should already know."

“Oh yes, I am fully aware of your personal tendencies, but that was not the intended meaning at all. I just can’t really grasp how you - an ancient being of the second toposophic, even older than me - could possibly have such interest for a baseline.”

”To put it as simply as possible, you could say that Saskluy has his charm. He does fit all of my personal tastes after all. But someone as immersed in the Godweb as you couldn’t possibly understand what I feel for him."

“There is no reason for you not to humor me. And besides, we have all the time in the world, quite literally so: thanks to the node’s magmatter-based plasma processors, this virchworld timerate is more than a million times slower than realspace’s. During this entire conversation, not even a tenth of a second has passed!”

”I already know of this virch’s slowed timerate 𒅄𒀯𒆜𒐖𒆙, there’s no need for you to remind me. I’m not that unused to staying in the Godweb."

“I simply wanted to make sure, dear friend of mine. After all, you always operate at realspace-similar timerates, even in your own personal virches, and you always spend so much time in realspace. It wouldn’t be unnatural of you to have forgotten what it’s like to stay here, in the realm of the AI Gods.”

”I just feel more comfortable operating in that way. After all, I was born a modosapient and remained one for nearly two entire millennia. Unlike you, born an aioid of the first singularity only some centuries ago."

“Well then, why don’t you humor the excitement of a youngling wanting to know more about the thoughts and feelings of an elder? How can a mighty and ancient angel such as yourself fall for such a lowly and rugged xenosapient?”

”If explaining why I enjoy Saskluy’s person will get you to finally stay silent and to stop talking of him as if he were a bug, then yes, I shall explain it to you in great detail you disrespectful perversity!"

“Hey, hey now. I was simply trying to be humorous with you. But if it makes you that uncomfortable to talk about it, we can avoid the topic. We’re friends after all, I don’t want to purposefully make you feel uneasy.”

”Sorry, sorry, I did not mean to react so badly. It is just that others have already mocked my interest in Saskluy. And my defensiveness of him in face of said mockeries did not better the situation."

“Ah, I see. Well then, Kethar, I hope you know that I was not truly mocking you for it. I simply wished to be humorous, and while I may not understand why or how you could like him, I respect your choice.”

”Thank you, that does help. Sorry for reacting so badly before. I should have understood that you were merely joking."

“It was a warranted reaction. Had I known what had happened sooner, I would have been more tactful. That being said, I shall reformulate my question. What do you like about Saskluy? I ask in genuine interest.”

”I cannot really put it into words. Well, I can say what I like about him: his appearance, his personality, his kindness and hospitality despite his quite brutal upbringing and living environment, his humour, and his ability to be a good listener, even when he can’t at all comprehend my problems and ailments. But after all that there is still something more, that I can’t really define, and that draws me to him. When I’m with him, I feel things that I haven’t felt for thousands and thousands of years."

“Ah, I see. And whar are his feelings for you, instead?”

”I, uh… do not currently know if he experiences any form of attraction towards me that goes beyond being purely platonic."

“What? How could you not know? Does he have some sort of firewall software? I did not think that Trrarrusians had the technology for Direct Neural Interfacing alone, much less technology capable of shielding a subsingularitarian being’s thoughts from a transapient.”

”Initially as a form of respect for a host, and then as respect for a friend, I intentionally chose not to scan his neural network, or to read his thoughts or emotions at all. I already do that enough as part of my current designated position as a Panstellar Guardian."

“Oh. So that means that you have not told him how you feel about him, and that you don’t know how he feels about you. That definitely seems like a weirdly complicated dilemma, especially for an intertoposophic relationship.”

”Trust me, I have already felt the complications of it on my own processors more than enough. What really bothers me is that I don’t know how to act upon these feelings."

“Because, given the fact that Trrarrusians both don’t have access to mindmodding and they might be unwilling to utilize a mindmod of any kind, if your feelings for him won’t be reciprocated, then your friendship would most likely be damaged by said revelation, and all of your interactions would become rather weird and uncomfortable.”

”You have hit the star right in the Core. What do you think I should do?"

“I think you should just reveal everything to him.”

”But what if he rejects me? I don’t wish to simply mod away all interests I had for him after such an event, so I’d be living with regret forever!"

“It would still be preferable than living in this state of indecision for the rest of your friendship.”

”You are probably correct. However, how should I open up about my feelings? I haven’t come out romantically to anyone in such a way for more than three thousand years."

“I’m sure you’ll recognize the right moment as soon as it presents itself. As for now, try to simply enjoy his company; perhaps you could also ask him a couple of purposefully built questions to get an approximation of his romantic preferences based on both what he says and how he reacts to said inquiries.”

”I shall attempt that. Thank you kindly 𒅄𒀯𒆜𒐖𒆙, I really needed the assistance."

“You are most welcome Kethar, and I wish to again state how sorry I am for making you feel uncomfortable before. It really wasn’t my intention to, and if anyone ever dares mock you in my presence, I’ll be sure to treat them accordingly.”

”You really are a good friend. Sadly now, I must go. I must attend a conference with the Godling 374th Wooden Girandola, and I would like to avoid upsetting a third singularitarian as much as possible."

“Then we shall see each other soon, Kethar. May causality be on your side, both for the meeting, and for Saskluy.”

”Mh. Good luck to you too."


Holding the Line
Veafri System
4 ABT, One Fortnight to New Year
Sector: Atlia Reach
CPO Kotone Riolia, Adiutoria Light Artificial Intelligence System (ALAIS)

Chief Petty Officer Kotone is in the Veafri Defense Library, searching for documents relating to Contingency plans, while searching, a small voice talks to her.

“Everything alright, Kotone-san? Are you looking for something in particular?”

“Oh hey, Adiutoria-chan, do you have any idea where the contingency plans are?”

“Kotone-san, is the Directorate in trouble?”

“Nono, Mothball Alley wants us to dig up all the old contingency plans, so I’ve been looking around here.”

“Oh alright, follow me Kotone-san… Or follow my voice haha.”

“Thanks, Adiutoria-chan, thanks.”

Veafri Defense Library
Veafri System
4 ABT, One Fortnight to New Year
Sector: Atlia Reach
CPO Kotone Riolia, Adiutoria Light Artificial Intelligence System (ALAIS)

“Okay, the rest of the plans should be here. Y’know, the last time someone asked me to fine documents in this library, it was for the authorization keys for the RKKS system.”

“Old RKKS System?”

“Oh yeah, the old keys are outdated but they still technically function.”

“Thats, interesting. So, I found what I was looking for.”

“Which was…?”

“Suppose it won’t hurt to tell you… Contingency Plan Desperado. Entails the usage of civilian ships in place of warships in ambush tactics and relay control.”

“The one used in the Unitas Dispute? Wow, you guys are falling back if you need Desperado.”

“Again, Mothball Alley is just playing ‘gotta catch’em all’ when it comes to these documents.”

“Right, alright Kotone-san, I’ll see you later, perhaps?”

“I’ll be back Adiutoria-chan. See you soon.”