A-259: Chronicles in the Cluster

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The Association Conference
Planet: Unitas | The Conference Hall
Year: 305 PGC (Post Gaia Collaspe)
Secretariat Trace Frackie, Represenative Vanessa Tolisi

The Conference Hall has 23 Representatives, talking among themselves, eventually a voice is heard over them and the Representatives take their seats.

“I call to order the Association Conference of 305 PGC. Today, we will be hearing a SitRep on the state of the ongoing Orionian-Corinthian War, presented by the esteemed delegation from the Ekota System, the state of the Association, presented by the esteemed delegation from the Winchester System. Finally, we will be hearing a budgetary report concerning Civil Defense Command, presented by the esteemed Admiral Lindsey Rafale.”

“With that out of the way, i give the floor to the esteemed representative from Ekota.”

“Hello, I’m Representative Vanessa Tolisi, with the delegation from the Ekota system, presenting the Situation Report on the state of the Orionian-Corinthian War. Minimal gains, high piracy, facism, the whole thing.”

“If you could direct your attention to the screen, please.”

“So, the frontlines have been mostly confined to Helios, as both sides don’t have the resources, desire, or way to spread the fighting elsewhere. Piracy is still a major factor, as the Free Port of Panasu continues to provide a safe harbor for pirates. That’s all we have, I yield my time to the Secretariat.”

“We’ll open the floor to discussion, meanwhile we will cut to open recess, thank you. This session is adjourned.”


 Ozory had been cowering in her cramped pod for days now, trying to stay out of the filth as much as possible. She knew there was no way out of what awaited her, just as there was no way for her to plead for forgiveness; the priest’s ears were closed to the cries of sinners. That did not stop her from whispering, hoping that there was some forgotten god left out there, one that would still look kindly on her. “I repent. I repent. Please, I repent for my sins. Please, have mercy on me.” She continued like that for hours, until the speakers turned on to pour out their malice.
 “You all know what you have done, and yet some of you are doubtlessly wondering how you have come to find yourselves here. I have come to offer you one small grace: the knowledge that you deserve what has come for you. Know that you are here because you have sinned against your people and were found to be filth in the eyes of our great priests. Know that you have taken actions that have hurt your peers. You are murderers, blasphemers, thieves, all people unworthy of the life you have been given. You disgust me,” the priest said, his calm voice barely holding back his contempt. Ozory was thrown against the far wall as the ship’s cannons turned. She could not hold back her terror any longer.
 “Please, no, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone! It was just a loaf of bread! It was just bread!” If the priest could hear her, he gave no indication of it.
 “You have dirtied your existence, and so we are taking it back. Your ancestors did not suffer just to have you tarnish their legacy! Be gone from this realm, and let the last thing you feel be the hatred of the stars!” The ship’s cannons fired, sending Ozory screaming into the sun.