A2304.01 [2319.EO] Executive Order 1

A2304.01 | Executive Order 1

Legislators of the South Pacific,

There has been a seconded motion to ratify Executive Order 1. The debate thread can be found here.


This is an executive order amending constitutional legislation, according to the Charter and Legislative Procedure Act requiring a majority greater than 60% to pass. The voting period will be 5 days, thus concluding on Wed Apr 19 2023 06:30:00 UTC (07:30 in London, 02:30 in New York, 16:30 in Sydney).



Please vote by poll if possible. If you cannot vote by poll, post ‘Aye’, ‘Nay’ or ‘Abstain’ in this thread. Please do not vote both by poll and by post. Comments and discussions belong in the debate thread and should be posted there.

The text of the bill is as follows:

Should this executive order be ratified?
  • Aye
  • Nay
  • Abstain
0 voters

A2304.01 | Executive Order 1 Passed

Final Result


This was an executive order amending constitutional legislation, as such a 60% super-majority of votes in favour, excluding abstentions, was needed to pass. The results are tabled as follows:

Type Tally Percentage of Vote Final Percentage
Ayes 29 59.2% 87.9%
Nays 4 8.2% 12.1%
Abstentions 16 32.6%
Total 49 68.1% of Legislators
Absent 23 31.9% of Legislators

In light of these results, the proposal passes, having reached the required super-majority.

Vote has passed, this thread no longer needs to be open.