State of the Assembly — April 2023



Code Title Result
A2304.01 Executive Order 1 Passed
A2304.02 Omnibus Reconciliation of PM Appointed Cabinet Provisions Passed


Code Title Status
[2319.EO] Executive Order 1 Ratified
[2321.AB] Omnibus Reconciliation of PM Appointed Cabinet Provisions Passed


According to the Legislator Committee Act, in order to keep their legislator status, legislators must have voted in at least half of all votes in each month (given that there were at least two votes in that month), as well as maintain a nation in the South Pacific. Since 2 votes finished this month, legislators needed to have voted in at least 1 of them to keep their status.

The list of legislators whom the Chair recommends the Legislator Committee to revoke the legislator statuses of is in the table below. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always reapply. You can also find the legislator roster for this month attached at the bottom of this post.

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
Cloud Juvity Resigned
Crystal Crystal Falls Failed Voting Requirement
Evi Evinea Resigned
Flaver Flaver Men Wilia Nation CTE’d
gui The Supreme Council of Scythia Nation CTE’d
JhnClarke42 0200-Gamma Failed Voting Requirement
Jojoshua Aeoooya Failed Voting Requirement
lidistat67 Khlachten Nation Moved Out
MillyHaalz San Laurenz Nation Moved Out
Moscak Moscak Failed Voting Requirement
PodracingFan Podracing Fan Expelled

The following legislators were warned:

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason Warning
Epiana Epiana Nation CTE’d Usually active — warned
tsunamy Tsunamy Failed Voting Requirement Prominent figure and generally active — final warning

TSP Legislative Activity - April 2023.pdf (106.3 KB)

All legislators recommended for removal have been removed.